Embracing your whole self is not asking the world to leave you in peace

Because you’d be indicating you are broken to begin with.

You are not tiles of imperfection being creative with your pain because things may get slippery.

Instead you are completely made over, reconstructed.

Certain attitudes had to be changed and you’re either a work in progress or you have found yourself,

And you are complete, not needing anyone to fill you except the one you made you,

You know the missing parts of you,

You remember the days you were lost trying to find yourself in people and in things,

Imitating false notions and empty dreams, the reflections of you kept being broken because

Your looks were constantly asked to be mended, reaaranged, like a book with blank pages

Today your story is being re written,

You are whole.

Written by Laurna Guiste


I am never broke

I am never broke, or in lack, in want or in need,

Cause? He promise to supply all of my needs

According to His riches and glory in Jesus Christ,

He is my supplier, my provider, my life,

He is more than able, to take care of me, He puts food on my table,

He meets all of my needs, puts shoes on my feet, clothes on my back,

My defender, my shield when I’m under attack,

I lack nothing, for you Lord are my everything,

I am never broke,

You are Jehovah Jireh, my provider,

You have always come through for me,

Have made ways where there seems to be none,

You are my father, the ancient of days, bright and morning sun,

You care, you’re always there, you listen, I’ve asked and received

Cause you’ve seen my tears, seen the time spent on my knees,

Your mercies are overflowing, nonstop, every day your love keeps showing,

Your blessings are outpouring, even when I feel empty and there is nothing I can give back,

But my praise, you keep blessing me, waking me up to each day,

To see your lovely face, to be a partaker of your grace,

I am never broke,

The cattles on a thousand hills are his, through his hands flows abundance,

Master of the seven seas is my heavenly Father,ohh watch  me dance,

For in Him we have an inheritance, streets of gold and mansions are our portion,

My God He feeds the nations; He calls us by name,

We are His people and the sheep of His pasture,for sure,

I’m never broke

Is a confession I have always said over my life,

And has proven to be true, cause in those words my faith has life,

And I’ve seen God opened doors and gone out of His way to ensure my needs are met,

and my bank account is never empty,

Because I’m a daughter of the almighty,

I am never broke.

© Written by Laurna Guiste