Tales of a disgruntled Butterfly


Last year I was a caterpillar,crawling my way up the tree life.

My great pillar, a place I will cherish forever.

Every branch was a hand reaching out to me, a hand that

Trusted my soft skin and appearance.

One day I observed the beautiful world that existed outside my home.

The creatures that seemed so free and the trees that were taller than mine. I wanted to be apart of that world. I wasn’t satisfied with my life.

I wanted a change.

My only job was to eat to survive, to become fatter than the birds that consume my own kind and so I did, I smiled at the leaves that sheltered me and ate them. I exploited the tree of life for my own benefit.

The time came when I evolved into a cocoon of emotions,I eventually blossomed into a beautiful butterfly. My presence paused the world for a moment,every creature admired my beauty,every flower wanted to kiss me. I never felt this way before. I was high on confidence as I flew pass the green pastures. I was the best tattoo the world ever produced.

Finally I was happy with my life. I was free, i could go wherever my wings wanted me too. Then something struck me like lightning. I was trying to fly as high and fast as possible, when an eagle came like a jet and flew over my head. I was astonished, I never saw anything like that before. He was better than me in so many ways. I admired and envied him.

Just when I thought my change was the best I could achieve,that eagle proved me wrong. Once again i wasn’t satisfied and life didn’t allow more changes for me.

Written by

Owen Vidal




The interview was held at the writers place where he was very welcoming and sat avidly, he recalls his first write being at the age of 10, whilst in the 7th Grade, interestingly his first poem was entitled The Cigarette “which was inspired by a teachers newsletter at that time, it wasn’t published though but from that his passion for poetry was birthed.

The poet went further to describe that his inspirations are mainly fruits of nature, such as the enchanting greenery of the islands trees or the fascinating sound of the ocean and of course other writer’s work lightly boasting his ability to mimic another writer’s work after a good read.

Listing his greatest poets such as John Keats, Maya Angelou, W.H Auden, William Wordsworth and Shakespeare.

David’s aim when he writes is to bring comfort to his readers and write something that they can usually identify with.

Guiste has three books under his belt, The Burning Prelude 1999, Letters from a distant Romeo 2001 and Glimpses of a Maroon Horizon 2005.He stated that his favorite poem written is Love ( On another’s Happiness) it happens to be from his early works and he likes the realness of that poem.

He believes the best part of being a poet is being able to articulate your feelings on paper, putting your thoughts into words.

As the interview ended he encouraged aspiring writers to keep writing, keep drafting their thoughts and ideas on paper, write everything, every phrase even if it may not be useful at that time, it could become relevant at a later date. He admonished for aspiring writers to read more and to pay less attention to the money and fame and write mainly out of pure passion.

Below is one of the poets work,

Sonnet Of An Islander

Hold me, beneath the green palms, the scarlet orchids,

Beneath the white waterfalls, the giant mountains

Amid the green scrubs, chocolate brown land, and again

Hold me, ever closer still for my heart forbids

That for you, love; I should have any lesser need.

Squeeze me, under old plantations, over lush plains

On volcanic shores, beneath blue waves and again

Hold me, ever closer still for my heart forbids

That for you, love; I should have any lesser need.

So feel me, in golden daylight, feel me again

Yonder mild fluorescent moonlight, I won’t complain.

For in your arms these stars got me dreaming indeed:

That true lovers hearts do lie in the bosom of

Eternity. Dearest, I marvel such great love.

Book: ‘Glimpses of a Maroon Horizon’

Copyright David Guiste 2005