No-November Meat Challenge

“A woman who takes care of herself becomes her own best friend”  Maya Angelou

My No November Meat challenge has ended and I did not lose 35lbs like I desired however eating healthier has become easier. I know if I was way stricter on myself I would have lost the weight but I’ll be honest and state that I cheated once or twice, eating  meat 1 out of the seven days.

For the past couple of weeks I ate tuna with green bananas, sweet potato, ripe plantains (I decided to add more starch into my meals and I mastered cooking a delicious lentil,pumpkin,spinarch and carrot soup with plantain and sweet potato. My most delicious veg meal yet, added dices of seasoned tuna last Friday. This meal is literally finger licking good, my sister agreed and told me I should do it every day after she had a taste.


My exercises on the other hand were next to nothing during the week of  my menstrual cycle I lacked the energy and just wasn’t in the mood to do any body work, days I managed to do any exercises I only did sit ups. My hormonal swings had me craving fry chicken more than ever, the mare scent had me day dreaming and messed with salivary glands. I’m glad I resisted most days and gave in only one out of seven days not so proud of that but I have made some progress.

The challenge has been by all means difficult and I realized I could have pushed harder and I needed to be more disciplined to achieve greater results. Nothing happens overnight and self disciplined gets harder with time, it’s you who has to push and push really hard to achieve your goals.

This challenge is a process, it isn’t about the destination but it has been all about the journey.  Learning to take better care of myself, demonstrating self love in one of it’s highest form.

P.S I am pleased that my menstrual cycle was regular this month, something it hasn’t been for  some time, hence my  efforts have been recognized and has provided results.  I am motivated to continue on this healthy lifestyle take better care of me and my future God’s willing.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Fight for your true identity

The uncertainties of self discovery dissipates with age,time forces its impression of who you’ve settled to be and what society expects you to be.It is you who has to push against the mold,break through the barriers of expectations and be who you desire to be.It is a painful and hard experience to be free from the norm of society and as years pass by it becomes harder. But the moment you step out even if by baby steps you begin to accomplish things no other man would,because you dared to try,you dared to change and be different and not settle.
Written by Laurna Guiste

No-Meat November Challenge continues

So,it’s the second week into my No-meat November Challenge and it  continues to be a royal pain in the butt,it is nothing short of challenging,not only is it more expensive to live a healthier lifestyle, you will also find as a result fewer people are actually encouraging you not to lose weight ,especially when they do not understand why you are on your journey and you have to keep reminding yourself why you starting your journey in the first place.

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” Og Mandino

So for the second week I had soy chucks in coconut and curry gravy with spinach and vegetable rice that was delicious, I made oats one particular day and it was OK, had lots of vegetable rice and whole wheat crackers and banana smoothies for snack. My Vigorous exercises continued and I’m glad to announce I lost 6 lbs I wished it were ten(10) but it is something.


I know there is lots more work to do, I definitely have to push harder, with only two more weeks and a few days remaining in November  I want to lose more and  if not reach get real close to my target of 140lbs. For with God nothing shall be impossible, I will attain my goals.

The Saturday I did some running on the field near where I live along with some squats and sit ups,was painful but worth it. This journey continues with me pushing harder and resisting more each week. This journey testes me daily and helps me to exercise self control, saying no to yummy meats have been so darn hard. I must admit I did eat meat again but there were two pieces and I only ate one so my resistance is increasing.The journey continues.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

First week in my No-November Challenge.

My No -November Challenge has started and I said I would be blogging about it so here goes…

My No-November/No meat challenge started, actually a little earlier than November, I  started on the 31st of October. Woke up for work that day filled of ambition and excitement,a smile on my face as I marched to the kitchen to prepare my meal for the day. I decided to have a lettuce,cucumber and tomato salad with two boiled eggs for  my protein for lunch and a cup of mint tea for breakfast.. I made a kail and banana smoothie with an apple and a couple peanuts for my snack.


