The village girl,Lashayna

Lashayna came from a tribe that was considered a dishonor to not make children for your husband.Ever since she was a little girl her parents groomed her for the man that would one day pay her bride price. The highest bidder would wife her,and depends on how rich he is he would have several wives.

Lashayna always despised that tradition and never felt she fit in. Other than having rebellious ways that made her climb trees and fight the village boys for fun the last thing she wanted was a husband she didn’t love. Lashayna was also born with a gift she was yet to understand.

It was a cold, night when Lashayna had a horrible dream that her father was going to die and the next day he did, he fell on his way home and suffered a heart attack just like how she saw it. Was it a weird coincidence? The news saddened the entire village and as much as she disliked his ways it brought a heaviness in her spirit.


Main Dish with Sides continues

Nicole was applying her night cream,she had changed into her blue pajamas.The boys were still watching the game. She inhaled and exhaled,counted to 20,she did everything she thought of in that moment to keep her from losing it.

For the first time, she resisted texting Oscar,she didn’t know what to say,no,she honestly felt embarrassed that her conclusions were correct.She couldn’t call Mona nor Jocelyn they’d advice her to leave.Should she leave? She didn’t want to live with her obnoxious sister either,who she knew  would counsel her with I told you so lectures,she didn’t want any confrontations other than with Darius.She wanted to know why, why did he cheat.

She exited watsapp and put her phone down and reopened messenger on Darius’s iPad. She opened the messages with Alice and left it there so he would see she read it all.

She turnt off the lights and pretended to sleep.

About an hour later she awoke to hear the boys leaving,she had actually fallen asleep.She quickly composed herself as she heard him making his way to the bedroom.She turnt with her back facing the door  and closed her eyes.

He turned the lights on,yawned as he sat on the bed,he was on the iPad.

“Oh shit” he mumbled ,

She turned towards him and sat up,his face was flushed with embarrassment and annoyance.

“I can’t believe you’ve been lying to me this whole time”

“Yow what the hell were you doing on my iPad,huh?”

She stood up

“Why did you cheat on me Darius!”

He stood up as well

“why were you going through my things Nicole huh”?

“That’s not the point!”

“It is,you must learn to respect people’s things!”

“You left it open and I acted on a feeling, I’ve been having,Now why the hell did you cheat on me!”Nicole yelled getting angry.

He sighed as he looked up at the ceiling with his hands on his sides,

“It just happened ok, She’s been going through a real rough time and Ive Known her longer than I’ve known you and she wanted some help”

“what!?so you helped her by sleeping with her?”

“No Nicole listen,please sit down,”

Nicole began pacing the room,

“No! You don’t tell me what to do,your story makes no sense”

“No honestly,you gotta sit for me to tell you  how it all happened, please”

“Just bleeping tell me why you cheated Darius!

“Ok,you want the truth ,well you were stressing me out and I went over to her house once cause she was having family probs, and while we were talking she ended up kissing me”

Nicole eyes got watery

He continued,

“I was surprised and didn’t kiss back,but you and I ended up having space and one thing led to another”

“Darius really? You’ve been cheating on me even if we got back together!?”

“She got clingy and didn’t wanna stop,I wanted to end things but she threatened to kill herself, she’s had a history of self inflicting herself,”

“And what about those other people you’ve been chatting with,you slept with them too!?”

He shook his head

“Oh no,no,no,these are just chats, people I talk to when I’m bored, it’s nothing I swear!”

Nicole felt her heart burn and rise to her throat,her skin got hot and her mind raced.

Darius couldn’t look her in the face as he spoke,

“You liar!I need you to end all this or I’m leaving!”

“Didn’t you hear what I said, she’ll kill herself if I end things,do you want that on your conscience?”

Tears run down Nicole’s face,as she shook her head in frustration.He came over to wipe her tears,She brushed him off.

“Stop crying” he said lowly

“We’ll get through this,I’ll find a way to end things I promise” as he held her close.With her head on his chest,she felt every bit of anger rush through her.She pushed him away.

