Save me

In a time of what seems like the end times with a dark cloud forming over our heads.I look up,

As the lava flow and the forest burns,

The animal dies and the earth shakes I stand still

Though the waters rise to drown me,

and flip me like a tsunami I choose to trust thee

In the fire will you burn with me?

or protect me

Will you hold us? when all we get are questions more than answers

Will you stop the wars and unfortunate deaths?

when I hear the last thud of my chest

Will you save me in my last breath

Written by

Laurna G


Be Great (at least think you are.)

It’s easier believing the bad things that people say about you and even the bad things we say about ourselves is oftentimes easier to believe,why is that?

Many of us allow put downs to shape us and allow other’s opinions to define who we are and we often look for our identity in other people.

I am here to inform you or rather remind you * in Murray’s voice “that is a LIE!” and if you are doing that you should stop.

Nothing or no one has the permission to make you feel inferior without your consent.You hold the keys to your own happiness and you are who you are and that person may not be all nice but you got life which means there is still a chance to work on that person.

Listen, we all came from dust and dust we shall return,we must all die one day and no one is better than you.Remember how precious you are,how valuable and unique God made you and how irreplaceable you are.

Never belittle yourself and avoid comparisons as you are an original a limited edition. Embrace the person your past has made you,lessons and all,they all have a part to play in your destiny.

Always be great at least believe and think that you are and before you know it,your thought becomes your reality as we are what we think.

Written by

Laurna G

Twitter thoughts

He sits at his desk, legs crossed, jaws clenched,

Stares at his family portrait sees his reflection not the people in it,

Fixes his hair especially the front part,

Pulls out his phone, puts it back,

He did not like the way the meeting went,or was it his breakfast that left a bad taste in his mouth?

Either ways he’s upset and he needs to let the world know

Picks up his phone

Types out Twitter


Laurna G

Power of Manifestation

So in this write I’ll tell you my brief story about the Power of Manifestations. Call it coincidence or whatever but I’m a believer in faith and the power of the tongue and strong desire.

So example number one I wanted roses for my room I had recently decorated,but I had no idea where I’d get them in town. I desired it,pictured how lovely it look in a vase on my dresser etc.

So one day I am out buying a few things after work when I walk into a store and spot some random roses in the back.I ask the sales guy how much are they,he proceeds to inform me that they have been there a while and I can have them if I want. I couldn’t believe it,I took about a dozen of them and thanked the guy so much. He had given me what I desired for free,I did not pay a dime.

My second manifestation was my crystal necklace, I saw a insta model with a beautiful crystal necklace and I greatly desired one. That time I had no knowledge of crystals and had no idea where I could get them,I screenshot the photograph and forgot about it.Months later my sister’s, best friends son visits us and is talking about oils,herbs,plants and local jewelry he is making.Just to find out that he makes crystal necklaces, once again I was blown away and I manifested something that I wanted.

I can go on and on about things that I greatly desired and didn’t always pray for but was granted to me. I have thought things into existence and have seen the power of spoken words and heart desires come into fruition. My advice is to be careful what you wish for as I have also gotten bad experiences happen by thinking of things negatively too.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue,words have power.Use it wisely.

Written by

Laurna G