14971995_10209343751704897_725413821_n(Kail and Banana smoothie)

I was at work and my co-workers who knew of the challenge shook their head at my excitement,one told me she is keeping me under close observation as she is monitoring my progress.I reminded her of my determination and how I was going to keep at it and not give up,with naysayers now i had to prove them wrong.So lunch came and my excitement simmered down when i honestly felt like a caterpillar eating bitter leaves,my lunch wasn’t as yummy to my taste buds as i highly anticipated,  i knew it would need some getting used to. When i got home that evening i in cooperated  some intense work outs I searched for on YouTube ,which was so intense that i  burnt out in no time lol I ended the night with some  corn meal for dinner.

On November 1st,  the Tuesday the second day into my challenge , my inner thighs were sore from the previous work out. For lunch I made vegetable rice with boiled egg and whole wheat bread with peanut butter and banana  with green tea for breakfast and I made banana,kail,spinach,oats and flax seed smoothie which was enjoyed very much since I am  a huge lover of banana,it adds creaminess and a sweet taste.


When i came home that evening i enrolled in some more vigorous exercises this time working my abs,arms,butt and thighs.I felt less tired afterwards as my body began getting used to it.

The third day into my challenge i had Raisin bran for breakfast with carrot and cucumber  salad and whole wheat bread which i enjoyed very much with a cup of locally made cocoa tea which I indulged in since it was the creole season in my country.


The Thursday rolled in and my usual fast food cravings kicked in,I took the scent of fried chicken and my body reacted like a vampire taking the scent of blood,i told my co-worker put the chicken away the scent was offending me,raising my meat loving beast,he quickly hid it from me.I pushed off the thoughts of fried chicken that taunted me and tried concentrating on the spinach and cucumber and tomato sandwich ,apple and yogurt  i had for lunch.


When i got home I felt rather tired and my determination honestly felt low,i enrolled in just sit ups and squats that night.

Friday came in (TGIF) and it was a public holiday in my country,however I had to work so  i decided just to have a cucumber and tomato sandwich with an apple and peanuts for my snack. Whole week I had successfully avoided meat and though my weight looked the same with me wanting immediate results I felt better inside. My body was awakening to a better,healthier me that could probably become a lifestyle,a good habit.

However , on my way home from work I took the sweet,aroma of fried chicken,brown at the crust scent clouded my mind,i tried to resist but i rationalized the situation and gave in to my weakness,   i rushed to the the snackette and hoped the passing little girl didn’t notice the battle i was having with myself. I asked for fried chicken and luckily they didn’t have any more ,though my taste buds were mad I thank God He intervened.

When i made it to the town though, Festivities were preparing to flood the town so vendors were lined up by the roadside selling barbecue chicken and hot dogs.With hunger kicking in I decided to buy a hot dog,it tasted good but it felt so wrong. I honestly felt guilty afterwards and like i betrayed myself,to add salt to injury when i got home i was still famished i ended up eating meat from the pot!Yes you may be shaking your head but i did. This just proves how challenging this is for me and for anyone out there who is battling a bad habit or trying to alter a negative lifestyle this is obviously difficult and results are not going to happen over night.My story is not one about perfection ,and how i mastered this so quickly, I failed because I  am human ,still weak and i have a long way to go, and i definitely need to be more disciplined.

So,that was my first week into the No November  -no meat challenge ,triumphs were actually making it four days without meat and actually maintain vigorous exercises every night after work and snacking on only healthy snacks,defeats were eating meat today.

I look forward to better days, me becoming even more intense and disciplined in my eating habits,for the upcoming week I want to eat mainly whole grains and absolutely no meats whatsoever. Keep yourself motivated and let’s continue this journey of a better us together. Look out for my next blog of my  progress  next week Friday God spear, Love you and do have a blessed weekend.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


The human Cage

We were bound by our inhibited passions,connected by an invisible chain that made us indebted to each other. I didn’t love me,he didn’t love me,we didn’t love each other so we became slaves to our own masters called lust.Our love was tarnished by broken promises and we butchered each others trust and we hung limply, hoping for better,hoping for a change that would never come unless we allowed God to intervene.

“We often take demons as friends, playing around the bend,burning torches at night without fright because they wear amicable masks,but if we could only see what’s beneath we’d have a heart attack.”



