Magic gone wrong episode 1

The coffee was made just right,providing some much needed warmth from the cold breeze coming from the mountain side. She sat on the balcony,occasionally rubbing her shoulders.

Darius’s laugh was heard in the living room,he seemed lost in his PSP and didn’t care much about the weather being cold as he had on nothing but boxer briefs.One of his favorite things to wear around the apartment. Most times Nicole felt in competition with that thing,as he gave more attention to a game than her.

She had gotten sort of used to it now,after morning sex, they’d talk of their dreams that seemed to never happen.He would make her breakfast when their stomachs started aching and after that he’d get lost in his game.

The routine was one she had adapted to but sometimes she just wanted more.

Meet me after work the Whatsapp message read, it’s on me.

Nicole felt she and Darius hadn’t been out in a while and with working 9-5 they hadn’t spend much time out of the apartment.It was a new year and she wanted them to do more together as a couple. Though many of their pass outings ended in arguments and hurt feelings,she just couldn’t understand why someone who claimed to love her,made sweet love to her usually treated her like her feelings didn’t matter.

On January 8th she planned a night out, they’d meet up after work and go to a new restaurant and just chill,eat talk like a regular couple. Darius agreed and she thought of the event whole day,she couldn’t wait to get off work and look at her man from across the dinner table. He was mainly cynical but those brown eyes and slick hair waves had a way of making her melt as butter. He was no gentleman and no Romeo either,but just something about the way he let his guard down around her and be his goofy self made her feel special.She hadn’t had no serious partners in the past and Darius was the only one she had stayed two years with ,things were not perfect but atleast she had a man to satisfy her physical needs,and that he did daily.


Being a Writer is ..

Being a writer is not for the weak or lazy, it’s not for the non committed. If you think being a writer is easy you are dead wrong.

I used to think I could write a book in just a few months, ha who was I kidding? Yea if I wanted to make a mockery of the art of words, poor quality and meger script sure, why not. But great quality work takes time, effort ,research, reading, sleepless nights and dedication to finish what one started and stick to the vision.

Being a writer is hard, you can have a vision, an idea of some of the characters you want in your story but putting it down on paper can sometimes be a difficult task. Especially if you have not experienced what they are faced with in the plot, you tend to struggle with molding them into relatable people. You have to create someone of interest out of thin air with care not to imitate someone else character that you’ve either seen or heard before.

Being a writer is being a creative, it’s more than just making a story but it’s making a story that’s worth reading over and over, worth remembering and sharing. For every writer’s dream is to be remembered by the words we left behind.

Being a writer is a calling we can’t ignore, for it haunts us, calls us out, ideas come at us as bolts of lighting and thunder challenging us to rise. We feel a certain level of dread when we ignore our gift. We feel a sort of envy when others do what we know we can but refuse to.

Being a great writer takes time, we can be born with the gift but it takes patience to refine our skills. It takes passion and drive, a love for learning new words, meanings, increasing ones vocabulary through reading. It takes a love of knowledge, a curiosity to know and a keen for detail.

I soon realized this when I first started writing my first short story, which turned out not being so short after all. I kept going and going until it lost it’s path and I lost sight of the vision that I held clearly at the first few sentences.

I had no draft, no plan no real experience just my beloved gift and love for writing, which I honestly thought was all it took. I soon learnt about 3 chapters in, that I had no in-depth character’s, there was no consistency throughout and it felt a bit scattered. When I realized this, I tried rushing the ending which made the climax horrific and insufficient. I had the passion and the idea was there but I lacked the skill of holding the readers interest throughout each plot and it sucked.

This resulted in me putting the book on hold while I better plan it out and develop the story better.

Being a writer in an ever learning experience and I’m forever a student.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Hey,How you doing?

Hey guys,

How yall doing? hope you guys are doing great? I hope this post meets you in good health and I’m hoping that amidst the chaos you find some peace and a place to lay down your worries.

Because worrying solves nothing,well maybe except raise your blood pressure. This post is to encourage you to inhale,exhale,close your eyes for a minute,stretch,drop those shoulders.

Drink your water, eat your fruits,take a walk, do some gardening, cook a warm meal. A small love gesture towards self means so much especially in a day like today,when nothing seems certain.

