Tales of the Mose

Mr Jack was complaining at his shop again as he couldn’t understand why the boys in the town never paid their credit. A habit that was putting him in debt,and though it cost him to remain open he opened every day. Mr Jack loved selling and greeting customers,he enjoyed telling stories to his overseas friends who would visit now and then.He would brag and exaggerate his profits as he would serve them with his most expensive brand of whiskey from under the counter. They had no reason to doubt him as his life seemed impressive.

His wife Margaret didn’t know how much longer she could keep up with this charade and pretend like all was well,when their books showed huge debt. She went to town and returned in the evening with a well sort plan as to what Jack should do to deliver them from their bad debt.

She had spoken to Lucy earlier,her childhood friend and one of the towns most successful entrepreneurs,Lucy and her husband had nine businesses between them. It was in conversing about life and things that Suzanne broke down and told her friend about how they were a few months away from their shop being shut down by the bank.

In despair she begged Lucy to tell her her secret of how she had become successful almost over night. Lucy took her to a small room in the back of her salon and quietly told her the secret.

After she spoke to Jack she handed him a paper with the exact instructions of what to do. He didn’t know whether to laugh or believe his wife to be mad but with the tears in her eyes he knew she was telling the truth.

He contemplated on the plot and became partially terrified to attempt such a thing, but as Good Friday drew closer he became annoyed with his wife and decided to try it just to shut her up as she wouldn’t stop talking about it. The Good Friday morning he took a freshly laid egg from beneath the cellar and placed it beneath his right arm.He was careful not to break it and held it there for three days without bathing.

On the Monday morning he cracked the egg and out of it came an ugly,imp looking dwarf.Before the dwarf could utter a word, Mr Jack quickly spoke the words loudly

“I am your master,you will do as I say”

The dwarf nodded in agreement. Mr Jack was fearful but he managed to put on a straight face as he locked the dwarf away in one of his empty rabbit cages. He rushed up to the house with sweat on his brows and with shaking hands as he told Suzanne what happened.She became excited and wanted to see it,but he forbade it as he said it was too hideous for her to cast her eyes on.

They sat down and wrote a list of what they wanted,Jack brought it to the dwarf and after a minute of reading it the dwarf said it was done. Jack got papers for new properties later that day that he rented out to tenants. He built a clothing store for his wife and paid out their debt the next month.He also expanded his shop into a supermarket and he bought two buses and hired two drivers to transport passengers for him.

He fed the dwarf chickens and rabbits and when suspicious persons questioned what he kept down in the cellar he would say it was just his rabbits.One day the dwarf asked him to see his wife and he refused and told the dwarf arrogantly that his wife was too beautiful to see a wretched creature as him. The dwarf felt hurt and did not eat for days,when Jack noticed this he made excuses as to why his wife could not see it.

One day when Jack was out on business,the dwarf had a mischievous idea. He transformed himself to Jack and sneaked into the house and made love to Jack’s wife. Jack did not realize the plot and went on more business trips and the dwarf made it a habit of visiting the wife for more encounters. It so happened that one day one of Jack’s business meetings got postponed and he had no choice but to return home. Upon his return he heard loud,moaning sounds emitting his bed room. He opened the door in such fury and he couldn’t believe what he saw. Suzanne screamed in fear as she looked at the two images of her husband standing before her. The dwarf transformed back to himself and leaped out of the room.

After a long and exhausting discussion they both knew what they had to do.The dwarf was asleep when Jack killed it,placed it in a bag and threw it out at sea. As he rowed back to shore he heard the waves crashing furiously behind him,wind howling and voices sounding like the dwarf calling for help and his wife calling out to him. But he never turned back,he remembered the exact instructions of not turning back no matter what he heard as he would risk the chance of losing his life if he did.

As he got back to the village he got news that both of his buses were in terrible accidents and got totaled beyond repair.Within a week all his businesses burnt to the ground with no logical explanations. He sat speechless with the receiver in his hands as two armed robbers walked into the supermarket and robbed him for all he had.They left him with a bullet in his leg as he tried to stop them.His wife Suzanne got a heart attack when she heard the news.

Up to this day Jack never told anyone what happened,well except me I’m Lucy’s daughter.

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Quarantine sucks

Trapped indoors,

Looking out and missing the days I took going out for granted,

Getting bored,speaking to my reflection in the glass,

Thinking of how did we get here,so fast,

Wondering how long will this last?

easily irate,

being unreasonable,questioning my whole mental health, and fate,

Waking up late,gaining weight,

missing the sun,

Smelling the grass,

Now I know what it’s like to be in prison,

I mean what was the reason?

I’m sure by now we’ve all learnt the lessons,

We’ve prayed,cried and will never again refuse a hug,

I miss that,I miss the little things that made us human,

Shaking hands and getting to know someone by looking them straight in the eye,

Now I cant get that close,

Quarantine sucks.

Hope it doesn’t get worst

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