“I’m leaving “She cried as she stood up

“Don’t leave ok,” he took his phone and  left the room.

Nicole began packing her things and mumbling to herself as to every reason why she should leave.

He walked back into the room with a smirk on his face,

“No, I’m a wicked person”

he admitted shaking his head.

He got serious,”You know it’s real late,you can leave  if you want ,but  tomorrow, I’ll sleep on the couch,but I can’t let you leave this late”

Nicole froze as she looked at him in disgust as he took his sheet and pillow and went to sleep on the couch.She looked at the time on her phone and was after 1am ,she sighed. She sat on the bed as the tears poured,she cried at her situation,at her life and how did she get there.

She curled herself up on the bed using the clothes she had in her hands to cover herself as she cried herself to sleep.

Main dish with Sides (Episode 3)

After two weeks goes by, Nicole finally decided to go back to her apartment.She was getting tired of him calling and texting her about how he missed her,and how he needed her to start the business, and she was getting tired of feeling up on herself and buying batteries.That night she returned,they had make up sex ,both called in sick the next day and stayed in bed until noon.

A few months goes by and things started feeling ok and they finally started their essential oil business N.D Naturals ,the one they usually pillow talked about.Darius would get the oils from locals and he and Nicole would make candles and hair butter out of it.They decided to run the shop on weekends as things were still fresh,so they monitored the progress and observed how it went.Sales were still slow but they were steady. Before long,N.D Naturals was becoming known and started creating a buzz in the small town.

And for the first time, Nicole could actually see them settling down. Something about him had changed,he seemed happy,he was more willing to make things happen ,Nicole decided the space did some good afterall.

One afternoon Nicole left work early and so she decided to pass by the small space that was leased to them to sell their products at. To her surprise it was open.On approaching the back of the shop she noticed Alice sitting on the edge of a desk, licking her lips and staring deeply into Darius’s eyes who seemed to be blushing and flirting right back.

Nicole cleared her throat and they both seemed awaken from a deep trance.

“Hey you’re out of work early” he said turning his watch around his wrist to face the time.

“Yea I am,I don’t think we’ve met, I’m Darius’s girlfriend, Nicole!”

Alice expression changed as she eyed Darius confused,

“Girl friend? “

“Yes,also business partner..” Nicole added sharply

“What! I thought you were running this place with your brother..

Darius sighed as he shook his head and pulled Alice aside and spoke so low that Nicole could not hear.

Alice seemed upset as she took her bag and left.

“Did I miss something?” Asked Nicole as Darius took his car keys and left with Nicole standing there confused.

He didn’t come home till later that night,he took a shower and laid next to her and didn’t answer any questions she asked.As she laid beside him, craving his touch and attention he got lost texting on his phone.

She tweested and turnt that whole night when she woke the next day,he was gone and he didn’t even leave her breakfast.

This continued for weeks and Nicole got blamed for everything going wrong.If he woke up late,if he forgot something he said it was because she was stressing him.The arguments started again and the only time he looked at her was when he wanted sex.After he ejaculated he would go back to ignoring her and playing his video games.

It was the night of a huge basketball game and Darius invited Ken and Drew over to watch the game.

“What’s up with your girl” asked Drew when he realized Nicole barely speaking to them as she seemed to be in her own world ignoring them. Drew stupes as he rolled his eyes,

“We alright men,can we watch the game please”

“Reason I asked is because the shop has been closed everytime I pass by ,are y’all fighting again” he insisted

Darius face got serious,”Men learn to mind your business before I put you out”

Ken laughed as Drew shook his head,

“Ok men ok”

They went back to watching the game.

Nicole shook her head in frustration and went to lay down. As she laid on the bed scrolling through her phone,she realized his iPad was opened.She suddenly got an idea to go through it ,she shook it off at first,but the more she thought of it,the stronger the desire got.She tip toed to have a glance at them before doing her crime.They were cheering, laughing too deep in the game to realize anything.

