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The mazed mind

My mind some say it’s a maze, take time to gaze and peer a little deeper you may just be amazed. My place of solace,from a draconian world. My place to calm emotional storms and grow mentally. My escape to memories long lost, may have even gathered moss; yet like a child I retreat to a theatre of mix emotions anger, sadness and joy. My black hole where I conceal pampered wishes of secret sentiments, that will remain in the Rein’s of my mind because every man requires an empress in his life even if they are just a friend. It’s all said best in the mind where nothing at all is said this sweet surrender when the eyes are closed and u can feel your own heartbeat.

Written by

Richelieu Sanford

Poetry Corner

May we have faith

May we have faith

Faith without works is dead oh Lord by your spirit I am led,

Your people are dying and need to be fed; we need your word and presence each day,

We need a revival, touch us I pray,

Increase our faith; above all, may it be our shield,

May we bring more than our emotions, not serving you based on how we feel,

May we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, crucifying our flesh,

Walking in the spirit, enjoying the abundant life,

Preaching in the streets and stop warming the benches,

May we have faith that move mountains, and crumple our fears,

May we be genuine believers, for God isn’t moved by our crocodile tears,

Let’s have that faith that heal the sick, and see them recover,

Worship that move God and takes us higher,

A faith that isn’t easily lost,

For when He returns He’ll find faith on the earth of course!

Written by Laurna Guiste

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Don’t walk into the light

Don’t walk into the light,though its what I’m getting used to,Don’t walk off on us just yet,

Come back,step back into this tunnel,and i’m praying that you find some decency in you which will give light to the pathway that will guide you back home. While you were here,i know you danced on the broad path,stayed up late and flirted with darkness,you were not always nice and you oftentimes cursed the God that made you so beautiful,and claimed he didn’t exist you darn fool!

I was always  angry at your decisions,for hating me for standing on that hill, and waving so you could see me,and that you’d see how strong He makes me, but  your wind and energy were aimed to out my flame,you wanted to be water to my fire,now for your sake i wish that water would cleanse you,so God would please spare you,so

Don’t walk into the light!

Written by

Laurna Guiste

(Matthew 5:14)You are the light of the world–like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.

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Ladies, Listen up!

Dear Ladies,

Learn to love yourself enough that men wont feel like they are doing you a favor when they pass you on the streets to say hey,ensure the reason why they stopped to have a talk with you is because of the radiance of your smile and not that skirt that’s exposes all your thighs. Ladies get to know yourself before you allow any man to know you,be wise enough to not let a man seduce you into his bed by the mare smell of his skin,swaying of his tongue and look of his eyes,ladies be strong and like the women of the bible let him work hard to get to know the real you.

Ladies wear your crowns with pride,strive for modesty,honesty,don’t let these players push it to the side and rape the standards that you placed so high, don’t let it fall to pieces just because he knew the right lines.

Ladies you are one to be courted,loved and respected, fearfully and wonderfully made,you’re valuable,precious for on the cross your price was paid,no man can love you more than Christ, for you He gave  His life,and He doesn’t want you to trade  His temple,your body for rice.

You are a queen who deserves  a king who knows how to lead you,a man who cares,loves and protects you, he will be honest and won’t mislead you,he’ll fast and pray and serve with you.A man of God that He  will help find you.

So ladies wait as God prepares you

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Poetry Corner

Intruder Alert!

Intruder Alert!

Touched by hands that were sweaty, smelly, hands I didn’t want come near me,

Hands that were harden and bruised from the tools he handled earlier on today in the backyard,

He worked for my dad, he was a cousin, a brother, a friend, not a stranger that snuck in, but we handed him the keys, and he unlocked a part of me that made him an intruder to my soul,

I was no longer whole, he took pieces of me and tore me apart like a raged doll, he tore me limb from limb and left me possessed  with a hatred, bitterness and discomfort from myself,

Was pulled down from my polished shelf, brought to the ground, trampled upon and left there,

Tears to my cheeks as I didn’t understand the feelings that rolled over me, like a heavy ,cloak nothing seemed to protect me, My experience shattered how I view sex and I became a victim to the cruelty  of an untamed human.

Forgiveness felt as a mask I was forced to wear, as I wanted to rip it off, let everyone see my hurts and tears, let the world mourn, cry and feel every ounce of my betrayal.

For years I walked liked a sepulcher of bones of dark secrets, and no matter how I tried at first I couldn’t move pass it,

How and why did this happen to me, I couldn’t figure out how God was going to heal me,

Questions without answers, knocking on doors that seemed sealed, and screaming at ears that seemed shut, I went through all sorts of emotions until one day slowly I began to lose my grip on something that was hurting me more than it was hurting him,

God touched my heart and made me at ease, and I learnt to accept what I couldn’t change

I learnt to forgive myself and I forgave him, though nothing wasn’t the same,

God was planning to use my pain to show how ugly we are, and capable of His unconditional love,

And though we fail Him time and time again He forgives us,

And so I forgave and I accepted forgiveness

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Poetry Corner

The Tobacco Monster


They conceal me in boxes, pouches, cartons, tins and packages.