Working from home has made me miss the outdoors,wearing a mask makes me miss breathing freely,comfortably. I get heightened anxiety whenever I spot a crowd, and every cough makes me nervous. Our fears have no doubt increased due to this pandemic and we indeed have fear of the unknown.

But as I said this post serves to encourage you to take time out for yourself, to do something that you enjoy. Do something that will heal you physically,spiritually,emotionally. Read a book,write a book,make some tea,listen to good music,the type that makes you forget about those who are watching and sing like no one is listening. Go to the beach,have a swim,float,embrace this moment that we’re getting to experience.

You are worthy and you are,we are going to make it!

Hang in there.

Written by


Tales of the Mose

Mr Jack was complaining at his shop again as he couldn’t understand why the boys in the town never paid their credit. A habit that was putting him in debt,and though it cost him to remain open he opened every day. Mr Jack loved selling and greeting customers,he enjoyed telling stories to his overseas friends who would visit now and then.He would brag and exaggerate his profits as he would serve them with his most expensive brand of whiskey from under the counter. They had no reason to doubt him as his life seemed impressive.

His wife Margaret didn’t know how much longer she could keep up with this charade and pretend like all was well,when their books showed huge debt. She went to town and returned in the evening with a well sort plan as to what Jack should do to deliver them from their bad debt.

She had spoken to Lucy earlier,her childhood friend and one of the towns most successful entrepreneurs,Lucy and her husband had nine businesses between them. It was in conversing about life and things that Suzanne broke down and told her friend about how they were a few months away from their shop being shut down by the bank.

In despair she begged Lucy to tell her her secret of how she had become successful almost over night. Lucy took her to a small room in the back of her salon and quietly told her the secret.

After she spoke to Jack she handed him a paper with the exact instructions of what to do. He didn’t know whether to laugh or believe his wife to be mad but with the tears in her eyes he knew she was telling the truth.

He contemplated on the plot and became partially terrified to attempt such a thing, but as Good Friday drew closer he became annoyed with his wife and decided to try it just to shut her up as she wouldn’t stop talking about it. The Good Friday morning he took a freshly laid egg from beneath the cellar and placed it beneath his right arm.He was careful not to break it and held it there for three days without bathing.

On the Monday morning he cracked the egg and out of it came an ugly,imp looking dwarf.Before the dwarf could utter a word, Mr Jack quickly spoke the words loudly

“I am your master,you will do as I say”

The dwarf nodded in agreement. Mr Jack was fearful but he managed to put on a straight face as he locked the dwarf away in one of his empty rabbit cages. He rushed up to the house with sweat on his brows and with shaking hands as he told Suzanne what happened.She became excited and wanted to see it,but he forbade it as he said it was too hideous for her to cast her eyes on.

They sat down and wrote a list of what they wanted,Jack brought it to the dwarf and after a minute of reading it the dwarf said it was done. Jack got papers for new properties later that day that he rented out to tenants. He built a clothing store for his wife and paid out their debt the next month.He also expanded his shop into a supermarket and he bought two buses and hired two drivers to transport passengers for him.

He fed the dwarf chickens and rabbits and when suspicious persons questioned what he kept down in the cellar he would say it was just his rabbits.One day the dwarf asked him to see his wife and he refused and told the dwarf arrogantly that his wife was too beautiful to see a wretched creature as him. The dwarf felt hurt and did not eat for days,when Jack noticed this he made excuses as to why his wife could not see it.

One day when Jack was out on business,the dwarf had a mischievous idea. He transformed himself to Jack and sneaked into the house and made love to Jack’s wife. Jack did not realize the plot and went on more business trips and the dwarf made it a habit of visiting the wife for more encounters. It so happened that one day one of Jack’s business meetings got postponed and he had no choice but to return home. Upon his return he heard loud,moaning sounds emitting his bed room. He opened the door in such fury and he couldn’t believe what he saw. Suzanne screamed in fear as she looked at the two images of her husband standing before her. The dwarf transformed back to himself and leaped out of the room.

After a long and exhausting discussion they both knew what they had to do.The dwarf was asleep when Jack killed it,placed it in a bag and threw it out at sea. As he rowed back to shore he heard the waves crashing furiously behind him,wind howling and voices sounding like the dwarf calling for help and his wife calling out to him. But he never turned back,he remembered the exact instructions of not turning back no matter what he heard as he would risk the chance of losing his life if he did.

