Taste the Rainbow

Long,hard strokes

Steady wrist movements,

A clean canvas,

soon becomes messy,wet and runny,

Streams of hotness,

A stiff hand makes for fine lines,hitting the same spot

over and over,over and over

Till it breaks free from strain and lets the lines wiggle and become

creative with the outskirts,

An array of colors,hues and texture,

Passionate blue,steamy red,hot fires,

Soft then rough,faster then slower, a steady hand

A picture that screams with desire,

A pure nakedness yet quickly covered with kisses of inspiration,

Leaving marks,breaking backs,beauty and pain,

A stroke done over and over again,

One started at dawn lingers all day,

A painting that keeps you up,

becomes your morning coffee

and you’re not tired but filled with glee,

This is my passion I take it all in,

Finish painting now then I’m back at it again,

A drug or a remedy all depends on the moment

the energy,the why

How much color I got left

all depends on the vibe

Written by



Love stumbled upon

The leprechaun has found its pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,

The princess has been rescued from her castle,

Something so far fetched has happened,something has started and it feels too good to be true,

A fairy tale has commenced and love has been birthed,

A moment she has been praying and waiting for,

Her heart has finally been pierced by Cupid’s fine arrows,

So many times he’s missed,but it was all a for shadow

Every love song and love stories she’s heard

Every cliche romantic film she’s seen,seems to be found in him,

Her heart seems to beat fast and slow at the same time,

her mind wonders why it took so long to stumble upon this gold mind,

A love that’s beyond just his model like looks,

One that involves spirit,soul love like portions they write of in books.

So Be my Peter Pan I’m Wendy,fighting the crooks,

because baby I’m hooked.

Written by

Laurna G


It’s a vibe that’s going on and I wanna be part of it,

I want to hold it without fear and have an experience like no other,

Be lost,enveloped in it’s webs of wires,

Be immersed in new age,taught and re birthed,

Run my fingers over each new module,

understand each molecule,

This generation has manipulated it,taken advantage of and exceeded boundaries,

Bringing a world that’s far away closer,made it personal,

Made the once impossible,possible and again taken innovation to a higher level.

Written by

Laurna G

Live your truth

Life decisions are never easy but they need to be made at the end of the day.

The ones that we make whether good or bad,we have to live with the consequences.

We all have different life paths and whatever we decide to do we got to trust our journey and be led by the spirit.

Written by Laurna G

Neck of our Woods..Amazon Forest

Much to my dismay fire had entered my home and instead of keeping us warm they torched our paths

Leaving me thirsty and dry with little and no options for survival,

My madras leaves no longer hid my long legs,

I became naked,uncovered and open with ugliness,

These greedy men,their heat turned my beauty into a playground,

Cleared my hair to see where they could break ground,

Teared my family apart,ripped out my heart and still expected a thud,a sound,

Giving me reasons why they had to burn me down,

Camouflaging their intentions as if they could fool me,

and others to see the greater good,

Treating me like I’m not part of the reason for the oxygen in their chest,

and that in my bed lays many babies that are fed,

They don’t see my need or the importance of my herbs,

But in their selfishness they have killed mother earth,

and as I lay here breathless,tell me what is it worth,

To lose me and to gain the world

To lose the marks tattooed in my back

To lose my history,to destroy my paths

But in losing me you’ve come to lose your self.

Written by

Laurna G


Piercing eyes that reveal more than words could ever utter,

A kiss on the chick,eyelids that flutter,

An innocent hug,a rub, a simple touch,means so much,

when it’s just us,

No awkward silence or bursting our heads,our topics are like old time books waiting to be read, A hot flame waiting to be fed,

A scent that’s unfamiliar yet it feels like deja vu, a movie I’ve seen staring just us two,

A blank slate, a pen and a golden wrist.

empty pages waiting on an a artist

Waiting for something to commence,to combine to start

Something marked in history,

Ready to make some art.

Written by Laurna G

Do not be afraid of their faces

My palms were sweaty and mouth was dry

My heart was pounding like an elderly man on Viagra,

The calmness of my nerves were so far,

 And my legs were shaky,

I couldn’t sit still as I pondered my words over and over again,

The fact that my name was about to be called terrified me,

This Path that I was on, wasn’t my choice,

But I wanted to help others with what I had, which proved to be my voice,

My words, my motivation, would help them soar,

I had to stand eventually and make it to the front,

My trembling fingers played the chords to their applaud,

I stood behind the pulpit and near almost fainted,

I wanted to run and not stare at their faces,

But I knew I had to stand still and deliver my speech.

Calm down, take out my notes and commence to teach

Face my fears, and trust that it was going to be alright,

Be bold and kick the fear monster far out of sight.

Written by

Laurna G