Rain and Sun

The rain was once jealous that sun was out in full blaze,

Striding and displaying her full rays,

Flipping her sundress,strutting her heels,

Rain couldn’t help getting angry and into his feels,

He and sun just couldn’t get along, and he hated that he had a Rep of showing up after a bad song

While Sun was the hottest in the town,bringing on bright days through and through

More and more rains hatred grew. Until one day he could take it no more,

And so heavy tears begin to pour,untill he couldn’t see any Sun anymore,

He flooded streets and blocked the gates,caused landslides and rained and rained till it was very late,

And he was happy for Sun disappeared,

But Sun was back the next day and the next day,and no matter how much he cried Sun would always come back anyway.

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She was

Hey,How you doing?

Hey guys,

How yall doing? hope you guys are doing great? I hope this post meets you in good health and I’m hoping that amidst the chaos you find some peace and a place to lay down your worries.

Because worrying solves nothing,well maybe except raise your blood pressure. This post is to encourage you to inhale,exhale,close your eyes for a minute,stretch,drop those shoulders.

Drink your water, eat your fruits,take a walk, do some gardening, cook a warm meal. A small love gesture towards self means so much especially in a day like today,when nothing seems certain.

Working from home has made me miss the outdoors,wearing a mask makes me miss breathing freely,comfortably. I get heightened anxiety whenever I spot a crowd, and every cough makes me nervous. Our fears have no doubt increased due to this pandemic and we indeed have fear of the unknown.

But as I said this post serves to encourage you to take time out for yourself, to do something that you enjoy. Do something that will heal you physically,spiritually,emotionally. Read a book,write a book,make some tea,listen to good music,the type that makes you forget about those who are watching and sing like no one is listening. Go to the beach,have a swim,float,embrace this moment that we’re getting to experience.

You are worthy and you are,we are going to make it!

Hang in there.

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Girls Day at Mero beach

So it’s the day after my Exams and my bestie and I decide to go to the beach. I have been studying weeks on weeks on end and finally did my exams,she had been stressing and bugging me out for us to go out and the day was finally here.

So we get dressed up real cute she joined me at home and then we hit the town about after 9am. We went to the Grocery store to get some fruits,while passing the fruit stand a woman overheard me mention not really liking apples and she couldn’t resist interrupting our conversation and dragged me and my friend into a 20 minute lecture about healthy eating. Information which we knew but lacked discipline to always input into our lives.After this we cashed and went for some food to bring along as our lunch. We settled for Roti at this Food Joint called Perkeys and get on our way to catch a bus.

On our way we saw a group of young boys seated playing some instruments outside a Pharmacy.They were beating drums and playing so skillfully,it was a joy seeing the young men embrace our culture .

After this we got a bus and head north,it was about a 15 minute drive.As we made our way towards the beach my best friend Tessa and I took pictures and I recorded some footage for my YouTube Channel.

The Sun was blazing hot,the sea was calm and inviting,the beach was not so crowded and the sky was painted in hues of blue and white,this day couldn’t be any more perfect.We settled into the best restaurant we could find,one called the Indee’s Beach bar,the menu was ideal but too bad we had a bag full of snacks and drinks. So I settled for a glass of Jamaican Ginger wine and a portion of fried Plantain as we had to patronize in order to get lounge chairs on the beach.

We were connected to WIFI,with a perfect view of the ocean,set up our little picnic with our music playing we were hyped. Tessa made donuts and I made Carrot cake,we had grapes,bananas,apples,so much that we didn’t hesitate to dive in. We spoke,laughed,ate,drank,with hearts and belly full we decided to go live and Instagram,which was also fun.

Took more footage for my You tube channel and some guys near by seemed to be enjoying us as live footage as they sat near by in admiration. We later went for a swim in the warm,welcoming waters.

Just what I needed after all that studying and working from home,I allowed the waves to cleanse me,renew me,massage my sores and ease my worries away,far away and into the depths.

An hour later we rinsed in showers provided by the restaurant,got dressed and head home.

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Click to watch Video of the adventure!