As he got back to the village he got news that both of his buses were in terrible accidents and got totaled beyond repair.Within a week all his businesses burnt to the ground with no logical explanations. He sat speechless with the receiver in his hands as two armed robbers walked into the supermarket and robbed him for all he had.They left him with a bullet in his leg as he tried to stop them.His wife Suzanne got a heart attack when she heard the news.

Up to this day Jack never told anyone what happened,well except me I’m Lucy’s daughter.

Written by


Power of Manifestation

So in this write I’ll tell you my brief story about the Power of Manifestations. Call it coincidence or whatever but I’m a believer in faith and the power of the tongue and strong desire.

So example number one I wanted roses for my room I had recently decorated,but I had no idea where I’d get them in town. I desired it,pictured how lovely it look in a vase on my dresser etc.

So one day I am out buying a few things after work when I walk into a store and spot some random roses in the back.I ask the sales guy how much are they,he proceeds to inform me that they have been there a while and I can have them if I want. I couldn’t believe it,I took about a dozen of them and thanked the guy so much. He had given me what I desired for free,I did not pay a dime.

My second manifestation was my crystal necklace, I saw a insta model with a beautiful crystal necklace and I greatly desired one. That time I had no knowledge of crystals and had no idea where I could get them,I screenshot the photograph and forgot about it.Months later my sister’s, best friends son visits us and is talking about oils,herbs,plants and local jewelry he is making.Just to find out that he makes crystal necklaces, once again I was blown away and I manifested something that I wanted.

I can go on and on about things that I greatly desired and didn’t always pray for but was granted to me. I have thought things into existence and have seen the power of spoken words and heart desires come into fruition. My advice is to be careful what you wish for as I have also gotten bad experiences happen by thinking of things negatively too.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue,words have power.Use it wisely.

Written by

Laurna G

Mare Emotions

Feelings consume us but what if what makes us human is killing us.Mare feelings of rage,anger,jealousy and depression? A choke to our throat chackra a blockage to our flow,it stifles us with fear?

Instead of love we become full of hate,Lord knows there’s so much hate right now in the world. Innocence no longer protects us,instead it makes us a target and makes us open.

Love is confused and made synonymous with body parts and the likes ,what a messed up world we live in,where we lead and make decisions based on feeble emotions.

Emotions that change as the weather and is often cold and miscalculated. We lead from ego and our higher self has to be stretched through yoga to be brought out.Doing good is becoming a luxury and not caring is where we all are at.Showing love is seen as a movement and someones need to be seen or to become a trend on social media..look at me and what a good person I am,I fed these people.

These are my late night thoughts,,ignore them or you can take them in they are only thoughts from a passing emotion and recognition in my perspective of how the world is right now.

I am just a mare observer.

Written by

Laurna G

To live

So I’m on my way home,on the bus passing the various communities before they arrive at mine and it strikes me what if today were my last day. What if I die and life is no more? We often times take life for granted and live as though we will go on forever and wont die. But how very far from the truth is that,we should know that death is inevitable,and must happen.

But when? and how will it happen I sometimes wish I knew when my last day will be and how I will go,it oftentimes scares me as I’m usually in transit when I think these things and as the vehicle takes a corner a reckless driver or not so reckless driver loses control and collides with us and just like that my life is over. I picture taking in my last breath and thinking this is it praying and repenting, half asking God to save me and hoping this is not my death and my fighting spirit hoping this is not the end and some how I will make it out of this alive.

But one day,one day it will be my last moment I will slip into eternity and be nothing but a memory. A memory to some and forgotten by others but what life would I have lived and what legacy would I live behind. Somewhere in the bible it says ” A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous. Now isn’t that great! living in a way that when you are gone even your grand babies are taken cared of. But not all of us are so lucky and we hardly live anything behind not even enough to buy our casket much less an inheritance we would have lived it up. Taken luxurious trips eaten the finest foods and enjoy every penny we owned and live for now as tomorrow is not promised.

Or we could live from paycheck to paycheck and not ever travel not making ends meet live poor and die poor. Life does not give everyone the same hand but God does give each of us grace and a brain to use. We all have decisions to make and roads to travel and after the sweat of life had been endured we desire to rest in eternal peace as a life beyond this one seems better to many.

