The Catch..

She is afraid to leap into the ocean of love, as the fear of uncertainty grips her,will he catch her in time to keep her from drowning?

Will he rescue her?

The wind, a cold blanket,clouding her vision,
They hurt her in the past,cant look back,too afraid to leap forward,
Where does she stand?
Will the blood in his veins run through the cold pavement,as the roots of trees and find its way to her heart,make her believe in him,trust him.
Trust him enough to catch her,

She wants him to be her warmth,her anchor, her shield
but he is yet to comfort her,yet to prove any heroic skills,
but that smile

Standing near the edge,rubble at her feet,
she peers down,Rocks like a thousand blades
Water as deep and dark as the knight
who might never come..

Written by Laurna Guiste

6 thoughts on “The Catch..

  1. He will arrive on his horse, when she lets her hair down. He will climb every strands, freeing her from the prison of the past that captures her. He will not prove his worth because he is royalty, only making her the queen if she crowns him with her heart. She can’t reenact the pain; she must know he will take pleasure in being her happily ever after!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

    We should learn from our past mistakes and correct them with a brighter future….we must believe life will give us Love if we allow our hearts to find it. Beautiful well written piece!!!!

      1. You’re welcome….your piece inspired me. Keep reach deep and sharing your soul. It’s all we can truly leave in the world….our spirit!!!!

  2. Her warmth, her anchor, her shield….. I thought of Jesus as I read these words Laurna but they are True about Him as shown in the Bible, He has rescued us.

    Yes you are a gifted writer, I felt your heart words Laurna thank you for sharing them .

    Many Blessings – Anne

    1. Thank you.and thank you for the kind words all praise to God who gave me these gifts and I just want to use them for His glory! May you continue using yours for God as well stay blessed. πŸ™‚


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