Love in Hardship

I’m standing in the smog and smokes,

Grenades and helicopters,

Amidst the sirens going off and the world crashing,

I see you,

Nothing makes sense if I’m not next to you

The world is ending but all I need is you,

We’re like pieces of a puzzle,found pieces of the other in each other,

I know every broken pavement lead me to the beauty of who you are,

Every broken heart,bled so I could die and live again,

The pain made me distinguish what true love is and isn’t,

So every loss I consider it now gain,

and when this world ends our spirit will find each other and love again and again.

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So much is happening

So much is happening..

New age movement,

Black lives matter movement,

Wear masks, be safe movement,

All these “Movement” but we’re not moving,seems like we’re all standing still,

Following trends rather than taking action,

Swallowing every pill,lowering our vibrations,

Saying this and that is wrong but avoiding the real conversations,

Idolizing ourselves as gods and not serving God,

The world is getting colder,we got kids up in cages,

Time is getting shorter,we got races in rage,

When will things get back normal? It wont ever be,

Cause all our eyes have been opened to see,

2020 vision we cant hide what we were comfortably hiding before.

We keep bowing our heads but our spirits kept asking for more,

Confusion and hate its just the beginning of times,

I know we upset,the world is not fine,

We’re finally awakening,we’re no longer blind.

It’s time to set our house in order now is the time,

To stop play church and give Jesus your life!

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