God is merciful and just and will often seek to set his people free,but to those who’ve gone too far,its with them I plea. For self destruction can be one with no remedy,far worst when you delve in self pity and you become lost in the enemy’s web,my prayer is that you find your way back to where your conscience spoke and you obeyed. I wish you   didn’t ignore the cautions,the warnings before the storms and you took heed. I wish you didn’t serve God based on how it feels. Instead you sought to slay these warlocks on your own when you meddle with their toys! Darkness cannot win darkness,it is a losing battle,a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. This is one to be fought by angels by God and not a mare man. When you lay up late fighting a losing battle,that depress your soul ,you have no warmth,your’e alone and cold, there is one waiting for to reach out to Him to make you whole.

One who can ease your pain and no matter how far you’ve gone,God is able to clean you,deliver you and set you free.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


The No-November Challenge

So I have dedicated the month of November as the No-November Challenge,which means for the entire month I’m going to say No to meats and indulge in strictly fruits,vegetables and whole grain foods. I’m going to enroll for the second time in a no meat diet along with some exercise to get back to my desired weight of 140lbs (doctor’s orders).

I’m currently at 178lbs which is typically a red zone for me since it increases my health risks and I can state that I’m currently overweight  for a woman my age,I should weigh at least  137lbs…yea. You may be wondering No meat,for a whole,entire month is she crae crae or something? I can’t smell the scent of meat without my salivary glands running far less to go a whole month without it,no beefs,burgers,hot dogs or meat! Heck she has gone bananas you may be thinking well actually no i have not. I am also a meat lover and chicken has been my favorite food since forever, i love  my burgers,hams,sausages and ribs too,but when your life and future becomes at stake you got to do what you need to do.

It was a couple of  years back when i began experiencing side pains very frequently and i eventually made a doctor visit  which revealed I had a ovarian cyst. The doctor explained that I had to maintain a weight 140 or less (my weight back then) and cut off all meats as meats and sugars act like steroids to cyst causing them to grow larger and quicker and dampen my chances of having children. He even  advised me to have my children  as soon as possible,yea good advise doc i properly was about 22 years old and single at that time hmm so anyways i decided that my safest bet was to stop eat meat and only eat vegetables like the doctors prescribed hopefully my healthier eating  would get rid of this thing.So for the month of November haha my lucky month i guess i went on a serious no meat diet and i nearly starved myself bringing myself to a weight of 135 and i got skinny so skinny that my work skirts didn’t fit anymore. after i got to my desired size i went back eating meat but less sugars and i actually maintained my weight for some years until the event that put my life upside down happened.

After tropical storm Erica happened my weight increased tremendously with added stress and eating conveniently made me exceed dress sizes without me even knowing it.I tried curbing my weight gain by running in the mornings and doing regular sit ups but soon  enough i gained belly fat that just doesn’t seem to disappear. So, that’s my current state i am about 35lbs overweight and seeing my period irregularly so I have been disobeying doctors orders and this is affecting solely me. So i have been battling with weight loss for months now and i needed some motivation since I was facing  several low tides emotionally and eating food at times brought me comfort. My weight is not so obvious when you look at me i only realized i was gaining lots of weight when my usual clothes no longer fitted. I kept telling myself i need to go on a diet and half way through i failed and went back to my old habits.

So, a day came and i hadn’t been on a scale for a whole year and when i did i was shockingly 80kg and that was the wake up call for me. The doctor’s voice came echoing back and I knew what i needed to do and i just needed some good discipline and self control. i had not been to the doctor’s for some time since i hadn’t made much improvement since my last check up,i knew i had gotten worst since i was overweight like he warned. I felt disappointed in myself and I became angry at my lack of discipline so with that i came up with the No-November Challenge and decided to eat no meats or sweets for the month of November. I want to break the chain of my habits and if I can bring myself to great progress for a full 30 days I know I can alter my lifestyle and make positive,lasting impacts for my present and future.

Today I went out to the local market squares and bought many fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods as I could,I also bought a scale to monitor my progress and I will also be blogging about it.

