Time to make amends

Im tired of being a bad friend,

The type that’s afraid to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth,

cause sometimes the truth hurts, it doesn’t sugarcoat.

I wanna be genuine and make you uncomfortable with our discussions and tell you move your a** cause God helps those who help themselves, instead of waiting on a hand out or bread,

You work hard cause you wanna be fed,

I wanna know I did all I could to make you a better version of yourself,

Because who you are is a reflection of me,birds of a feather flock together you see.

I cant be only ambitious for me, I gotta live to motivate you,if I dont inspire you to do as me or better, then I’ve failed as a friend.

I wanna stop being a bad friend,I wanna listen more,stop being stuck in my own head, listening to you vent,

Instead of having the answers I wanna be there for you instead,a safe place you can lay your head.

I wanna know I did all I can to be there for you,even if you wont there for me.

Cause its in my heart to be this way and maybe its someone else job to be an Angel to me.

So from today I wanna be what the definition of a good friend is.

And say it as it is cause you guys are still alive,I can still mend my mistakes.So forgive me for taking yall for granted and not being there when I should.

Written by


46 President

As one leaves another steps into the office,leaving trails of orange brick roads,

One that isn’t guaranteed to lead us home,

Black long jackets,dark gloves and quivering voice,

The people didn’t have much of a choice.

And as a day ends a new one begins,and the room goes quiet and everyone is asleep,

We’re anxious to know what ideas the new leader brings.

We want an overnight change

But it wont come so,

We must work from the ground and get to the top.

Forget colors,come together,

Pray more than ever,cover your family and kids,

For we have never seen such a year as this.


By L.G

My loving bed

In my loving bed I am her,I am she,

She who is empowered,who inbetween her legs lies the power,

The power to manifest,bring the birds to my nest and offer me a sweet escape from my rent that’s due,

My bills get paid though,he offers to pay them well before the night is through.

In my loving bed I am loved,lied to and made love to,

My taboos are unleashed and we become free,

But as soon as he leaves his scent makes me nauseated,Im terrified of the dark as they call out my demons,

Im afraid to be alone and its sad that my sweetness,wetness is temporary for Im left dry,unwanted

My plane had landed with no destination..

My sheets are stained and no help to clean it..

Written by


Inspired by Spike Lee’s she’s got to have it.

Love yourself

If mirrors could speak,

They would leak the validation that we seek,that we are enough,

The walls that cave us in,would whisper we are beautiful,

If we could hear the thoughts of our admirers our confidence would be boosted,

We wouldn’t compare and feel unhappy,

We look for more,when we are exactly who we should be,

We neglect to realize,our bodies are uniquely crafted,

Our curves,each line well sculpted,

We fail to realize that who we are on the inside

Is whats really important,

Our heart condition is more important than our face foundation,

For no contour,

Can glamorize or replace a bad heart,or make us more

So let’s work on that,

Let’s work on us

and be our best selves,a person whom we are proud of.

Someone who we love.

Written by


Love in Hardship

I’m standing in the smog and smokes,

Grenades and helicopters,

Amidst the sirens going off and the world crashing,

I see you,

Nothing makes sense if I’m not next to you

The world is ending but all I need is you,

We’re like pieces of a puzzle,found pieces of the other in each other,

I know every broken pavement lead me to the beauty of who you are,

Every broken heart,bled so I could die and live again,

The pain made me distinguish what true love is and isn’t,

So every loss I consider it now gain,

and when this world ends our spirit will find each other and love again and again.

Written by


So much is happening

So much is happening..

New age movement,

Black lives matter movement,

Wear masks, be safe movement,

All these “Movement” but we’re not moving,seems like we’re all standing still,

Following trends rather than taking action,

Swallowing every pill,lowering our vibrations,

Saying this and that is wrong but avoiding the real conversations,

Idolizing ourselves as gods and not serving God,

The world is getting colder,we got kids up in cages,

Time is getting shorter,we got races in rage,

When will things get back normal? It wont ever be,

Cause all our eyes have been opened to see,

2020 vision we cant hide what we were comfortably hiding before.

We keep bowing our heads but our spirits kept asking for more,

Confusion and hate its just the beginning of times,

I know we upset,the world is not fine,

We’re finally awakening,we’re no longer blind.

It’s time to set our house in order now is the time,

To stop play church and give Jesus your life!

Written by


Bask in the Moment

Embrace this very moment,because tomorrow is not promised,

Enjoy here,right now


Engulf yourself in the minutes and the seconds as the day passes by

and the night says hi,

Bask in time,never be stagnant but flow with time,

Make the most of it

Be your best self in this moment

because all you have is now..

