The No-November Challenge

So I have dedicated the month of November as the No-November Challenge,which means for the entire month I’m going to say No to meats and indulge in strictly fruits,vegetables and whole grain foods. I’m going to enroll for the second time in a no meat diet along with some exercise to get back to my desired weight of 140lbs (doctor’s orders).

I’m currently at 178lbs which is typically a red zone for me since it increases my health risks and I can state that I’m currently overweight  for a woman my age,I should weigh at least  137lbs…yea. You may be wondering No meat,for a whole,entire month is she crae crae or something? I can’t smell the scent of meat without my salivary glands running far less to go a whole month without it,no beefs,burgers,hot dogs or meat! Heck she has gone bananas you may be thinking well actually no i have not. I am also a meat lover and chicken has been my favorite food since forever, i love  my burgers,hams,sausages and ribs too,but when your life and future becomes at stake you got to do what you need to do.

It was a couple of  years back when i began experiencing side pains very frequently and i eventually made a doctor visit  which revealed I had a ovarian cyst. The doctor explained that I had to maintain a weight 140 or less (my weight back then) and cut off all meats as meats and sugars act like steroids to cyst causing them to grow larger and quicker and dampen my chances of having children. He even  advised me to have my children  as soon as possible,yea good advise doc i properly was about 22 years old and single at that time hmm so anyways i decided that my safest bet was to stop eat meat and only eat vegetables like the doctors prescribed hopefully my healthier eating  would get rid of this thing.So for the month of November haha my lucky month i guess i went on a serious no meat diet and i nearly starved myself bringing myself to a weight of 135 and i got skinny so skinny that my work skirts didn’t fit anymore. after i got to my desired size i went back eating meat but less sugars and i actually maintained my weight for some years until the event that put my life upside down happened.

After tropical storm Erica happened my weight increased tremendously with added stress and eating conveniently made me exceed dress sizes without me even knowing it.I tried curbing my weight gain by running in the mornings and doing regular sit ups but soon  enough i gained belly fat that just doesn’t seem to disappear. So, that’s my current state i am about 35lbs overweight and seeing my period irregularly so I have been disobeying doctors orders and this is affecting solely me. So i have been battling with weight loss for months now and i needed some motivation since I was facing  several low tides emotionally and eating food at times brought me comfort. My weight is not so obvious when you look at me i only realized i was gaining lots of weight when my usual clothes no longer fitted. I kept telling myself i need to go on a diet and half way through i failed and went back to my old habits.

So, a day came and i hadn’t been on a scale for a whole year and when i did i was shockingly 80kg and that was the wake up call for me. The doctor’s voice came echoing back and I knew what i needed to do and i just needed some good discipline and self control. i had not been to the doctor’s for some time since i hadn’t made much improvement since my last check up,i knew i had gotten worst since i was overweight like he warned. I felt disappointed in myself and I became angry at my lack of discipline so with that i came up with the No-November Challenge and decided to eat no meats or sweets for the month of November. I want to break the chain of my habits and if I can bring myself to great progress for a full 30 days I know I can alter my lifestyle and make positive,lasting impacts for my present and future.

Today I went out to the local market squares and bought many fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods as I could,I also bought a scale to monitor my progress and I will also be blogging about it.

My No-November challenge I pray will not only inspire me but others to put a stop to bad habits or addictions that one has been battling for years,to muster the strength to put aside those things we know are not good for us but which our flesh craves. To help us change,adapt and become better persons,live longer and fuller lives as we take responsibility for our lives and actions. I pray you are inspired by my journey and will motivate me along the way.Welcome to my journey.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


Saturday Runnings

Today I felt rather famish and visited the fast food place on my way to the store, to find out the door was closed, I was rather disappointed, it was almost 9:30am and the doors were still closed? I couldn’t believe it; however I quickly walked away before passing pedestrians noticed me forcing to open an obviously shut door. I backed away slowly, and flew up the flight of steps where two men sat before being shooed off by passing officers.
My stomach growled and as I cashed my necessities I asked the cashier what time the junk store opened she told me she wasn’t sure. On my way back I checked again and luckily or rather unluckily it was opened this time , went in and ordered my two piece combo, original and mountain dew coated with friendly customer service. After I sipped my drink I stepped out and was blasted my pulsating rhythms taking over the town bringing my attention to the local market at the other side of the road. I decided to cross the busy street beneath the scorching sun with sweat slithering down my face as I pulled out my camera.



Playing tourist, I began snapping photos of buyers purchasing their oranges, carrots, bananas and fruits, surrounded by madras drapery, amplified by local folklore music I felt the festive activities amplified, the vibe pulled me in as I wanted to be part of the action.
Engulfed by local produce and voices of my native tongue, the Creole season was taking off with lively spirits, giving me a sense of urgency for the week ahead.
Written by
Laurna Guiste