My No-November challenge I pray will not only inspire me but others to put a stop to bad habits or addictions that one has been battling for years,to muster the strength to put aside those things we know are not good for us but which our flesh craves. To help us change,adapt and become better persons,live longer and fuller lives as we take responsibility for our lives and actions. I pray you are inspired by my journey and will motivate me along the way.Welcome to my journey.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Saturday Runnings

Today I felt rather famish and visited the fast food place on my way to the store, to find out the door was closed, I was rather disappointed, it was almost 9:30am and the doors were still closed? I couldn’t believe it; however I quickly walked away before passing pedestrians noticed me forcing to open an obviously shut door. I backed away slowly, and flew up the flight of steps where two men sat before being shooed off by passing officers.
My stomach growled and as I cashed my necessities I asked the cashier what time the junk store opened she told me she wasn’t sure. On my way back I checked again and luckily or rather unluckily it was opened this time , went in and ordered my two piece combo, original and mountain dew coated with friendly customer service. After I sipped my drink I stepped out and was blasted my pulsating rhythms taking over the town bringing my attention to the local market at the other side of the road. I decided to cross the busy street beneath the scorching sun with sweat slithering down my face as I pulled out my camera.



Playing tourist, I began snapping photos of buyers purchasing their oranges, carrots, bananas and fruits, surrounded by madras drapery, amplified by local folklore music I felt the festive activities amplified, the vibe pulled me in as I wanted to be part of the action.
Engulfed by local produce and voices of my native tongue, the Creole season was taking off with lively spirits, giving me a sense of urgency for the week ahead.
Written by
Laurna Guiste

The Chronicles of Ericka


The Chronicles of Ericka

Horrible night mares plagued me all night, I just couldn’t sleep properly, the dreams were short and I could hardly understand any of it. The morning did eventually come and I awakened to the raving sounds of my siblings discussing whether to go see the riverbanks or not, they were all up before me, rattling with excitement about how the river had overtaken its banks. I was welcomed with steady showers and cold winds that emitted through my room window causing me to tug my blanket ever so tightly but my eyes could not rest. To make matters worse my siblings were already up  and  seemed to be   shattering about how the weather looked, I prayed they would just shut up and allow me to sleep. Before long one of my sisters’s rushed into the room yelling that I come see that! I had no desire to rise but after much annoyance and added excitement to what she was seeing I dragged myself out of bed and made it to my other sister’s room, where I met them both peering out the room window. I joined them and witnessed that the river was overflowing its banks and taking down trees, the rain was steady  but not so heavy, my sister’s were filled with excitement at what they were seeing , I  was still grouchy from not having a proper night rest and just couldn’t understand why they were excited. My brother David, who slept upstairs for two nights with us since he’d repainted one of his bed room walls in order to avoid the hazardous after scent, was also up. On my way back to my room  he  asked if we didn’t feel a tremor, I  did feel  the floor move a little  but felt too drowsy  to comment. My other sister Rosette agreed with him as they stood still and monitored the tremor.

I went back to bed and my sister’s couldn’t understand why, they began discussing among themselves whether or not to on go have a closer look at the river. The rain kept pouring and I didn’t understand why they would want to go out beneath it especially at such an early time, it was properly just about seven pm. My brother David and sister Olivette decided they were going to take pictures, my other sister came back into the room and told me let’s go see, I got up again and went in her room and hoped she was joking, “All you going out in that weather?” I asked as she got dressed

“Action happening around me and I just there” she said as she put on her cap and coat and told me let’s go, I looked through the window and saw the river got crazier now, and was more unto the road. I finally decided to go have a closer look; after all I didn’t want to miss the action. I quickly changed my clothes, placed   a rain coat on and out the door we went.

