“Free “

“Free ”
Was Bound To That Thing
Which Enslaved Me
Chained In Pain
Had Me In Captivity
Being Inticed By
Lust Of My Flesh
It Felt Good
All I Desired was Pleasurable
Doing It Over And Over Again
This Thing Called Sin
Deep Down Within
I knew It was Wrong
But Kept On Singing
The Same Old Song
Suddenly I Heard
A Small Still Voice
Saying To Me
Repent Turn Away
From Your Iniquity
So I Confessed
All My Mess
Then He Touched
Me O He Started The Operation
Cleansing And Washing
Me In His Blood
Behold Old Has Become
Brand New
Filled By His Spirit
Forever Will I Be
His Child

Written by

Tessa Titre


Floetry – Flowing In Poetry *

” Blessed” : Am too Blessed to be stressed / In Christ I found my Rest / This Life am living aint no contest of Success / It is not about being better than everyone else / Am not perfect / But was chosen by the Elect / Jesus Himself / Who bled for my sins / He sees a reflection of God in me / Wonderfully and Fearfully made /In His image/Am Blessed / Highly Favored / Am so Honored / To Be part Of His kingdom / His Word is wisdom / It makes me strong / To Him I sing / A new song / Unconditional Love / Comes from above / This is why I Am BLESSED !!!

Written by Unique Angel ( Tessa )

Gold heart

Gold heart; its the synonym for this prize I call My First Love. Won, was a race of feelings for someone who was truly sent from above. She’s the best fielder on this cricket pitch of life the way she caught my attention. The kind to grow with u from minimum wage to the days of pension. You retire to her arms at night knowing that ur lifelong career was loving her. Laying there remembering the day ur heart sent an application in for her to be your love’s employer. Stepped up and addressed you like that life changing letter. The “whats ur name”, “how are u” and a joke for the ice breaker. A convo that produced 7 digits & what promised to be fun. All I wanted tho was to minus 6 out of those 7 digits just so she’d be my number 1. As time went by, we got closer and eventually boarded this vessel of emotions. A relation-ship that sailed its way round these love filled oceans. Cabin fever: a burning desire and warmth shared while I made love to my chick. We’ve made it thru the cold & the iceberg that tried sink our titanic. The ups and downs, downs and ups could make taking love’s elevator ride quite queasy. Life’s no slut, it ain’t gonna be that easy. With God first , even if she left everything would be all right. But no one wants to sleep in their bed all lonely at night. I’ve seen it all cuz the eyes are the window to the soul and she pushed the curtain aside so I could have a view. Ever since I’ve enjoyed watching the bright mornings under the fall of dew. I’ve lust and I’ve loved, but loving her I’ve not yet lost. So back to the present as I held her tighter and kissed her lips, and the moral of it all: there isn’t a price tag out there that could show how much My First Love costs.

Written by

Durkel Dalrymple

I’m imperfect, I’m imperfect(x 2)

I’m imperfect, I’m imperfect

Here comes this Imperfect man into my life trying to wife me,

I want him to lead me because I’m blind, but he also can’t see.

I’m trying to walk straight but he doesn’t seem to help me,

God help this man cause his weakness is my weakness, we both need to be set free,

Cause I’m imperfect, I’m imperfect

He loves God, We love God, we share God, we both need God,

He needs me to be strong, I need him to be right and not just go along, correct my wrongs I need him to be strong.

We both here singing these church songs but we’re imperfect,

Not really loving each other’s perfect imperfections, cause we’re far from it,

We need deliverance from it, both need to get to it, rise to it,

Cause we’re both broken, looking for pieces of Him in each other,

Falling short ,finding fault in the other, we can’t be whole, if we are just glimpses of what perfect suppose to be, cause we are both struggling with insecurities,

We need to be transformed and cleansed from our sins

And strive to be all He made us to be, yet imperfect may he see Christ in me, in us,

As we decrease and cry upon our knees, we let go of our selves and die to the flesh and become one, and in oneness flow in perfect  love,and  let this love that we share yet being imperfect give flame to our efforts to spark the change that we both need to grow.

Written by Laurna Guiste

Trust that God knows best

When God keeps something from you, better believe He has good reason. The word says no good thing will He withhold from them who walk uprightly, so if something is not good for you or will cause harm to you better believe your loving father will not give it to you. I use to get mad at God when a guy I was interested in would out of nowhere lose interest in me, I would cry, question God and actually think something was wrong with me. Everything seemed to be going fine and then they would just stop talking to me, so several times in my pursuit for happiness I would start pursuing this guys, which is wrong true love is never chased down by a good woman,anyways I would say almost anything to start up a conversation and get the ball rolling again, only to left looking desperate and rejected. Those moments hurt, and in that season I couldn’t see what God was trying to tell me or show me about these guys because I only saw the good part and the parts that felt good, and I was emotional and my vision got clouded and I felt like I was the problem and not these guys.

That was a result of not knowing myself, my worth and not knowing what I really wanted so I settled for anything. Moreover I was operating in the flesh and not spending quality time with God and allowing Him to speak to me, because if I only listened and viewed these guys based on the word of God I would quickly realize I was making a mistake and that I deserved so much better.

