Spending time with you

Spending time with you
Hanging on unto your everyword,attentively listening, I am taken aback by how much you’ve changed, Shyness and quietness jumped out your window ever since I came through your door, couldn’t ask for anything more than to spend time with one who truly listens and not just speak.

When I am with you I am strengthened, your actions defenseless, nothing in your closet,
the closeness it’s just bliss. When silent moments seem priceless, more meaningful than words could ever express, I desire nothing less when I am with you.

Sharing, encouraging, believing trusting it’s amazing, time seems to stand still, while we chill, God knows it’s where I love to be. I love to be with you…

Written by Laurna Guiste


Be my hero, my knight in shinning armour my King,

Be my hero, my knight in shinning armour my King,
The one who is worth dying for, be the one that kneels when everyone else is to conceited to bow, be the one who stands out in a crowd be, all that you want to be, Mature and strong who knows where he stands and he belongs, be
The worker, the husband, the brother, be genuine and not undercover, be smart and quit that drinking, stop messing around, stop the smoking and be,
Pull up your pants, shine those shoes and be,
Smile, drop the cussing and be, stop the fighting and be, more than they said you’d be,
For you are somebody, yes a Sir, Mr., a gentleman and not a thug,
You are important, not a foot rug, so arise young man and be
Written by Laurna Guiste

Don’t worry about your haters!!

Don’t worry about your haters!!
Whenever you are close to your breakthrough that is when your adversaries strike the hardest. Ever been close to getting a promotion and that’s when your co-workers stress you out the most? It’s like you are going through that fire before you come out whole,you are being refined. Some of us worry about our haters too much, when we shouldn’t because in order for God to bless you your haters have to be present, God says says He prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies, Give me a token for good that those that hate me may see it and be put to shame, for thou oh Lord has helped me and comforted me.

They are like stepping stones towards your destination, a wind/storm that God uses to propel u forward, all the tears you have cried have sort of washed the Masters feet and He is getting ready to bless you. The longer you endure that fiery furnace the purer you will become, so thank God for the valleys they made you humble, they made you think and change attitudes, you grew, you struggled don’t give up climbing now ,you are near the top. Forget the nay Sayers the end may not be clear, but have faith it is going to get better, your season of blessing is HERE.

Written by Laurna Guiste

Lost at midnight..

Lost at midnight..
White coloured sheets turned red at midnight,

Nothing heard but my own gasps and pleads to be free,

Muffled tears and animal like growls,

Get off me; I’m only thirteen, only flirting…

Untouched skin, now tarnished by grasps that sink deep into my memoir,

Forced to drink away my own innocence from a rusty old cup,

I am no longer a child…

Written by Laurna Guiste
On behalf of the children who have been raped, molested and sexually abused. May God bring the remedying you need.

Sunday Service

ImageI  had a lovely time at service today, few men stood akimbo, more like hands raised,eyes closed, such a blessing to have seen him kneeled,

My sister was dancing in the corner, knocking chairs, I thought she would have passed out, she must have seen the glory,

Hallelujah was sound by the choir, the leaders eyes filled with tears, screaming “Lord, take me higher!”

What a wonder, to be in His courts, giving praise, for He is worthy,Holy and Mighty!

Writtrn by Laurna Guiste


The difference between a Boo and a boo-boo

In the short span of time I’ve dated and gotten to know men on an intimate level I have come familiar with a few terms used to describe or refer to the opposite sex. There are several pet names that are affiliated with the ones that we love, it only comes naturally for one to refer to their lover, spouse, fiancé, boyfriend or girlfriend using a particular name. Some folks actually find it fun to make up names to call their love ones, such as pew bear, honey bunch of oats or my personal favourite boo.
However, this piece aims at identifying if there is a significant difference between a boo and a boo-boo. First of all one can claim that the urban term boo refers to an affectionate name, mainly used by coloured folks to call their lover or girlfriend. First time that term registered was from hearing Alicia Keys and Ushers song “My Boo” boo here obviously refers to one that you love dearly. The term boo-boo on the other hand has been somewhat thrown and tossed all over the place and has no real significant meaning. I have heard it been used among friends, co-workers when they were most likely referring to a side chick, or a close friend even, not one taken seriously. It is as if the word boo on its own is too strong a word so boo-boo is emphasized twice so some level of seriousness is eliminated. I may be gaging this slightly wrong but I believe there is some level of truth in there, so I would think twice about calling my boyfriend a “boo-boo”.

Written by Laurna Guiste

Wolves in Sheep clothing

Wolves in Sheep clothing

Bark turns silent, hides teeth, claws are slowly showing; sharpening,
only time will tell when it’s time to strike,

Fur lies smooth; almost seem friendly, perfectly harmless at a distance,

Wait till it gets closer,

I once took it for a pet, to my surprise it wanted to be played with, handled, trusted,

Till the day it bit me, and run away,

Today it lurks through virgin forests searching unscathed territory to waiting to see who

Will play,

Bark turns silent, hides teeth, claws are slowly showing, only time will tell when it’s time to strike!

Written by Laurna Guiste

i regret not loving thee..

I regret not loving thee, fiercely yet bitterly I wish to hold thee, kiss your lips like you taught me,

I regret not confessing my heart content, pouring my love on a parched part of you and maybe just maybe if you had nibbled or at least taste of my sweetness we wouldn’t have part,

And today a rose could have bloomed on the soil we fed just once,

Unwatered love, kindles no fire, passion gone no desire to say hi, hello, ever since we said goodbye,

I regret not loving thee…
Written by Laurna Guiste

Happy Valentines day my love…

Happy Valentines to you my love what shall I give you this day,

My heart, you already got it, my mind you already know it,

My time you have stolen, staying up late,

Memories you have given, irreplaceable,

Feelings that have grown ever since we met,

Yet, I wonder what I can give you my love,

Except to love you pass your wildest dreams and offer you all of me my love,

For I truly love thee.

Written by Laurna Guiste

The power of influence

The power of influence
I believe some of us a born with indefinite power of influence, an ability to drive even the strongest of minds to your point of view, trend of thought or ideas. It’s sort of manipulative really how a highly influential person sweetly moves not one but a crowd of persons to follow him. We see it displayed in all arenas, such as in politics,fashion,our work places,religion,courtship and even marriage etc. a husband who is known as the head of the house can influence his entire family to join him in almost anything, and if he is a good man then that is a blessed home. This can either be good or bad; a father who is a bad influence can drive his son to being laid back, controlling and even to drugs making it seem harmless and a normal approach to life.
A person who is a bad influencer can turn all good Morales down the drain with reasoning so profound that you couldn’t tell what was wrong with the idea. However one who is a good influencer can also raise a standard against society ills and convince a whole clan to fight with him against it. But where do influence stem from? We have heard about one being under the influence of drugs,alchohol, heard of charges being dropped because of these, but what about the influencer, who really spans his wings and ignite him with what I consider a sort of power to make a change, alter minds into doing and saying things causing others to see things through their perspective? I would like to conclude that it stems from God, maker of all good things. And we as individuals have a chose whether to utilize this gift for good or bad.
I do admire those with such a gift though, who choose to do good make a positive change and lead!

Written by Laurna Guiste