Come,just as you are!

Come just as you are

I see you, yes you in the crowd, with your head bowed,

You are exhausted, tired, and frustrated, 

You pretend all is well but every weekend you get wasted you,

You who are depressed, yes I know, I see those tears, yes, this isn’t your best,

I know, you when I say go, keeps saying no,

No, because you feel too much shame, no because you feel you’ve gone too far for Him to touch you, yes you! 

You who are tired of Religion, you are fed up of falling, too busy to hear him calling yea you,

You who feel you’re too young to be used, you who have been placed in the backseats and shelves, yea I am talking to you,

I love you and you are chosen,

Just like I chose David, Joseph at a young age,

Today your life is being rewritten, I’m turning a new page,

Moving you from the crowd to the stage,

There is no sin my blood cannot cleanse, no darkness where my light can’t reach,

Quit running and just surrender completely and listen,

I understand I’ve been through it, the hate, rejection, betrayal, temptations, and sweat,

There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for you, my child, 

You are mine, signed and sealed loved deeper than the deepest of oceans,

I have not forgotten you and I never will

All you got to do is say yes to my will

And come just as you are

 and rest.

Written by Laurna GUISTE



Here I am,in this same place, finding myself doing the same things, trying to figure it all out.

Comparing myself with my nemesis

Repeating the cycles

God it hurts myself to hurt myself

So many times we know what needs to be done but we don’t do it,

We give advice that we don’t apply,

And we don’t learn from our mistakes,we believe the lies,

Many of us suffer from childhood traumas,

Things we never healed from,it affects how and who we love,

How we express our love

It defines us and we usually take it as an identity it’s who I am

Na it’s who you choose to be,

It’s the circumstances you’ve allowed to make you,define you so much that you don’t know who you are anymore,

You’ve never forgiven yourself for what you had no control over,you’ve held on to the pain in hopes that it kills them, but it’s only slowly killing you,

Your nightmares are constantly your reality,

You are gleaning unto what you know but not what’s always right,

Burned by circumstance hurt by chance,

Longing to learn,to break free, finally but you don’t know how.

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In the stillness

When we’re sleeping,in our deepest dreams He will knock,

and knock but who will answer?

When we’re playing,standing for our rights, He’ll pass through the crowd,come like a thief in the night, but will we see him?

No amount of water could wash us, only by fire will we be cleansed this time

Without warning He will appear,while we’re unaware,without any former planning he will return to call us home

Are you ready for the Lord’s return?

Are you?

Written by

Laurna Guiste

This time

This time she’s not stressed about a call or text back,

She’s not worried about her insecurities holding her back from expressing what she really feels,

This time she’s smiling for no reason, her blood pressure is down, and she got no headaches or heartbreaks,

She’s not crying in the shower, going to work angry and lying to her coworkers about her so called ” happy relationship.

It’s true, you never know how bad you had it until you feel how good it can be.

She hated who she had slowly become way back when, when she couldn’t yet understand how someone who’s full of games play her, she played herself,

Her legs became tired of running and facing herself and being honest and real about her situationship

Instead, she had made it something she imagined and always daydreamed of having…true love.

This time she’s genuinely happy and at ease not worried about her person because they are open, honest and do what they say they are going to do,

This time She’s found what was kept from her ,what felt like a punishment for being good she is given loads of it,shit

this feels good,the type of good that doesnt wear off after you’ve climaxed,the type that last.

This time she’s free to be herself comfortably without fear or judgment or resentment.

Just growth in all aspects, the type that’s not just pillow talked about but actually executed.

Grown people ish this time.

She’s comfortable yet she feels adored in her own skin, no pretense everything is enough, she is enough and always has been..

This time is the first time she’s been in love.

Written by


The Swing

Giggles and forehead sweats,

Lunch bags filled with rejected snacks,

As we head towards the park,

The railings were a little eroded and the nails were shaky,But the kids gathered waiting for their turn,

Lessons of the day forgotten,

And Homework could wait,

Everyone wanted a go at the swing , beyond the gates

The Swing where we felt we could fly,

Where we once were low then we got high,

The Swing where we were filled with gleee

That swing our sweetest remedy.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Little girl with a vision

Little girl with a vision,

Who once had one shoe,

Now has many options,

Never took light the words of advice,that her dad gave to her ,

To be independent and have her own,

Little girl with a vision,avoid comparisons that cause sadness to linger,

Choose happiness,

Believe in yourself,

Your existence is a blessing and you can do this!

Go for it!

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A walk in the afternoon

Today I decided to take a walk behind the houses,

The road that leads to the forest,

The dirt road,battered by vans and four wheels,

That walk that not only got my heart pumping and my brows sweaty,

But had my mind creative and my inspiration soaring,

Inhaling clean air at every step,

Taking in nature at its best,

As I walked every tree had a story to tell and wanted me to stay,but as began to run a little their voices fade away,

The beauty of each flower,the birds as they sang out,

Made me stop and appreciate what life is all about,

The little things

Written by Laurna Guiste

Trust God

These days are uncertain,unclear,

What’s next, Seems we wont see what’s coming,even with specs,

Our days go fast and so does our energy,

But Lord yet will I trust thee,

In the added stress,brutality and pain,

Racial injustice and people going insane,

We need you,

When all we got is questions more than answers,

In our fear we boldly cry Jesus,

For we wont forget you or the message of the cross.

We run to our refuge and tower,

For when the earth shakes,in you we are safe,and taken higher,

Cause we trust you.

Written by


My sweet Valentine

Forget the roses,

Forget the chocolate,

Wrap yourself up in this blanket,

Cause babe you’re the gift,

Your presence none can duplicate,

They’ll just make mistakes,

Your loving Im sure to take,

Its the real deal,nothing fake,

So glad that we flow in love,

And God sent you from up above,

We fit together like hand and glove,

I keep counting my blessings,

Cause baby your my biggest flex!

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In this Moon

Tonight in this moon,

I recall the earthy scent of his perfume,the taste of leaves beneath his tongue,

In this moon,I recall walks, talks and spontaneous kisses,

Ahh that memory my heart misses,but my mind knows better than to be stuck here in nostalgia.

But tonight I remember that time when we were together,

Smoked weed in the darkness,spoke downright madness,

Trespassed inhibitions and danced in the twilight of the morning,

In that moonlight night

Life enrolled like a movie that I led,a wild book that I read,

In this moonlight these thoughts play in my head


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