My sweet Valentine

Forget the roses,

Forget the chocolate,

Wrap yourself up in this blanket,

Cause babe you’re the gift,

Your presence none can duplicate,

They’ll just make mistakes,

Your loving Im sure to take,

Its the real deal,nothing fake,

So glad that we flow in love,

And God sent you from up above,

We fit together like hand and glove,

I keep counting my blessings,

Cause baby your my biggest flex!

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In this Moon

Tonight in this moon,

I recall the earthy scent of his perfume,the taste of leaves beneath his tongue,

In this moon,I recall walks, talks and spontaneous kisses,

Ahh that memory my heart misses,but my mind knows better than to be stuck here in nostalgia.

But tonight I remember that time when we were together,

Smoked weed in the darkness,spoke downright madness,

Trespassed inhibitions and danced in the twilight of the morning,

In that moonlight night

Life enrolled like a movie that I led,a wild book that I read,

In this moonlight these thoughts play in my head


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Sweet Addictions

It’s that sweet nectar from your flower,that got my wings frantic,

That crumple of cookie in my mouth corners,

That I forgot to wipe,that leaves me guilty,

That last pull of herb that made me artsy,

That sip of wine that brought on a swiftness to my wrist,

That satisfaction that brought me to my knees,

That forbidden fruit that got banned,

The filling of emptiness,the taboo that excites,

The longing,the desire,

The intensity,that fire

The space between wanting but refusing to give in,

That control is insane

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Joe’s Square

It’s Friday and I’m heading to Joe’s square,

Joe’s square where the drunk men tip heavy,

And the waitresses swear,

Where no one cares if your back is bear,

And the wallpaper has lost its color and they sell the best beer.

Joe’s Square where everybody knows everybody,

And if they don’t means your just not from there,

Joe’s Square where the music starts at six and ends at one,

Joe’s Square where everyone hangs to have a lil fun,

A place to release some stress after a long week,

Joe’s square is not for the weak,cause the bar man will roast you if you too shy to speak,

Its the place for the bold,loud and obnoxious

A place you’ll forget by Monday cause of what you drank there,

But by Friday you’ll be right back at the Square.

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Monthly Visits


This unpleasant visitor is at my door again,

The one that not only irritates you but causes some kind of physical pain,

He purposefully scratches against the wall, sometimes kicks the sides,and lingers

He makes a slow,painful trail in the hallway,

Leaving marks,sometimes stains,he’s so disgusting

He makes all the neighbourhood women Moody,angry,irate

Some women are sick enough to get horny for the old prick,

We surely get tired of him coming around,

Sometimes he stays three days,five, seven all depends on the woman

Sometimes he shows up early and though he’s not directly at your door knocking he leaves a note saying I’ll be with you shortly.

He’s so annoying and can you believe he comes every month!!

Yea,dressed in a slick, red suit,

No one misses him but he surely reminds us of our womanwood.

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There once was a world

I once resided, in a world where the people were divided,

They became foes because of silly things like the color of their skin and their clothes,

It was a world of blue and red,

Where ones fame got to their heads,

Where the rich man became richer and the poor man continued to beg.

It was a world where many were asleep,

Where the sheep remained as sheep,

and the wolves preyed on the innocent

And on social media our days were spent,

It was a slow,preceding slope

Where humanity lost all hope.

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Rain and Sun

The rain was once jealous that sun was out in full blaze,

Striding and displaying her full rays,

Flipping her sundress,strutting her heels,

Rain couldn’t help getting angry and into his feels,

He and sun just couldn’t get along, and he hated that he had a Rep of showing up after a bad song

While Sun was the hottest in the town,bringing on bright days through and through

More and more rains hatred grew. Until one day he could take it no more,

And so heavy tears begin to pour,untill he couldn’t see any Sun anymore,

He flooded streets and blocked the gates,caused landslides and rained and rained till it was very late,

And he was happy for Sun disappeared,

But Sun was back the next day and the next day,and no matter how much he cried Sun would always come back anyway.

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She was

We won’t be forgotten

Don’t silent me with brutality,

and act like like all is well,

As uncomfortable as it is to speak up,we cant shut up and ignore the writings of our ancestors,

The battle is not yet won and we don’t know when it will be,

The hate,the inequality and supremacy? Why so much oppression?

For the color of our skins and the look of our face,

was given by God,

In painting the world, black was chosen by night,to paint a million galaxies so bright,

Beautiful and precious,diamonds and opals,

None forgotten or neglected,molded with strength and perfumed with incense,

Gifted with talents,diversities and honor,

We are queens and kings of color,

We stand,we march and we won’t be forgotten.

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