She closed the door and quickly grabbed the iPad,with trembling fingers she went on his Facebook messenger,and to her dismay she saw a message from Alice.

There were other messages but this one stood out,she quickly clicked it and her heart sunk as she read through the messages.Darius had been over at Alice’s place multiple times and had several sexual encounters.There were a few nudes of eachother and by the looks of it Darius was claiming he and Nicole were still separated and having problems.

A sharp pain pierced through her heart as she felt a rush of emotions run through her body. She just knew it,all her suspicions were correct, that gut feeling she had was accurate she felt so right yet so defeated. What a fool she had been,she felt so betrayed and angry.

She began quickly going through the other messages ,they were from other women and men, flirting with Darius,promising to meet up,there were more nudes,there was too much.

She closed messenger,she had read and seen enough,she wiped her eyes and went to take a shower.Furiously washing her hair, scrubbing her body from head to toe,she lathered her lady parts so fiercely so as to wipe off every other lingering parts of him,some parts she rubbed so roughly that she bruised her skin,she wanted all of him washed away from her.She sobbed as she recalled every message,every detail Evey lie.Who was He..

To be continued.

Episode 2(Junk Food)

Nicole and Mona stepped into Happy Burger to grab a fast bite,was a Saturday afternoon,they had just gotten off work.

“Hey isn’t that Darius” asked Mona looking over Nicole’s shoulder.

“Don’t look right away, he’s with some girl”

Nicole smile faded,as she quickly looked behind just in time to see Darius laughing and in deep conversation with a tall,skinny light skin girl.He was so distracted and the restaurant was so full that he didn’t see her. Nicole got red in the cheeks and she began eating quickly.

Mona shook her head in disappointment,

“I don’t know why you put up with this?”

“we had an argument ok,I told him I needed some space”

She was now stuffing her face with fries and pretended she was fine. Mona kept eyeing Darius.

“Space? and he’s already screwing someone else the next day?”

Nicole could die,she began feeling uncomfortable.

“You know what, let’s go”she began putting her food away.

“But we just got here”

“No I wanna leave!”

“Ok,let me atleast use the washroom first” Mona left quickly to use the washroom as Nicole painfully waited.

She pulled out her phone and texted Oscar.As she awaited a reply she felt someone rub her back,she looked up into Darius’s brown eyes.

He had on a huge smile,

“I thought that was you, what’s up?”

“I’m ok,how are you?” She fought to keep her composure.

“I’m good,so how long we doing this space for?”

She looked back at the girl eating her meal,she felt her chest getting hot .

“I don’t know,I see you already moved on”

He looked back at the girl shaking his head,

“Girl,that’s Alice,my old high school buddy,we just catching up,been a minute.”


“See that business idea I was telling you about, she’s willing to help us start,she got some ideas.”

“Ok,you better not be lying Darius”

“Stupes, I’ll message you the information later.”

He hugged up on her tightly,”Now go on outta here” he said smiling.

“Yea I’m just waiting on Mona”

Mona walked up to them and rolled her eyes at Darius,as she ignored his greeting.

“You ready?”

“Yea, let’s go” Nicole and Mona left without looking back at him.

“what were you guys talking about?did he just hug you?”

Nicole kept her steps steady as she ensured they got far away from Happy Burger as possible.She pulled Mona into a clothing store.

“Girll,that boy lying,he wants me to believe that’s his “friend”,can you believe he said she got business ideas for us”

Mona was confused,

“Business ideas for what??on how to ride him? tell me you did not believe that!?

“I don’t know girl, I just feel something ain’t right,just a few days and he on some date with some girl”

Mona agreed.

Nicole was spending the week at her sisters place,as she sat on her bed, feeling so defeated.She was so lost in her thoughts that she missed the messages on her phone.

They were from Oscar and two from Darius.She listened to Darius’s voice note first,his voice was calm, reassuring,told her all the ideas for the new business,and he gave her he and Alice highschool stories.The message ended on how Alice would supply them with a spot to rent out to start their business.He was excited and wanted her back home so they could discuss further.