The roads were covered with water and debris and the rain just wouldn’t stop, the rivers were muddy and swelling wider and wider to the point where it began breaking off parts of the road. On our way closer to the river we met Olivette and our next door neighbor on their way back,. We asked for David and she told us  he went back home to get another camera since the one he went with had no batteries. Our neighbor Steven said he would take us to the other side in other to see the river better, since debris had badly blocked off the end of the road we were on. So we turned around and followed him on the narrow road unto the next side. The showers caused my entire face to be soaked and my shorts and shirt as well, as we walked pass my aunt’s house, then we arrived by the second house overlooking the bridge and bay oil distillery, I was flabbergasted. My sister Rosette left me and followed our neighbor Steven down the trail to our cousin Mitchell’s house where about six men were gathered talking and taking pictures of the horrific disaster happening before our very eyes. The muddy river had reached the height of the bridge and was still rising, I felt it was God’s fury being  poured out and flooded everything in its way. My heart froze with freight as the river seemed to have gone back sort of like a surname and destroyed the electrical wires it was now reaching and still was going higher. I knew this wasn’t normal by then; danger was all I saw coming to us with that I quickly called my sister and headed back up. She quickly joined me, and I wasn’t slowing down. On our way back we met Olivette and David and they asked us where we were coming from.

“Girl, what that happening down there is thing for you to go back at your home and pray” I said as my brother looked at me in excitement and a wide grin was on his face, he decided he was going closer to have better pictures and my sisters and I left and went back home, not knowing it was the last time we were going to see our brother.

When we arrived at home my sister’s and I quickly joined hands went in our dads room and started praying and pleading to  God for mercy, for we felt our lives and homes were at stake , we needed God to show up and help us. Within fifteen minutes of prayer our aunt came in the yard bawling and crying, stating that her son, our brother and some others had gone, we tried to make sense of what she was saying because I didn’t want to believe what I thought I heard. She stopped crying and said that the distillery exploded and took her son, our brother and some others that were near the bridge. My heart ached, no, no! I said trying to convince her she heard wrong. My father couldn’t hear her properly so asked her to repeat, but my sister motioned her to keep silence as to not frighten my dad. So she did, and she rephrased what she said and she left. As soon as she left I went back into the room where we were praying and burst out into tears, my sister came and held me as we both wept sorely together. Then she told me to calm down so our father would not suspect something was wrong. Our cousin and her baby sister came over by us and started crying as they were looking for a way of escape. The river was expanding its borders and we felt it could reach our homes any minute, with that we all decided to go higher to the houses above which seemed safer.

My aunt, her husband and cousins accompanied us alongside our neighbor his wife and three children, and we all headed up beneath the pouring rain in the muddy pathway. Children and adults alike with a broken heart, wet clothes and fear of losing our homes walked dreadfully towards Mr. Johnny’s house which was the one that was furthest untop. I passed his usual no trespassing signs like a zombie, greeted by his worried look he welcomed us in, and told us make ourselves at home. I asked Mr. James if he saw my brother, he said no, and I felt my feelings numbing. My thoughts were clouded and I felt like a lost child searching for answers, I needed to know where my brother was and I was expecting him to show up anytime beneath the pouring rain under his umbrella….to be continued.

Written by

Laurna Guiste




May we have faith

May we have faith

Faith without works is dead oh Lord by your spirit I am led,

Your people are dying and need to be fed; we need your word and presence each day,

We need a revival, touch us I pray,

Increase our faith; above all, may it be our shield,

May we bring more than our emotions, not serving you based on how we feel,

May we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, crucifying our flesh,

Walking in the spirit, enjoying the abundant life,

Preaching in the streets and stop warming the benches,

May we have faith that move mountains, and crumple our fears,

May we be genuine believers, for God isn’t moved by our crocodile tears,

Let’s have that faith that heal the sick, and see them recover,

Worship that move God and takes us higher,

A faith that isn’t easily lost,

For when He returns He’ll find faith on the earth of course!

Written by Laurna Guiste


Embracing your whole self is not asking the world to leave you in peace

Because you’d be indicating you are broken to begin with.

You are not tiles of imperfection being creative with your pain because things may get slippery.

Instead you are completely made over, reconstructed.

Certain attitudes had to be changed and you’re either a work in progress or you have found yourself,

And you are complete, not needing anyone to fill you except the one you made you,

You know the missing parts of you,

You remember the days you were lost trying to find yourself in people and in things,

Imitating false notions and empty dreams, the reflections of you kept being broken because

Your looks were constantly asked to be mended, reaaranged, like a book with blank pages

Today your story is being re written,

You are whole.

Written by Laurna Guiste