Writer’s Block


Writer’s Block

Inspiration comes and goes like the wind,

At times they are steady, tasteful with rhythm,

Other times so dull, colorless and far in between,

It can be anything, from a painting, a memory, a tune of a song,

A person and places of which I am  fond,

Surprisingly stirs my emotions and thoughts,

Ideas start to flow through my hands nonstop,

Then there are times i sit at the table awe struck,

Can’t get a syllable or vowel to spill out , words just seemed blocked, I wouldn’t dare whisper nor shout,

I become choked with frustration, and just can’t get it right,

I fight to articulate the fine words; I fight just to write,

When inspiration is all i need to be the referee to call my ideas free,

From my struggles and debates with words,

I need it be my friend and break down these walls,

Written by

Laurna Guiste