Hey,How you doing?

Hey guys,

How yall doing? hope you guys are doing great? I hope this post meets you in good health and I’m hoping that amidst the chaos you find some peace and a place to lay down your worries.

Because worrying solves nothing,well maybe except raise your blood pressure. This post is to encourage you to inhale,exhale,close your eyes for a minute,stretch,drop those shoulders.

Drink your water, eat your fruits,take a walk, do some gardening, cook a warm meal. A small love gesture towards self means so much especially in a day like today,when nothing seems certain.

Working from home has made me miss the outdoors,wearing a mask makes me miss breathing freely,comfortably. I get heightened anxiety whenever I spot a crowd, and every cough makes me nervous. Our fears have no doubt increased due to this pandemic and we indeed have fear of the unknown.

But as I said this post serves to encourage you to take time out for yourself, to do something that you enjoy. Do something that will heal you physically,spiritually,emotionally. Read a book,write a book,make some tea,listen to good music,the type that makes you forget about those who are watching and sing like no one is listening. Go to the beach,have a swim,float,embrace this moment that we’re getting to experience.

You are worthy and you are,we are going to make it!

Hang in there.

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It’s the energy that attracts and binds us,

Whether negative or positive we all transit our light or darkness,

So within,so throughout,

We are a reflection of what we see,hear,feel

It takes extraordinary strength to burst through the hardness of life and crack through,emitting light when you are surrounded by darkness,

A light that burns and many run from in order to cover up their mistakes,we often run and hide behind masks and we pretend well.

We act comfortable in our distress ,refusing to acknowledge our hurts and instead of becoming better we are bitter

Listen,stop covering your wounds,learn from your mistakes and take off your mask and be you,

Step into the light and allow your wounds to heal,and allow your light to shine and in so doing inspiring others to ignite.

Written by

Laurna G

Inspiring you one poem at a time

Save me

In a time of what seems like the end times with a dark cloud forming over our heads.I look up,

As the lava flow and the forest burns,

The animal dies and the earth shakes I stand still

Though the waters rise to drown me,

and flip me like a tsunami I choose to trust thee

In the fire will you burn with me?

or protect me

Will you hold us? when all we get are questions more than answers

Will you stop the wars and unfortunate deaths?

when I hear the last thud of my chest

Will you save me in my last breath

Written by

Laurna G

Be Great (at least think you are.)

It’s easier believing the bad things that people say about you and even the bad things we say about ourselves is oftentimes easier to believe,why is that?

Many of us allow put downs to shape us and allow other’s opinions to define who we are and we often look for our identity in other people.

I am here to inform you or rather remind you * in Murray’s voice “that is a LIE!” and if you are doing that you should stop.

Nothing or no one has the permission to make you feel inferior without your consent.You hold the keys to your own happiness and you are who you are and that person may not be all nice but you got life which means there is still a chance to work on that person.

Listen, we all came from dust and dust we shall return,we must all die one day and no one is better than you.Remember how precious you are,how valuable and unique God made you and how irreplaceable you are.

Never belittle yourself and avoid comparisons as you are an original a limited edition. Embrace the person your past has made you,lessons and all,they all have a part to play in your destiny.

Always be great at least believe and think that you are and before you know it,your thought becomes your reality as we are what we think.

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Laurna G

Heart attacks and Canyoning goes hand in hand

August 17th 2019 the day I did the most adventurous,nerve wrecking activity of my life so far, I went canyoning with my hiking group,organized by The Extreme Dominica team. An activity as the team suggest was quite extreme but so worth the fun.

We assembled in the town about 7:30am and after about 20 people gathered we were transported to The Extreme Dominica’s training grounds to prepare for the canyoning experience.

We were greeted by about eight team members who after signing to the terms and conditions had us suited in Wakanda like water suits with matching long sleeves,helmets and life jackets. My God I could hardly breathe and before long I was sweaty and really hot,one team member aka Noodles assured us that once we hit that water we’ll be grateful for the warmth.

A mini training was given in the yard where we were descended via cables around our waist from a height of about 4 feet. One hand behind our back,with the rope that feeds(releases) the cable while the other hand holds unto the metal clip attached to the main rope. As you feed the cable you descend,your feet extended on the edge,drop your bottom and move your feet lower gradually,simple and to the point.

After the first group of us were trained we took a bus and head out and so the adventure began.

We walk a little through some bushes and shallow streams and before I can say wow at the view we are told we’re about to descend this tall moss covered rock,must have been about 35-40 feet.

The first woman who goes on,losses her balance and she’s hanging unto the edge and I’m terrified,quickly the crew calms her down and tells her how to get back her footing,she does what they say and she is back on her feet. Now I am afraid of heights,now tell me how on earth or why on earth did i agree to do this??

