Lost in a maze


I am left amazed


I am now awakening,to crystal,green eyes,some quartz..

Rose oil scented hair

and herb like wet kisses

I am engulfed in love portions

Cuddled in magic

Heart racing,head dizzy

from tantric love making

and all I had was a sip

It’s like I am asleep,I’m awake

yet dreaming,

I’m ever learning.

Smiling for days

at the boy who wrote poetry in class

who admires my ass and whose got a huge,fat heart

a bit cocky but smart

and who I’d like to think of as walking art..

Written by

Laurna Guiste


Green Galaxies

A trail of mystery

Gravity cant hold back hearts intertwined in life times passed,a soul that searches for only one spirit.

Its not just you baby it’s,your soul your very trail,your genius,

Your pink lips,your green eyes your aura.

Your pieces of a missing galaxy,pieces found only in me,

Pieces of a missing galaxy ,pieces found only in me.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

There is more than what meets the eye..

Exploring the unknown..

Have you wondered what it would be like if we could see and hear more than the normal range of sight and sound? What if we could see energies and more into the spiritual realm what would we do? what would we accomplish?

Eyes have not seen nor ears heard the things that God has in store for us His children,the promises he has set aside for us to accomplish. But if we never believe or explore them think about the chances we are missing out on. I believe we are powerful beyond measure and we can accomplish many,great things if we trusted ourselves to believe that it’s possible.

If we rose from our depression and low thinking and decided that we too are worthy of love,peace,belonging,wealth and happiness. We too deserve a shot and we got this. We step up and make our own tables instead of waiting on others to invite us at theirs.

We trust our journeys and always make the best of situations as they come. Life has proven to be difficult at most,with lots of unanswered questions at every bend. But the fact that we are here,means there is a reason,oftentimes bigger than ourselves and small and not recognizable at first glance,but it is there. Like a little mustard seed awaiting faith to sprout up and grow into something beautiful and grand.

The lessons we learn,the character molding that oftentimes bruises us is all for the bigger picture.We have to trust our process,learn as much as we can and thread steadily forward and remain hopeful.

To my brothers and sisters that are struggling my advice to you is be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might,don’t give up,keep believing in you,keep believing that one day things must get better. Faith is all that is needed to manifest your blissful reality.

Written by

Laurna Guiste