Oscar message was telling her he was watching Basketball and and if she wanted to join him,he later changed his mind and Said it was a joke when she didn’t answer.Nicole held the phone against her chest as tears formed at the corner of her eyes,and then rolled down the sides of her face.

To be continued

Episode 1 continues

They had been driving in the rain for what felt like hours and Oscar was trying to wrap his head around this story and why Darius was being now placed on his list of guys he felt was secretly gay.But he Of course kept his thoughts to himself as he tried to be sympathetic to his “work wife”,who had definitely been here before ,in his pickup, crying her eyes out complaining about her insensitive and asshole boyfriend,who also happened to have an 8in penis and was good in bed(,he never forgot her stories ).

Nicole was the type who vented to him alot about both the good and bad of her relationship ,but mostly the bad.

But as much as he wanted to tell her leave this guy alone,a deeper part of him also wanted her to grow the hell up and learn her lessons just like he did. He knew she learning them on her own would cause her not to repeat them,so as usual he encouraged her,offered her tissue and told her Darius would hopefully come around.

“I don’t know,but it feels different this time” she said holding back more tears.

Oscar eyed her sadly, holding back telling her how puffy her face looked and instead held her hand tightly for reassurance.

“wanna go get some drinks?”

She looked at the time reading minutes to 9:00pm

“Maybe we shouldn’t,we got work tomorrow”

“Come on!” He said driving into a parking lot close to a bar.

The bar seemed busy for a Monday night,and as he parked he realized she pulled up her window.

“Are you coming in with me?’

“Nuh,you go ahead,I’ll wait for you here”

He rolled his eyes,”Ok,what do you want then?”

“I’ll just have a beer thanks”she was looking out the windshield as if to spot someone.

Oscar stepped out laughing a little.

After 15 minutes he was back with a pack of beers,before Nicole could protest he stated that he won it for being the most cutest guy in there. She couldn’t stop laughing and she knew that it was also factual,he was cute.Oscar was mixed with Amerindian blood that gave him curly ,long hair that he kept short and a vanilla skin that glowed in sunshine.He was perfect.

As he offered her a beer,she shook her lingering thoughts off.They drove into the night ,old school music blasted on the radio and tears seemed like something of the past.

He hugged her tight as he dropped her off at her apartment.She opened slowly,quietly,removed her shoes and tip toed into the washroom.Exhaled as she wiped off the makeup ,peeled off her clothes and stepped into the shower.

She smiled remembering the time with Oscar she was so grateful for his genuine friendship.She was soon bought back to reality when she felt a hand around her neck,a grip that startled her but soon soothed her as the hand began to massage her tension out.Soft kisses were plastered on her back .He turned her towards his slender, narked body and eyed her so sensually.

“I’m sorry for tonight”

“No,I’m sorry” she mumbled reaching out to kiss him.

He rested his forehead against hers,

He held her thick and curvy body close.

“where did you go?” I was getting worried?”

“I met up with Jocelyn,she was still in town,we hanged out a bit,had some beer”

“Had too much to drink huh?”

“No,I’m good”

“I Kinna wish you were,you know how you get when you’re drunk” he smirked kissing her deeply,she tasted marijuana on his tongue.

She had no more words as she surrendered to his passion and forgot everything but now.

Look out for Episode 2

Episode 1 continues

Nicole clocked out of Randy’s supermarket said her good byes to her favorite coworkers Jocelyn and Mona and her work husband Oscar. They all told her have fun as she crossed the street waving.

They all knew eachother for about two years now and bonded over free coffee in the lunchroom,work gossip and work stress. Oscar was branded the name work husband because he and Nicole bonded over way more,as they often shared similar views on the afterlife,movies and weird shit that others didn’t like discussing with either of them cause they would always whoop up some conspiracy theory.

