The Trip


It was my first time walking this beaten trail, the green, wet shrubs brushed lightly against my legs with every step I took. The weather was humid, with the wind blowing cold against my skin, causing goose bumps to leave well marked trails across my arms. I was definitely out of my comfort zone being out here in this forest, leaving my aristocratic lifestyle back home and following my more adventurous friends out on this expedition to the Bori Lake. I must admit it took a lot of begging on their part and several glasses of wine to have me agreed to coming out on a Saturday especially on so little notice. Knowing me I’m an introvert, one who loves to spend her leisure reading books, staying home and playing online games. But today i was going to be adventurous and enjoy life for a change.

My friends call me Alice, short for Alicia, a 5.5, 16 year old who was auspicious enough to have the President of Dominica as her father. Dominica, the lovely island on which I was raised was most beautiful, with lush green peaks, lucid, cascades of rivers and waterfalls, rainbows of flowers and it was known to be the home to nature’s most harmless animals.  The population was a mere seventy thousand, where my family formed   a huge part of the more elite, mainly because of my dad’s position in the state and our family prestigious surname. But I actually was born in England where my mother is from originally, and where my parents met, but my dad is actually from Dominica. My dad decided to return to the island to live after I was two years of age since he wanted me growing up with his rich and versatile culture and history. I was most blessed with the best of schools, parents and life any one could ask for. I was also disciplined and well mannered in taking my work seriously which awarded me to having won several competitions and trips abroad. I was very much celebrated at my high school and almost everyone wanted to be my friend, but I held only a few close. Such as my good friends Jaden, Kervin, Chrissy and Alex, we were inseparable.

Kervin and Chrissy were the ones who convinced me on going on this trip, they were the smartest and most fun persons I knew, while Jaden and Alex were more conservative in nature like me. So when the idea of this trip came up they opted out and found other places to be. Kervin and Chrissy wouldn’t take no for an answer. They were those dare devil friends who were always encouraging me to take risks. I hated their outspokenness at times but they always reminded me to be myself and that always had my back. The last fun thing we did was having my upper ear pierced on my 16th birthday and getting drunk. I regretted the whole thing days after, but it sure was a memorable experience which we all look back on and laugh. We called our selves the `Super five especially because of our obsession with online games and were all nerds in our own ways.  We’ve been friends since first grade and our parents are also good friends I guess it’s because we’re always at each other’s homes and birthday parties.

The sun’s rays came like flicker lights through the forest branches causing temporary comfort to my cold skin, Kervin and Chrissy treaded ahead in laughter as I strolled behind enjoying nature to its fullest. I had never been to this place; I had lived on the island all these years and never visited its natural sites. When it came to other islands I’d been to the parks, zoos and museums but I was a stranger to these lush vegetation who seemed to peer at me as I walked on in amazement.  The trees danced in the steady rhythm of the wind, spreading green, yellow hues into the sky, waving for all admirers to see their splendor.  The stones were ready path ways leading to a destination I anticipated greatly on seeing, the birds chirping ever so sweetly as to welcome a foreigner in their midst. I ignored the mud that splashed with every step I took, my khaki shorts sure were soiled by now but I didn’t care I wondered why I didn’t come here before. I smiled wildly at nature’s gifts as they drew me deeper into their world; I was lost for words to describe such beauty that now engulfed me. My parents had been places on the island but never to this lake, I couldn’t wait to tell them of my discoveries when I returned home.

“Are you okay back there?” yelled Chrissy

“I’m doing just fine” I yelled back

Kervin walked back to me with the hugest grin on his face, he had a glint in his eyes whenever he spoke to me, Chrissy and the other’s said it’s because he secretly loves me, I really wouldn’t know as I’m close to all my friends and I consider all of them to be special and great. Kervin gives me compliments a lot but mostly in a humorous manner I never take them seriously. I have noticed the glint but he hasn’t told me anything so that’s all it is a glint. I smiled back at him as he drew closer.

“I see someone is enjoying their self”

“I sure am” I replied

“Told you, you would,haha,” he said pinching my arm

I brushed him off, “This place is amazing, I didn’t know such lovely places existed in Dominca,I mean look at how lovely these trees are”

“I know, and I agree, that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you, Dominica is blessed!”

“It is,I mean look at that bird over there” I said as a black and white bird flew on a tree near us,

“oh my gosh yelled Kervin as he quickly removed his back pack, he thumbled through some supplies and snacks as he took hold of his camera.

I giggled in amazement, as he became maneuvering a camera his uncle recently bought him which he hadn’t quite mastered, he tiptoed closer to the bird as he tried to adjust the lens,

“Be careful it flies away “I whispered as I took out my phone and started to video tape him.

Kervin was getting closer and closer as the bird opened its wings to reveal red and white wings,it was the most beautiful thing I’ld ever seen,

“wow!Chrissy I yelled come see this ,come quick!”

“ssshh your blab b la mouth whispered Kervin as he got closer , I was  trying not to laugh as Chrissy fell while she was running towards me. She started laughing as she got up

“What is it, what is it?”She cried

I started laughing as the bird was getting ready to fly away,

“Hurry, hurry” she crawled towards me just in time to see the bird fly away, we both busted out in laughter.

“Oh shocks! Look what yall did!” he said as he furiously took snaps of it flying away, “what bird is that?” asked Chrissy getting to her feet,I was still laughing while I still recorded.

“I wouldn’t know, as all I really got good shots of was it’s butt leaving” he said as he placed the camera aside irately.Chrissy jokingly pouted as I laughed louder, then she joined me laughing. Kervin passed us shaking his head and continued along the trail, chrissy run after him

“Hold on Kerv, I want to see the pictures you got” Chrissy shouted as he kept on walking. I ended the recording and pressed replay, I giggled to myself as I lingered behind watching the recording. I looked ahead and Chrissy and Kervin were no longer in sight, I quicken my pace a bit as I heard a twig break nearby, I startled as I nervously looked around, my eyes caught nothing but trees reaching out to me. i continued walking when I heard it again,

“Is someone there?”I said turning back I heard nothing but the sound of my own heavy breathing and nature.

I calmed down a bit, as I decided it was nothing and there was no need to get scared, so I continued walking then my phone fell from my grip and when I picked it up I heard the twig break again and I heard a thud, felt a sharp pain to my head and I saw nothing but darkness.

P.S Thanks to my amazing boyfriend who pushed me to write three (3) pages a day because I was suffering from major writer’s block,these were my first three pages.