Girls Day at Mero beach

So it’s the day after my Exams and my bestie and I decide to go to the beach. I have been studying weeks on weeks on end and finally did my exams,she had been stressing and bugging me out for us to go out and the day was finally here.

So we get dressed up real cute she joined me at home and then we hit the town about after 9am. We went to the Grocery store to get some fruits,while passing the fruit stand a woman overheard me mention not really liking apples and she couldn’t resist interrupting our conversation and dragged me and my friend into a 20 minute lecture about healthy eating. Information which we knew but lacked discipline to always input into our lives.After this we cashed and went for some food to bring along as our lunch. We settled for Roti at this Food Joint called Perkeys and get on our way to catch a bus.

On our way we saw a group of young boys seated playing some instruments outside a Pharmacy.They were beating drums and playing so skillfully,it was a joy seeing the young men embrace our culture .

After this we got a bus and head north,it was about a 15 minute drive.As we made our way towards the beach my best friend Tessa and I took pictures and I recorded some footage for my YouTube Channel.

The Sun was blazing hot,the sea was calm and inviting,the beach was not so crowded and the sky was painted in hues of blue and white,this day couldn’t be any more perfect.We settled into the best restaurant we could find,one called the Indee’s Beach bar,the menu was ideal but too bad we had a bag full of snacks and drinks. So I settled for a glass of Jamaican Ginger wine and a portion of fried Plantain as we had to patronize in order to get lounge chairs on the beach.

We were connected to WIFI,with a perfect view of the ocean,set up our little picnic with our music playing we were hyped. Tessa made donuts and I made Carrot cake,we had grapes,bananas,apples,so much that we didn’t hesitate to dive in. We spoke,laughed,ate,drank,with hearts and belly full we decided to go live and Instagram,which was also fun.

Took more footage for my You tube channel and some guys near by seemed to be enjoying us as live footage as they sat near by in admiration. We later went for a swim in the warm,welcoming waters.

Just what I needed after all that studying and working from home,I allowed the waves to cleanse me,renew me,massage my sores and ease my worries away,far away and into the depths.

An hour later we rinsed in showers provided by the restaurant,got dressed and head home.

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