Love yourself

If mirrors could speak,

They would leak the validation that we seek,that we are enough,

The walls that cave us in,would whisper we are beautiful,

If we could hear the thoughts of our admirers our confidence would be boosted,

We wouldn’t compare and feel unhappy,

We look for more,when we are exactly who we should be,

We neglect to realize,our bodies are uniquely crafted,

Our curves,each line well sculpted,

We fail to realize that who we are on the inside

Is whats really important,

Our heart condition is more important than our face foundation,

For no contour,

Can glamorize or replace a bad heart,or make us more

So let’s work on that,

Let’s work on us

and be our best selves,a person whom we are proud of.

Someone who we love.

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Love in Hardship

I’m standing in the smog and smokes,

Grenades and helicopters,

Amidst the sirens going off and the world crashing,

I see you,

Nothing makes sense if I’m not next to you

The world is ending but all I need is you,

We’re like pieces of a puzzle,found pieces of the other in each other,

I know every broken pavement lead me to the beauty of who you are,

Every broken heart,bled so I could die and live again,

The pain made me distinguish what true love is and isn’t,

So every loss I consider it now gain,

and when this world ends our spirit will find each other and love again and again.

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So much is happening

So much is happening..

New age movement,

Black lives matter movement,

Wear masks, be safe movement,

All these “Movement” but we’re not moving,seems like we’re all standing still,

Following trends rather than taking action,

Swallowing every pill,lowering our vibrations,

Saying this and that is wrong but avoiding the real conversations,

Idolizing ourselves as gods and not serving God,

The world is getting colder,we got kids up in cages,

Time is getting shorter,we got races in rage,

When will things get back normal? It wont ever be,

Cause all our eyes have been opened to see,

2020 vision we cant hide what we were comfortably hiding before.

We keep bowing our heads but our spirits kept asking for more,

Confusion and hate its just the beginning of times,

I know we upset,the world is not fine,

We’re finally awakening,we’re no longer blind.

It’s time to set our house in order now is the time,

To stop play church and give Jesus your life!

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We won’t be forgotten

Don’t silent me with brutality,

and act like like all is well,

As uncomfortable as it is to speak up,we cant shut up and ignore the writings of our ancestors,

The battle is not yet won and we don’t know when it will be,

The hate,the inequality and supremacy? Why so much oppression?

For the color of our skins and the look of our face,

was given by God,

In painting the world, black was chosen by night,to paint a million galaxies so bright,

Beautiful and precious,diamonds and opals,

None forgotten or neglected,molded with strength and perfumed with incense,

Gifted with talents,diversities and honor,

We are queens and kings of color,

We stand,we march and we won’t be forgotten.

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Thoughts of a home stayer


What if?

What if this is a scare stimulus? A test to see how well we conform to changes,what if this is a stimuli to see how much we adapt to the new norm.Hypothetically speaking what if this becomes our reality? Where they control where we go,when we go out,how long we can stay out,where our money is spent.

I never imagined the entire world would be on the same page,facing the same situation and having to adapt to the same things. I rode the bus today and sat quietly in my thoughts as I observed everyone obey the rules and wore their masks,a lady in front of me coughed and I was glad that I had my protective gear on. But it just made me realize how robotic we had become and how one virus had us so easily pinned down and had alter our entire lives. If the virus had gone we wouldn’t know for sure,unless they told us so and until then our lives seemed at their mercies.

The entire situation seemed mind controlling and where the virus came from seemed all so fishy and calculated. We were cornered and exactly where they wanted us..home. Although being home restored some lost moments and seemed to reunite old family bonds and traditions that was much needed. On the other hand, social media and online marketing couldn’t help but look unto something.Our ears and eyes were glued to the loud noises of bad news and reports and our attention couldn’t be on anything else. What exactly were they taking our attention away from and what were they preparing us for?

Written by a kind observer



Terrifying how you crept into our tiny towns and took over,

laying down rules and causing trouble,

Our lives haven’t been the same since you came,

You’ve locked us in and kept us apart,

Roamed our streets and played games with our hearts,

and you keep playing with our minds,

Feeling like we’re wasting time,not making dimes,

Getting frustrated and depressed,

What a mess you’ve made,

We’ve had just about enough of you,you need to go,

Leave us get back to normalcy,

But will things ever be

normal again?

Written by LG