Don’t walk into the light

Don’t walk into the light,though its what I’m getting used to,Don’t walk off on us just yet,

Come back,step back into this tunnel,and i’m praying that you find some decency in you which will give light to the pathway that will guide you back home. While you were here,i know you danced on the broad path,stayed up late and flirted with darkness,you were not always nice and you oftentimes cursed the God that made you so beautiful,and claimed he didn’t exist you darn fool!

I was always  angry at your decisions,for hating me for standing on that hill, and waving so you could see me,and that you’d see how strong He makes me, but  your wind and energy were aimed to out my flame,you wanted to be water to my fire,now for your sake i wish that water would cleanse you,so God would please spare you,so

Don’t walk into the light!

Written by

Laurna Guiste

(Matthew 5:14)You are the light of the world–like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.

If I am not an inspiration then stop me,

If I am not an inspiration then stop me,

Stop me from chirping my tunes because they lack to make you soar, if my words do not motivate, then hold me captive, I rather am locked behind bars, than live not playing my part

I want to encourage the dancers to dance, and spin to their practice routines and instead of following add a step or two of originality,

To the singer I motivate you to sing, sing aloud, from your stomach, face the crowd, sing until the weary soul comes out from hiding in their shacks of depression, smiling from the comfort that emits from your voice, and sing!

To the writer, write, write from the depths of your soul, write the whispers that the angels decant over you,write the comforts that they tell you to ,for God wants to tell the world how much he loves them, oh how He loves them ,so write as the spokesperson of God.

To the planter, plant, as God blesses your hands plant, to feed the many that God will bring to you, plant!
To the teacher ,teach the lessons you have learnt so well, teach as to not fill your pockets ,but to fill minds and create leaders to change the world.

The world is a plot by which you are asked to play your part well, and I urge you to play the lead in your life, live a trail of lessons, surprises, laughter and inspiration.

Written by
Laurna Guiste

Get up, and Get it together..

Get up, and Get it together..
Today I met this young man, lying in the bus stop, but I knew he wasn’t headed to a destination. His clothes were dirty, dirty, his clothes were dirty, and he held his pants in his hand, getting closer, I recognized the young man.
I recollect meeting him in college and we became acquainted, we were about the same age, but today he was different, face painted in mud, reconstructed, and lost some weight. He didn’t seem like the young, ambitious man I knew back then. So sitting down, asked him what was going on, and expressed his deepest regrets as he told me his story. He didn’t have anyone ,a loner often found in the hands of the law, searching for love but never seemed to find it, had no job, no money, no one he could talk to.
He had goals, he had plans, started college but never finished, he started well but somehow he lost his way, and he was struggling to get back, blamed it all on not having a home, a family.
So many of us today are going through struggles if not like that young man but we are facing a challenge in our lives and we just need someone to talk to, we need help, we need deliverance. Well Jesus is there, and He says to cast ALL your cares upon Him for He cares for you, He can carry your load today, he will listen to your problems and He is able to solve them.
I wish I could have provided that man with a job, but all I could was encourage him to get up from where he was, get himself together and ask God to help him. I encourage you you to do the same, Get up, Get yourself together and ask the Saviour to help you. For with God nothing shall be impossible, but you need to make that first step!!!

Written by
Laurna Guiste<

The Awakening..




Vision being captured behind screens see what they want me to be, taking away my innocence capturing all my attention, shortening my attention span,

LCD’s, PSP’s that’s all I need don’t take them from me, it’s like all I need lately, Take your lessons, extra class, I don’t need that, got my swags on, can’t pretend to be right on, cause I got some, And I’m right on,

Role models get in trouble, everygrl tryna be a model, every player tryna hit a double, and parents seem to be starting trouble,

What do kids do, when no one motivate them to, live right and to be bright,

Take school seriously, work hard and play soft, whatever happened to playing sports?

Lack of grammar, plenty drama, up in the hood wit baby mamas,

Why gaining an education seem so farfetched and giving up is so well catched,

Face booking, tweeting, twerking and drinking, staying up late, No one disciplining,

All that which is happening, what are the parents are doing?

Written by Laurna Guiste

Be my hero, my knight in shinning armour my King,

Be my hero, my knight in shinning armour my King,
The one who is worth dying for, be the one that kneels when everyone else is to conceited to bow, be the one who stands out in a crowd be, all that you want to be, Mature and strong who knows where he stands and he belongs, be
The worker, the husband, the brother, be genuine and not undercover, be smart and quit that drinking, stop messing around, stop the smoking and be,
Pull up your pants, shine those shoes and be,
Smile, drop the cussing and be, stop the fighting and be, more than they said you’d be,
For you are somebody, yes a Sir, Mr., a gentleman and not a thug,
You are important, not a foot rug, so arise young man and be
Written by Laurna Guiste

Don’t worry about your haters!!

Don’t worry about your haters!!
Whenever you are close to your breakthrough that is when your adversaries strike the hardest. Ever been close to getting a promotion and that’s when your co-workers stress you out the most? It’s like you are going through that fire before you come out whole,you are being refined. Some of us worry about our haters too much, when we shouldn’t because in order for God to bless you your haters have to be present, God says says He prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies, Give me a token for good that those that hate me may see it and be put to shame, for thou oh Lord has helped me and comforted me.

They are like stepping stones towards your destination, a wind/storm that God uses to propel u forward, all the tears you have cried have sort of washed the Masters feet and He is getting ready to bless you. The longer you endure that fiery furnace the purer you will become, so thank God for the valleys they made you humble, they made you think and change attitudes, you grew, you struggled don’t give up climbing now ,you are near the top. Forget the nay Sayers the end may not be clear, but have faith it is going to get better, your season of blessing is HERE.

Written by Laurna Guiste