I met you in the closet,

the place I hid my secrets,

Only came out at night to play,

You were a little scary hiding beneath my bed,

Holding my legs and when I would pray you would go away,

Gods word were my fences, kept me safe

I dare never to be afraid of the dark again

and as the lights go out,you no longer call my name,

You were apparent in my weakness

but when I found my strength you disappeared,

I am now covered with my sheets and with the blood of Jesus.

written by

Laurna G


Eating healthy

What is eating healthy? As per my previous conversations with some co-workers nothing is really healthy. Just think about the chemicals that goes unto foods and the many foods with GMO and other chemicals used to satisfy the masses. With the increase in persons becoming vegans no doubt faster methods of growing foods are being implemented to satisfy demand and supply. So while you are really eating healthy and have positive intentions you still end up sick because of those chemicals that are in these products even well after they are washed.

I often wonder why vegans end with cancer could this be why? So what is the solution for really being healthier and maintaining weight loss? Well, for one you could grow your own food and control what goes into it or you could purchase your foods only from organic farmers.

At the end of the day that is not an excuse to not eat healthy and say you are going to die anyway and eat whatever you want. Taking healthier food options and working out will bring results don’t kid yourself. Also with the rise of the new pandemic Corono virus we have to remain hydrated,drink more water,keep our throats moist and increase our vitamin C intake.

Being healthy starts with the mind,thinking positive thoughts will encourage us to live a positive and healthier life.

Written by

Laurna G