So lesson learnt, I read God’s word,books,blogs,posts  started following some genuine women of God and learnt what it is all about to be a woman of God and what to look for in a mate. That was where I realized why those relationships didn’t work out; they were not tied to my destiny. If anything, getting involved with these men would not help me fulfill my God given purpose. These men had their own plans and agenda and being their wife means I have to be a supporter and follower of their vision and if they are not led by God then how on earth are they going to lead me in the right way to fulfill God’s plan.

So if you are child of God, and God’s got His hand on your life better believe He is not going to yoke you with any and anybody. I realize the higher the call the longer the wait or the more he sharpens your character. So trust God that He is going to meet all of your needs and that He has not forgotten you, He knows what is best for you so wait on Him.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Letting go..

Letting  go..

I had a dream recently where I thought I was holding unto a small, harmless beetle, I felt like the beetle wanted to flee from my grasp but I still held unto it, then after a while the animal peered through my fingers and I noticed it was actually a cockroach I was holding, in disgust I shook it off.

Many of us might be like me in that dream holding onto something or someone that we feel is harmless to us and our spiritual or overall well being, but that person or thing is actually harmful to us and isn’t good for us and we need to LET IT GO!!

We need to let go of toxic relationships and things that weigh us down and enjoy the abundant life that God has given us. Life is too short to be sitting around in self pity and allowing everyone to use us except God. God didn’t place us on this earth to just occupy space and sit pretty, we are born and created for a unique purpose and distractions from toxic connections are just going to abort the plan God has for us.

You need to do some spring cleaning, firstly get rid of the mess in your cupboards that attract the cockroaches, take stock of your life, get in touch with who God has made you and the life He has made for you, not everyone is tied to your destiny so take note of who is on your team and who isn’t. Get right with God and allow Him to purify your heart and mind. Remember you attract who you are and not what you want, so in order to live a holy and fulfilled life be holy, be furfilled, love yourself to walk away from anything that no longer makes you happy and does not benefit you spiritually. You deserve to be happy!

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Who am I?

Who am I? she asked as she stared blankly at the mirror,her life was difficult at the moment,she couldn’t understand why she was facing so much hardships and frustration. Then she laid her hand on her heart and she closed her eyes and as if she could hear a small voice whisper ” I have chosen you,you are my beloved,and the plan I have for your life is not an ordinary one,that is why it requires trials to make you stronger,testings to make you wiser,bolder,to elevate your faith and motives. I am taking you through the fire so you can be made purer and be able to help others and lead by example. Your testings are meant for testimonies. Trust that it will all make sense one day. She smiled at her teary reflection,she was being molded for something greater than herself.

Written by
Laurna Guiste


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO all my followers on WordPress!
I am so elated and honored to have reached such a huge milestone of 1000 follows.God bless and I look forward to the continuous support,likes and comments.I also look forward to following your awesome writings and journeys which all are a blessing and inspiration to me in some way.May this year be your greatest year ever! Above all put God first and everything else shall be added!I love you guys!:)

Laurna Guiste

A word from the wise

Where did I go wrong in demonstrating how dark and cold the world is,it rapes and kills  those who play victim,where did I go wrong in proving that self love is demonstrated in protecting yourself from AIDS and unwanted pregnancies by an old man whose been divorced and your not sure if he loves you or was just satisfying his flesh.
Where did i go wrong in proving that true love takes time it is not microwavable,mixed with selfish emotions,soul ties and lust, where did I go wrong in telling you that it pays to wait for the right guy and sleeping around at motels wont guarantee you happiness.
Even if the mini dresses and half nude pics are what are in style it doesn’t qualify you to be a good wife, men as awesome as God made you, makes me sick to know you act like you love her just to use her,dump her, its over she cant sleep crying over the broken promised you made. Then again is it really your fault she flaunted it and she made it easy.
It hurts cause i know what it feels like to  feel hurt,unwanted and playing low to get attention,God knows you want to feel loved and appreciated and sometimes you will do anything to get it. But is it worth the regret,pain and bitterness?
Young woman you are precious,beautiful and your self destructive behavior wont guarantee you a healthy life long enough to fulfill your God given purpose. Don’t sell  yourself short because you got greatness within you but you won’t tap into it if you don’t have any standards.

Young man step up,play your role, be a wise man who knows that his selfish desires can affect his and that woman’s future and his children future.
My message comes from my heart because i hate the trend i am seeing, true love folks is worth the wait,respect yourself and respect others.

Written by
Laurna Guiste

My first love

Your motives were unquestionable, you pursued me beyond my primary rejection and your  arrow pierced my heart.
From our first hello to our first kiss  you left me breathless and wanting more,
you are my greatest inspiration and you ignite me with your zest for life.

Like the greatest storm you intruded my heart, and left me stirred to rise,
we indeed rose together, and together we were dynamic,
A reflection of what true love is all about and you were my greatest desire,
I couldn’t imagine my life without your words,your advises and support Continue reading