When will He give me a ring?

Have you guys seen the movie “He’s not that into you”? It is  a 2010  American movie  which features about four different couples and singles facing every day relationship problems which makes them conclude that their partner really is not that into them.

One of the couples featured is starlet Jennifer Anniston alongside Ben Affleck, who plays a couple that has been together for over seven years and has not been married. Ben Affleck’s character actually does not believe in marriage and rather just love and live together with his partner without ever committing to her. After being put into that realization Jennifer breaks up with Ben and concludes that if a man is with you for over seven years and has not married you ,he is never going to marry you.

This may sound like just another girl flick but I’ve come into contact with women who are in similar situations that got me wondering what are these women doing wrong?

I have this female friend of mine who has been with her boyfriend for a similar seven years and he has yet proposed. She’s a great cook, she caters to him and by the looks of things I know they love each other. She appears to be wifey material and she is a woman who knows what she wants yet still he cant seem to wife her. Their relationship has not been perfect though as he did mess up and there was someone else for a season of seven months. But they got through that and reconciled and today are happily in love again. She no doubt loves him and is waiting on that big question as she sees she can spend the rest of her life with him as they have been through the worst together.

There is this second couple I know  who has been together for five years and he has not proposed, they live together and they too has had their shares of infidelity but they stuck it out and  today they’re  still together and she does everything a wife suppose to do but he still hasn’t wifed her. The question is what are they doing wrong?

There is this third woman whose been with her partner for several years and they even got a seven year old son. He has given her nothing but stress although she has been a good woman to him. She’s cooked, cleaned and taken care of him and he has cheated on her several times and she stayed. Although this one I wouldn’t recommend she await any ring for it is a hopeless situation.

There are countless situations of  women with  men giving them their love, time, womb and devotion wondering what else they need to do for a man to propose and commit. I am recently single and I feel in a better stance to talk about things since I’ve been through a similar situation. Most times men don’t marry women they don’t respect and lots of men are afraid of commitment. Me personally feel that if a man is wasting your time you need to put your foot down and let him know what time it is. We as women should have standards and never put down those standards for any one not even your beloved. If those standards are constantly not being met I recommend walking away with your pride and dignity while you still have it.

P.S it is said that a man knows within the first six months of a relationship whether he wants to marry you or not.

Written by

Laurna Guiste