Label me front and back with well – designed health warnings and messages.

They do so to notify that I’m bad to persons of all ages;

For I am The Tobacco Monster, a killer.

Though it’s made clear and bold,

My tales of making folks morbid and causing premature deaths are many to be told.

I brew several health defects,

So they aim to keep me under control.

I contain benzene, a known cancer-causing substance,

I’m hazardous; with me I wouldn’t dare you to take a chance.

I cause more mischief than just tinting ones teeth.

I’m a gruesome monster whose insane narcotic health risks,

Are not to be played with,

So they package me, and they cage me,

Try to restrict me,

In attempts that you’d quit me,

For I am addictive in nature,

For sure, they’re not to deceive or mislead you,

For I am truly the monster which kills you!

written by

Laurna Guiste








Poetry Corner

I am Woman

Beauty ,Intelligent ,Elegant and Sensitivity …. These are some of the characteristics she carries . Really & Truly does this say who or what she is all about
No doubt in my mind that woman is a man with a womb .
Hence the given name
She is faced with the husles and busles of life
Yet still stands strong
She is an overcomer
No one seems to understand her capability
Or her desires
Though her attire may say something else
A woman is not defined by her clothes
Rather knowing who she is in this world

At times she may be feeble
Her ability to rely on self
Makes her independent
The day woman meets
Prince charming
She is entangled by his unconditional love for her
Then realization takes over
She no longer leans on herself
Instead it’s on His shoulder
He cherishes her with every fiber in his body
Only because of the Passion he has for her
Woman is Virtuous
A rare pearl in a Golden box

Written by

Tessa Titre

Poetry Corner

The simple things of life

She sat looking admiringly  at the pond as she wondered,lost deep in thought  she wondered at how beautiful this life is and what could be measured in proximity to the amount of joy felt in her heart.

Whilst nearby two friends were having a conversation,

“If you could be anyone who would you be?” asked the ant to the wind,

“I would be as you, wise and hardworking,and who would you be?” said the wind to the ant, “I would be loud,invisible,strong and powerful” replied the ant
and who would you be they asked the girl who sat by the pond,she smiled and said”I would  rather be myself and no one else,for having a heart that is filled of joy,enjoying life’s simple things is the greatest thing”

Written by
Laurna Guiste


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Nominated for Most Inspiring Blogger Award



blogger award

Thank you Annesquared at.http://annesquared.com/ for the very inspiring Blogger Award nominee,i am honored and I gladly accept.

There are the things that the nominee is supposed to do in order to accept the award.

1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.

2. List the rules and display the award

3. Share 7 facts about about myself.

4. Nominate up to 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know they have been nominated.

5. Optional : Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven Facts About Laurna Guiste

1. I work at a company that sells genuine leather goods made in Columbia

2. I am afraid of heights

3. I have never traveled

4. I have a cat named Ginger Nuts

5. I am taller than my parents

6.I love to djay and make pastries

7. I am short sighted

I nominate the following blogs for the very Inspiring Blogger Award

1. Pink Ninjabi at  http://pinkninjabi.wordpress.com/ a great poet.

2. Story time with John at  http://storytimewithjohn.com/ a young talented writer who inspires      through giving his interesting life stories and travels.

3. The Seeker’s Dungeon at  http://theseekersdungeon.com A awesome poet and storyteller

4.Let God write your Love Story http://godanddating.wordpress.com/

These bloggers a very great writers who inspire and motivate me some way or the other,so continue writing guys.

And yes I do want the award showed on my page,gladly:)

I am now going to link to everyone’s blog.




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Stumbling into an area of tropical rain forest, the poet sees the island as a naturally beautiful paradise where almost every herb is a medicine. Thus, this inspiration.

This unharvested vale and pastures untouched
Except few foliage, scattered and almost
Seeming random where they detach. I for once
Nature’s beauty behold. A hidden paradise
Unexplored and unexplorable.
A splendor, silent and bare.
In awe, my athwart eyes survey.

Wild avocados, Carapit
Spreading its white skeletal anchor.
A cradle to the tender lilies.
Obelisk, to the creeping moss,
And the dying sensitive grass, now alive.
Alive enough to have strength to die, and die again
To every nudge of the dandelion, the comfrey,
Holy thistles, and others else flexed by the wind.
Camouflage is the mistletoe
Upon the cedar’s bough. Tall nettles
Itching the restless air, while marigold
Arrayed in fair yellows, and greens,
Now sleeps upon the marshy ground.

And rising still, weeds and ferns and reed;
A profusion of flowers in a spectral charm.
O, unending garden! As if nature
Has gathered all of her medicine
In one single store…
Earth has not utopia to show more fair.
Perhaps, Eden’s fair beauty?… (a far off thing).

But this,
Undistant treasure, now, I see.

Book: ‘The Burning Prelude’
Copyright David Guiste 1999
(At last he gave me a poem of his to publish,the work of my writer/painter/D.J brother Daivid’s work)