Wtitten by

Laurna G

Mental Health Day..in their eyes I’m a mad man

Feeling like a caged bird,trapped behind walls and bands of society,

I only want to be free,

Why do they scrutinize my actions,and make fun of my clothes,

Why when I talk to myself they respond with hate,

Why cant they just wait,wait on me to catch up to their idea of normal..

But then again I’m way passed that,

My life is a riddle,a cat in a hat,

As a matter of fact,their ways are boring,

Sticking to rules got me hazy and snoring,

I rather be me and dance in the rain,

Live in my mind,where I shut out the pain,

I don’t care,let them call me crazy,

Let them seek out a cure,

Put me to sleep,but when the moon is up,

I’ll be back for sure,

So go ahead and clean out my dementia,

Go on pretend to care,and stare in lost hope,

at a man who appears to lost his mind,

but in this cage,I’ve found me,

I’ve found time

I’ve found mine,

Can you show me thine?

Written by

Laurna G

Written in light of Mental Health Day

Moving on

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my life and what’s going on with me personally. I really do want to be more real when it comes to my blogs and write  about  the daily issues that we face as humans. It is solely my desire to inspire people through my writing,after all this  is the main purpose behind this blog site,and what other way to inspire my readers  if not through my experiences and journeys.

So,its been a few months since My boyfriend  and I of four years plus  broke up and it has been nothing short of emotional. I have been contemplating writing about it,since it’s still a very touchy subject,nonetheless I believe there is a form of healing in this process of written word.

We ended for reasons to me that were spiritual and emotional and I honestly couldn’t continue being with someone who made me feel slack in those areas. Walking away was easier said than done as it becomes harder to leave someone that you’ve built a connection with and have become used to. You have established a bond and it becomes hard to tear it apart the longer you stay with that person.

After years of going back and fourth I believe it was time to end things as my mind had no peace as we always argued. My heart however,was slower in accepting this, as even though we ended I still felt the need to have him in my life.

The process of letting go proved to be hard  and difficult and made me reach out even when I wasn’t suppose to. I was in a whirlpool of emotions trying to figure out whether or not I was doing the right thing.But if someone makes you more stressed than feeling blessed is it really worth it?

Many women choose to stay in emotionally draining relationships because they love the man and they accept less than satisfying treatment all in the name of love. Darling if a man cant do right by you,you got to let him go and trust God to heal you and take care of you.

It took me years to let this man go because I loved him but when love is no longer served you got every right to step away from that table.

But in everything give thanks, and I thank God for through this relationship I learnt things  about myself that I did not know existed.I learnt about my attitude,my manipulative ways my sharp tongue and other areas that needs work. You see sometimes we are the reason why things did not work out,we were the toxic person and we got to own that,grow up and work on us. We cant continue doing the same things and expect  a different  result.I believe this time we both messed up and we both need work and we did not bring out the best in each other.

Presently I am accepting that I need change and only with change comes results,I am working on becoming a better me not for anyone but myself. I am growing through the pains so that I wont  repeat the same mistakes.

P.S Self love is so important,loving you,taking care of you,if you cant do that for you what makes you think you’re gonna do it for someone else?It starts with you and you are so worth it.


Written by

Laurna Guiste

The Military diet and how it went for me


Have you guys heard of the military diet? It’s this THREE day diet plan where you practically starve yourself for three days and you’re suppose to lose ten pounds in that one week. I know it sounds crazy but when you feel too tired to work out and green teas have not been working and you’re desperate to shed those extra pounds and I mean desperate you do about almost anything.

Well, I first heard about the plan from a co worker of mine and she was telling me how it entails of eating bout( 5 )five crackers, one slice of bread, coffee with no sugar and some other light weight stuff. She said it was working for her and her stomach had gotten flat, she did look a bit smaller in my eyes so I did decide to try it out.

The first time I tried it out was due to the encouragements of a co worker, she said it worked for some people and just like me  was she was desperate, day ones breakfast consists of half a grapefruit, one slice bread with peanut butter, one boil egg and coffee with no sugar, as tasteless as it was I did it, and there were days I cheated  and ate other things and in one week I lost about 5 bounds. My boyfriend told me that was water weight and I hadn’t really lost anything. Regardless it was something to me and as much as I was glad about tha,t those three days were miserable. I was weak, fatigue,my sugar went too low and I almost blacked out.

Not too long after I heard my co worker fainted and she went on sick leave for weeks, omg did we almost kill ourselves over some get slim quick nonsense.  I don’t care if I had lost the weight if I had followed evrthing but  its obvious the body isn’t getting sufficient nutrients from that diet,to me it seems hazardous.

So from my experience it appears you may lose the weight but its through starvation and you could end up in the hospital so I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone.

I am still on my weight loss journey and that was a learning experience, today im looking at healthier, smarter  and tastier choices on loosing weight. Stay tuned with my next post to see the next diet plan I tried.

Written by Laurna Guiste