Hold unto God no matter what

My lap top decided  to hibernate for some time, no it has had an error and that means I am unable to write anything for some time,fortunately  I am writing this from work and I will be checking in now and then and will hopefully find a way around this, God is always good and trials are a way of trusting Him with our lives.

I Have discovered that I have a fighting warrior within me, that no matter what i encounter,how hard my day is, or what trials i face, i have a peace that passes all understanding that keeps me afloat. I smile at my storms when I should be crying, i have developed such strength and learnt to be happy because life is too short to let people or circumstances weigh you down. People will always fail you except God, keep trusting God no matter what.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


As a Christain


As a Christain

There is a certain dignity that comes when you say you are a Christian, a certain pride worn like a sash, you become branded as different,  at least you are supposed to be different. Your talk should not be short of grace, seasoned with salt edifying to the hearers, spicy but not filled with profanity.

We’re not to be too harsh or mean, turn the other cheek, humble and meek, ask, knock, seek,

So many rules when you’re a Christian, it is not easy as the road is narrow, evil and dark yet it’s scary I am not supposed to be afraid, being a Christian is kind of like having super powers, believing you can walk on water, defeat demons and create miracles.

Being a Christian means you believe in a higher power and that you are loved even when you are undeserving of that love, you are forgiven even when you’ve committed the darkest sins. Wow

Being a Christian seems to be amazing, so mind blowing to be the product of grace and my life is not mine, I was created for a purpose and I’m not just here filling space and waiting for that time.. Oh yea that time” when I will be no more, in other words when I die.

Where do you go when you die anyway? As Christians we are expected to enter heaven and meet God, oh I feel so proud and I can’t wait to be escorted through that pearly white gate.

As a Christian there is so much more to live for and look forward to..

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Series of Scary events( Halloween Special)

I was in the kitchen fixing dinner when I heard the  strangest  noise in the back yard, i startled as I was home alone and being quite a scardy cat this wasn’t comfortable.I paused, my eyes widened,then it stopped, so I went back to preparing dinner, while sauteing the vegetables i heard the noise again this time a little louder, it sounded like a cat howling. I fixed my composure as i convinced myself that it was my cat Ginger I left outside and it was totally pissed.”Ginger”! i yelled “Stop it,you’re scaring mommy” i begged the noise continued. I decided to   open the back door and  let it in,outside was cold,dark, the back light was twitching and it made it difficult to see clearly and the cold gust sent chills down my spine.

Shielding my eyes as i yelled”Ginger! Ginger! no sign of the animal, then I heard the sound again, fear griped my soul as it sounded very close to me, the noise amplified and it was behind me, my hair raised as i turned around slowly, you wouldn’t   believe what i saw!!

Written by

Laurna Guiste

You Matter

You matter and you are important, how you are treated is a mere reflection of who they are and not who you are. You’re special.chosen,handsome beautiful and there is something only you can do. Let your smile bring sunshine to a dark world, Let your inner beauty bring radiance to a decomposing world..you matter.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

His Tornado

He came into my life like some sort of precipitation, no, more like a natural disaster he came without giving any warning he twirled, and shook things around, dislocated and changed my course. My sheets were dishevelled, my innocence was swept away, his strong beliefs and persuasions turned a good girl bad. Don’t get me wrong I am a lady but this wild boy made me stray and do things I vow to never do again. This boy showed me pain and taught me lessons but he taught me well..

After this experience I evolved and became the girl who wore red, spike heels who crushed venom personalities I became immune to a dark world, I was motivated to burst through self-restriction and be myself, he taught me to be free and do me.

In being free I got to know myself and learnt that life is as beautiful as you make it or as dark as a passing tornado.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Better is one day


Sometimes i wonder why i try so hard. I try so hard to prove myself to others. Prove to others that i’m a good person. Prove that i am doing good. Prove that i’m smart, that i am capable of making wise decisions. But what am i really trying to prove?

Who says that the person i am trying to impress does not already know what i am capable of? And who decided that it even matters if they don’t?

If i have learned one thing in my short little life, it is that nothing you have, can, or will accomplish in life is only the result of what other people believe you can do.

If ever you find the courage, the strength and the ability to do something, it is God, together with your willingness to succeed that made it happen.

Having people around you who believe in you…

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You die a little every time you fall in love they say,

I guess i’m closer to death than i thought because i fall in love with you everyday,

and i guess it will be suicide if I continue this loving, but if I stop I’ll die anyways so I’m not stopping,

and if I’m dying I’ll love you with my last breath,

My only wish is to keep loving you after death, because you’re my heartbeat,

I can’t spend a day without you

Love should be treated like an award but it’s treated like swine flu,

and to compare love to death i find that’s rude,

Because if it is, I never knew death could feel so good,

and if it’s true love is the slowest form of death they say

I’ll commit suicide every single day.

Written by

Lynn .J. Registe