I’ve paid my money and I can’t back down now, knowing this I step forward and it’s my turn,when I observe the height properly my heart sinks and with all that moss on the edge I almost cried. They adjust the rope unto me and remind me of what to do, I am on the edge and I am being descended slowly. I try not to look at the 35 feet beneath me and the fact that my heart is burning and going wild with fear. The guys are great and cheer me on but I can’t think of anything else but falling. My friend Ovie is being descended next to me and on the other side is a mini waterfall,my feet begins sliding against the mossy rock and I feel like I am turning towards the waterfall. I feel embarrassed and scared that I am losing control and begin second guessing my ability to do this. The guys of Extreme Dominica try calming me down and immediately tell me what to do to gain back my footing. I obey and I am on my knees now and that’s where I remain till I reach the bottom,whew a distance that felt like forever and I wish I could just release the rope and reach below faster.

But that water was amazing ,refreshing and worth basking in, I floated around and rejoiced that I made it down safely. As we continued heading downstream we arrived at a cliff where we were required to jump,a height of about 9 feet. Arrgh the adventure never ends i thought as I hate jumping, I remember the last time i jumped into a river it took me about 45 minutes to do so. But unlike that last time I had no other option but to jump,either I jump or sleep there,and I wasn’t about to sleep out here in the woods.So after a couple of minutes and the cheering on of Oviee I jumped even though I was scared as hell. The adrenaline rush was insane and my heart kept bursting in my chest as I jumped, i couldn’t wait to hit that water.

The water was crystal clear, chilling,refreshing and deep as I floated,quickly sucking in my breath,trying to calm my heart as I looked up at the blue sky and the green trees canopying above us. The journey continued downstream and the canyons wined into arty rock formations,many dark caves and amazing pools that engulfed us. The second rock to descend via cable was about 20 feet and this time I didn’t want to be so afraid and lose my footing, so like the lady who fell from the beginning she screamed and cheered herself on. I decided to follow suit and tried eliminating fear out of my mind. I cheered and motivated myself as I descended reminding myself that I could do this,after all I am a life path 5 aka adventurous babe.

I realized that I was more calm and did a much better job this time, Self talk is so important I thought. The second jump was about 17feet and I decided to descend via cable instead which I was getting better at. We proceeded to lower jumps and easier descending and more natural pools. My country Dominica is super blessed I thought,so much nature,fresh air,crystal clear waters free of parasites and great terrain and great flora and fauna.

The climax of this event was to zip line across a mini waterfall and unto the other side,while persons were being zip lined across i noticed this strange formation in one of the rocks near by. It looked like a new born baby suckling on its mother, the head and arms so defined,I pointed it out to my friend who also saw it.Weird and that was the moment I wished I had my phone the most to take this amazing photo.

It was eventually my turn to be zip lined across and it definitely looked easier to do while watching,I screamed with my eyes closed the entire way down lol. The canyoning was over and we passed through a trail to return to where we started.A wet and tedious trail that proved my lack of stamina and need for a better diet.

Overall the experience wrecked my expectations on adventure,it exceeded what I thought was possible as a tour and as a person.I never would descend a 40 feet rock if given the choice or jump off into a 8 feet cliff unless I was being chased for my life. The built up adrenaline rush was insane,that feeling like you’re going to fall or slip but being in total control was nerve wrecking. Having to jump because you have no other options or if there are it is not any easier or less scary. You were forced to face your fears,do it afraid,no looking back but pressing forward no matter how scary or how terrifying it looked. You jumped and faced your fear and realized that you did OK,you made it without hurting as much as you thought. You embarked on a scary journey but guess what you were not alone,you had people,friends,family strangers cheering you on unto the end,assisting you and helping you get back your footing.

Today’s canyoning experience had many life lessons and I hope you too reader can get some encouragement from it too. Be encouraged to know that life can most times be a scary and lonely journey where it’s only you and God against the rocks with a slippery fall.But know that if you trust and believe in yourself you are most definitely going to make it.You may get some bruise and scratches,pee on yourself,lose your footing,get near life heart attacks and feel you are going to capsize with fear but you do not stand still. You keep going,keep pushing,climbing and if you look up you notice God,His angels who are reaching out to assist you,you notice the water as it cleanses you,the trees as they protect you,. You realize you are never alone and you are going to make it to the end.

Hand written Never Give Up brush calligraphy lettering on watercolor spot background, vector illustration. Hipster hand drawn Never Give Up lettering on watercolor spot, unique typographic element

Written by

Laurna G

Continuing the Legacy


Sitting at home, reminiscing my brother’s great work and poetry and how much he loved to write, he would wake in the middle of the night, with a phrase or thought and placing it together the next day. Like sewing stitches of words, Staying hours and days placing haikus and finding the perfect rhythm, poetry was my brother’s playground and he knew it well.