The after life is a whole other topic for itself but my post is mainly about living and enjoying the moments that will not always be ours. Taking yourself not so seriously and being your best self and stop worrying so darn much.

β€œTo live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde

Written by

Laurna G

People come,People go

I know I’m not the first person this has happened to,I have lost friends and it happened over something so petty that I’m not even sure what it was. Just about a month ago we were at a bar laughing and having fire ball shots,celebrating my birthday. They all gave me gifts and there was a cake and everyone seemed happy,but today so much has changed. In such a short space of time my so called friends have vanished.

Like a cold wind at Christmas,those friends came and went before I could print out one of our outing pictures to frame up. I am left wondering were they my friends to begin with and where did we go wrong. For sure an incident happened and there was a huge misunderstanding but shouldn’t friends communicate their differences and patch things up?

Instead a silence commenced that gave rise to seeds of gossip that spread faster than any grape vine at the office. Cold shoulders,strong ignore games became sport of the day and no one seemed to care enough to break the code of silence. Silence I know is some sort of abuse,low manipulation and done to hurt the other. This has been going on for weeks and tension keeps building and breeding on negativity,causing a some what mold infestation at a stagnant friendship.

Conversations no longer flow,no greetings or acts of kindness shown,nothing but coldness.

Nothing but bruised egos and repetition of a flimsy story in guise of an excuse to cover up the real intentions as to why we stopped talking in the first place. Everyday I grow tired of the whispers and the sarcastic remarks made to sound funny and non judgemental. But I feel judged by a clan of women,calling me the names by which they act FAKE. I feel pulled in a corner, confronted by hate,envy and emotionally marked for reasons I’m not clear about.

Reasons I’m to clear about,reasons no one chooses to address,because I believe no one really wants this to be fixed. Underneath the hurtful manipulation lies a love for drama and negativity in their otherwise boring life,where nothing interesting happens. And they must talk about you because when they talk of themselves no one listens.

So, I’ve lost friends..what else is new?

Written by

Laurna G


Self confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.

I have oftentimes doubted myself and because of that I sometimes lack confidence. This can be seen in my reluctance to try new things,especially in the field of Sports. Growing up I was often made fun of the way I caught a ball and my sportsmanship suffered because of it,hence after a while I stopped playing sports altogether.

Honestly I am sort of clumsy and I sometimes bounce into things,drop things and have had some embarrassing moments.

The ugly truth is I sometimes lack confidence and on bad days I have to fake it to make it through a normal day. I have to suck in my fear of large crowds and do what I got to do. I know this takes great bravery as I could choose to be a total recluse and not even dare go out to work.

There are some things that I do that helps me make it through a huge crown on really bad days,days when I wish I could melt through the crowd and no one would notice how fair I am,and how I squint my eyes in the sun and how many freckles that cover my face,though my boyfriend likes them,they attract admirers(most times the wrong types).

I have many quirky traits and over the years I have learnt to embrace the awkward,fair,freckled face,wildly wired beautiful soul I am and I have found someone who loves me too but there are days I still feel like crap and I find it hard to make eye contact.

So one of the things I do on really bad days is look down,stare at the streets like they are more interesting than the dozen of faces looking at me.I look at buildings,cars,my reflection in puddles anything to distract me from the attention of people.

On the days that I’m feeling great though I take advantage of this rare occasion and I look up,I notice people,I notice their faces,their freckles, I smile, I greet people,I notice things I love those days.

Today was one of those days,I walked the streets like I owned it, I made small talk and told the vendors keep the change. I looked up so high that I noticed the sky,I noticed people and I noticed that they were not looking at me as much as I thought. Many were just too busy going on their merry way properly trying to avoid the crowd like me on bad days.

My eyes was so stuck on people on the other side of the road,I watched up and down before crossing the streets and I confidently walked over and then I slipped over something. I looked back and saw I stepped on this huge,dead rat..Oh my God I panicked until other pedestrians looked back at me. I felt so disgusted and couldn’t get the image out of my head..I was so high that I didn’t bother looking down,felt so confident that I didn’t slow down to notice the mess before me I was too busy looking kool crossing the road with my confident bounce.

Moral of the story is no matter how high and confident you are,if you don’t bother looking down you will walk into a lot of garbage..know where you are headed but never forget where you came from.

Humility is the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.