The Chronicles of Ericka


The Chronicles of Ericka

Horrible night mares plagued me all night, I just couldn’t sleep properly, the dreams were short and I could hardly understand any of it. The morning did eventually come and I awakened to the raving sounds of my siblings discussing whether to go see the riverbanks or not, they were all up before me, rattling with excitement about how the river had overtaken its banks. I was welcomed with steady showers and cold winds that emitted through my room window causing me to tug my blanket ever so tightly but my eyes could not rest. To make matters worse my siblings were already up  and  seemed to be   shattering about how the weather looked, I prayed they would just shut up and allow me to sleep. Before long one of my sisters’s rushed into the room yelling that I come see that! I had no desire to rise but after much annoyance and added excitement to what she was seeing I dragged myself out of bed and made it to my other sister’s room, where I met them both peering out the room window. I joined them and witnessed that the river was overflowing its banks and taking down trees, the rain was steady  but not so heavy, my sister’s were filled with excitement at what they were seeing , I  was still grouchy from not having a proper night rest and just couldn’t understand why they were excited. My brother David, who slept upstairs for two nights with us since he’d repainted one of his bed room walls in order to avoid the hazardous after scent, was also up. On my way back to my room  he  asked if we didn’t feel a tremor, I  did feel  the floor move a little  but felt too drowsy  to comment. My other sister Rosette agreed with him as they stood still and monitored the tremor.

I went back to bed and my sister’s couldn’t understand why, they began discussing among themselves whether or not to on go have a closer look at the river. The rain kept pouring and I didn’t understand why they would want to go out beneath it especially at such an early time, it was properly just about seven pm. My brother David and sister Olivette decided they were going to take pictures, my other sister came back into the room and told me let’s go see, I got up again and went in her room and hoped she was joking, “All you going out in that weather?” I asked as she got dressed

“Action happening around me and I just there” she said as she put on her cap and coat and told me let’s go, I looked through the window and saw the river got crazier now, and was more unto the road. I finally decided to go have a closer look; after all I didn’t want to miss the action. I quickly changed my clothes, placed   a rain coat on and out the door we went.

The roads were covered with water and debris and the rain just wouldn’t stop, the rivers were muddy and swelling wider and wider to the point where it began breaking off parts of the road. On our way closer to the river we met Olivette and our next door neighbor on their way back,. We asked for David and she told us  he went back home to get another camera since the one he went with had no batteries. Our neighbor Steven said he would take us to the other side in other to see the river better, since debris had badly blocked off the end of the road we were on. So we turned around and followed him on the narrow road unto the next side. The showers caused my entire face to be soaked and my shorts and shirt as well, as we walked pass my aunt’s house, then we arrived by the second house overlooking the bridge and bay oil distillery, I was flabbergasted. My sister Rosette left me and followed our neighbor Steven down the trail to our cousin Mitchell’s house where about six men were gathered talking and taking pictures of the horrific disaster happening before our very eyes. The muddy river had reached the height of the bridge and was still rising, I felt it was God’s fury being  poured out and flooded everything in its way. My heart froze with freight as the river seemed to have gone back sort of like a surname and destroyed the electrical wires it was now reaching and still was going higher. I knew this wasn’t normal by then; danger was all I saw coming to us with that I quickly called my sister and headed back up. She quickly joined me, and I wasn’t slowing down. On our way back we met Olivette and David and they asked us where we were coming from.

“Girl, what that happening down there is thing for you to go back at your home and pray” I said as my brother looked at me in excitement and a wide grin was on his face, he decided he was going closer to have better pictures and my sisters and I left and went back home, not knowing it was the last time we were going to see our brother.

When we arrived at home my sister’s and I quickly joined hands went in our dads room and started praying and pleading to  God for mercy, for we felt our lives and homes were at stake , we needed God to show up and help us. Within fifteen minutes of prayer our aunt came in the yard bawling and crying, stating that her son, our brother and some others had gone, we tried to make sense of what she was saying because I didn’t want to believe what I thought I heard. She stopped crying and said that the distillery exploded and took her son, our brother and some others that were near the bridge. My heart ached, no, no! I said trying to convince her she heard wrong. My father couldn’t hear her properly so asked her to repeat, but my sister motioned her to keep silence as to not frighten my dad. So she did, and she rephrased what she said and she left. As soon as she left I went back into the room where we were praying and burst out into tears, my sister came and held me as we both wept sorely together. Then she told me to calm down so our father would not suspect something was wrong. Our cousin and her baby sister came over by us and started crying as they were looking for a way of escape. The river was expanding its borders and we felt it could reach our homes any minute, with that we all decided to go higher to the houses above which seemed safer.

My aunt, her husband and cousins accompanied us alongside our neighbor his wife and three children, and we all headed up beneath the pouring rain in the muddy pathway. Children and adults alike with a broken heart, wet clothes and fear of losing our homes walked dreadfully towards Mr. Johnny’s house which was the one that was furthest untop. I passed his usual no trespassing signs like a zombie, greeted by his worried look he welcomed us in, and told us make ourselves at home. I asked Mr. James if he saw my brother, he said no, and I felt my feelings numbing. My thoughts were clouded and I felt like a lost child searching for answers, I needed to know where my brother was and I was expecting him to show up anytime beneath the pouring rain under his umbrella….to be continued.

Written by

Laurna Guiste