His love for the arts, Shakespear, accolards, Derek Walcot, Myer Angelou, all the greats whom he emulated, the way he spoke of their work in such great admiration.

I don’t believe he knew just how much I admired him and wanted to write a quarter of how great he wrote, he inspired the very passion out of me. I can humbly admit he was my biggest fan and I pursued writing because he made it sound like a world of adventure and indeed it is. I remembered when I was about ten years old, I wrote stories just so he could read it over and over and give his feedback and he would always be impressed and would boast that there was something about my writing that just stood out. His words of encouragement were so valuable because they came from someone whom I considered a pro at the art of writing.

I followed the path of writing because he led the way, he decked the walls of literacy with words that popped out at you and ignited your imagination, his words and works created a world I was born in but didn’t yet discover, and I am glad he embarked on  the path.

When I lost my brother during Tropical Storm Ericka in 2016,I felt that the artistic part of me sort of died too, with him being gone I felt no one was left to guide or inspire me. I believe one of his purposes was to help me to crawl, maybe stand and now it’s up to me to walk.  No one can get me to the other side but me.

When I won the Outstanding Youth in Literary Arts award in 2016 I felt he deserved that, it was all him and I did dedicate it to his humble heart and amazing existence.

My brother David was my muse and as he’s gone I realize that he can’t be replaced but I know he would want me to continue writing. I know his legacy is intended to live on through me and I pray that I won’t disappoint and that as he did I will find inspiration through all things. I will not quit or keep making excuses; I will give fan to the flames which he started.

Written by

Laurna Guiste



It’s never too late to start fresh

I hope I’m not too late in wishing my readers and fellow bloggers a Happy and prosperous New Year..I have been busy procrastinating to say the least. I will be honest with you,it has been a while since I’ve written and as usual a lot has happened since then. But my blog site has always been in my mind and heart and my thoughts are always on here thinking of my next,new post. I have not written in here but that doesn’t mean I have stopped writing,doodling in note pads,pieces of paper all over my house. Truly, I may have gotten lazy but I will never cease to write,I will  forever love this gift of writing and will forever hope to inspire. So Happy 2018 and I hope the year started off well for you and that many of you are still at your New Years resolutions and wont give up on them by next month and more than that kudos to those who are just continuing on the projects they started last year and bringing them to fruition or higher heights.

Last year My country experienced a category 5 Hurricane,Hurricane Maria,one which took many lives and homes,hopefully this time I didn’t suffer such a loss but it was like dejai vous  since I’ve already gone through similar catastrophe,one that forced me to vacate my home in the summer of 2016. My place of residence has been different for almost three years now and without the presence of my brother home  has been and felt different too.(That’s another blog). But yes my country Dominica,is currently under  reconstruction,trying to stand after she was brought to her knees,the healing has been slow but steady. Many people are still without homes,jobs and still grieving loved ones.

Hence,one word that sums up my 2017 is Grateful, I am forever grateful for life,my family,my present home and for every blessed day and thing i have been given. For every moment we live and breathe is a blessing for tomorrow is not promised.

I do not know what 2018 holds but I know God holds my 2018 and His word says don’t worry about tomorrow because He is in control.

So, I did not write down many resolutions per say but I do desire  to acquire greater discipline in finishing things   I start,stop living in the past,stop comparing my journey/life with others,be focused and avoid distractions. I hope we as writers/bloggers write and blog more this year and truly inspire others to be their best selves and live their best lives. From one blogger to another,let’s blog shall we?

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Importance of Self Love

Self love is important in setting the stage for all chapters of your life, such as your relationships, friendships, career and personal growth. The level in which you love yourself will determine how you allow others to treat you and how you treat yourself. It is important to truly love yourself in order for you to be able to love others and most importantly to love God.

Loving yourself means you have accepted yourself just the way God made you, whether short,tall,light skin or dark skin you have accepted your outer beauty as well as your inner beauty. You have recognized your strengths and weaknesses and you have capitalized on your strengths and are working on your weaknesses.

For example you’re good at singing; you don’t join the dance group if  you know you’re not good at dancing, you sharpen your singing skills, and you take singing classes, you learn an instrument you capitalize on it, and yes you can take dance classes if you love dancing but perfecting that which you are already good at will make you  better if not the greatest in your field, and that’s why loving your self is the first step in becoming your greatest self, as you love yourself you work on bettering yourself.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

The Greater You movement,a movement aimed at inspiring both women and men alike, to accept and love themselves. Also, encouraging persons to tap into their greatness and becoming who God has called them to be.