They were so similar yet vastly different.Nicole was wild and free and believed in trying something atleast once,Oscar was mysterious yet guarded and careful now after he’d gotten his heart broken.Nicole was naive,and somewhat innocent and gullible in love,she had no idea what true love was and hanged on tightly to anything that felt good,Oscar was a good guy,and respected women especially Nicole.

She made long strides towards the Chinese restaurant where Darius said he was waiting on her.The allies were dark and the street lights were dim,but led her pathway just fine.She had worn a red and white floral top,one which Darius said was his favorite along with jeans and wedge heels.

She eventually made it to Lil China restaurant,this was a place Darius often raved about but never took her to.He loved their meals so much that he decided to wait on her there while he met up with his buddies Ken and Drew. Two of Nicole’s least favorite people but she pretended to care for ,for Darius sake.

As she got closer to them she realized to her dismay that they had just eaten,there were leftover Chinese dumplings and beer bottles on the table. They were in laughter and deep conversation when Nicole joined them.

“what’s going on here,I thought we were going out to dinner”

she said trying to control her tone but her expression gave off disappointment . Darius smirked and fought to find the right words and Nicole realized he was tipsy.

“We are,we are ,I was just waiting so long that I decided to buy something to munch on” Andrew laughed and they greeted Nicole and went back into their topic.

Nicole sat with her shoulders dropping as she analyzed what to do and as she overthinked,Ken offered her some leftover dumplings.

That was it, she exhaled .

“I wanna go home” she blurted out

“what?! Ain’t we going to dinner?”asked Darius with a confused look on his face

“No I change my mind,I wanna go home”she felt even more hurt as the words came out her mouth.

Darius expression got serious,

“After I waited on you, that’s what you do? You embarrass me infront of my friends?!” His voice rised above the restaurant music and people started looking their way. Ken and Andrew shook their head as they quickly rose and made an excuse to leave.

“You know what I can’t do this” he muttered as he eyed her with fire in his eyes .

“I’m out here trying to make things work and you just had to spoil it”

Her eyes were watery as she clenched her fist,

“well I’m done too, I’m going home” she said as she stood and left. Darius was furious and confused,he just sat there not knowing what to do.

She nervously dialed into her phone calling Oscar.

“Hello,Nic sup?”

“Come Get me now,please!”she cried

“Are you ok?ok where are you, I’ll be right there!”

Magic gone wrong episode 1

The coffee was made just right,providing some much needed warmth from the cold breeze coming from the mountain side. She sat on the balcony,occasionally rubbing her shoulders.

Darius’s laugh was heard in the living room,he seemed lost in his PSP and didn’t care much about the weather being cold as he had on nothing but boxer briefs.One of his favorite things to wear around the apartment. Most times Nicole felt in competition with that thing,as he gave more attention to a game than her.

She had gotten sort of used to it now,after morning sex, they’d talk of their dreams that seemed to never happen.He would make her breakfast when their stomachs started aching and after that he’d get lost in his game.

The routine was one she had adapted to but sometimes she just wanted more.

Meet me after work the Whatsapp message read, it’s on me.

Nicole felt she and Darius hadn’t been out in a while and with working 9-5 they hadn’t spend much time out of the apartment.It was a new year and she wanted them to do more together as a couple. Though many of their pass outings ended in arguments and hurt feelings,she just couldn’t understand why someone who claimed to love her,made sweet love to her usually treated her like her feelings didn’t matter.

On January 8th she planned a night out, they’d meet up after work and go to a new restaurant and just chill,eat talk like a regular couple. Darius agreed and she thought of the event whole day,she couldn’t wait to get off work and look at her man from across the dinner table. He was mainly cynical but those brown eyes and slick hair waves had a way of making her melt as butter. He was no gentleman and no Romeo either,but just something about the way he let his guard down around her and be his goofy self made her feel special.She hadn’t had no serious partners in the past and Darius was the only one she had stayed two years with ,things were not perfect but atleast she had a man to satisfy her physical needs,and that he did daily.