Disaster Zone

Hey loves,

How are you guys doing? Hope you guys are doing good and that this post meets you in good spirits. It’s been a minute since I’ve written a bloggy blog on here talking about my life and what’s going on. Well I live in the Caribbean for those of who who don’t know,I live in the nature Isle of the Caribbean,Dominica. I would also like to give a huge shout out to my new followers,I really appreciate the follow and to my devoted blog readers who like every post I’ve posted huge Thank you,you’re the real MVP’s!!

Well I’m writing this post and I’m multitasking and watching 5 Volcanoes that could erupt soon,well there is a volcano who has erupted in St Vincent as we speak and it has been scary as it keeps erupting. These people have to flee their homes and make it to a shelter that people are saying has persons with Covid. Now not only are we in a pandemic that doesn’t wanna seem to end,we’re up against nature and whatever it decides to send us. Am I the only one believing that our time is coming shorter and the earth is getting warmer. I can even feel a sudden heat on my back as I write this geeez! This situation really hits home,as I know exactly what these people are going through as I had to evacuate my home a few years ago when a Tropical storm,one who took my brother along with the lives of many others,forced us to leave our community without knowing where we were heading. So I know what loss feels like and the sad part is,you have no control.

Disasters are ever present and they remind us of how vulnerable we all are and one day it’s gonna be the end for us all. I honestly feel the world ending by fire is going to be volcanic fire,or some meteor blasting us up. Anyways this post wasn’t intended to be dark, or to scare you ,but unfortunately this is our reality,life is upside down.

Life has been unprecedented and more and more I’m realizing that life is short and we just don’t know what to expect.

So ,what does one do ? I say trust God,get back to praying,as now is not the time to second guess the end times as we’re already in it.Let’s ensure death does not get us unprepared and not ready,lets prepare our souls to meet it’s maker. Also.cherish those in your circle,hold them close and make the effort to be where they are,see them,listen to them.

Until next time,see ya!

Written by

Laurna G

My sweet Valentine

Forget the roses,

Forget the chocolate,

Wrap yourself up in this blanket,

Cause babe you’re the gift,

Your presence none can duplicate,

They’ll just make mistakes,

Your loving Im sure to take,

Its the real deal,nothing fake,

So glad that we flow in love,

And God sent you from up above,

We fit together like hand and glove,

I keep counting my blessings,

Cause baby your my biggest flex!

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Girls Day at Mero beach

So it’s the day after my Exams and my bestie and I decide to go to the beach. I have been studying weeks on weeks on end and finally did my exams,she had been stressing and bugging me out for us to go out and the day was finally here.

So we get dressed up real cute she joined me at home and then we hit the town about after 9am. We went to the Grocery store to get some fruits,while passing the fruit stand a woman overheard me mention not really liking apples and she couldn’t resist interrupting our conversation and dragged me and my friend into a 20 minute lecture about healthy eating. Information which we knew but lacked discipline to always input into our lives.After this we cashed and went for some food to bring along as our lunch. We settled for Roti at this Food Joint called Perkeys and get on our way to catch a bus.

On our way we saw a group of young boys seated playing some instruments outside a Pharmacy.They were beating drums and playing so skillfully,it was a joy seeing the young men embrace our culture .

After this we got a bus and head north,it was about a 15 minute drive.As we made our way towards the beach my best friend Tessa and I took pictures and I recorded some footage for my YouTube Channel.

The Sun was blazing hot,the sea was calm and inviting,the beach was not so crowded and the sky was painted in hues of blue and white,this day couldn’t be any more perfect.We settled into the best restaurant we could find,one called the Indee’s Beach bar,the menu was ideal but too bad we had a bag full of snacks and drinks. So I settled for a glass of Jamaican Ginger wine and a portion of fried Plantain as we had to patronize in order to get lounge chairs on the beach.

We were connected to WIFI,with a perfect view of the ocean,set up our little picnic with our music playing we were hyped. Tessa made donuts and I made Carrot cake,we had grapes,bananas,apples,so much that we didn’t hesitate to dive in. We spoke,laughed,ate,drank,with hearts and belly full we decided to go live and Instagram,which was also fun.

Took more footage for my You tube channel and some guys near by seemed to be enjoying us as live footage as they sat near by in admiration. We later went for a swim in the warm,welcoming waters.

Just what I needed after all that studying and working from home,I allowed the waves to cleanse me,renew me,massage my sores and ease my worries away,far away and into the depths.

An hour later we rinsed in showers provided by the restaurant,got dressed and head home.

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Click to watch Video of the adventure!

Power of Manifestation

So in this write I’ll tell you my brief story about the Power of Manifestations. Call it coincidence or whatever but I’m a believer in faith and the power of the tongue and strong desire.

So example number one I wanted roses for my room I had recently decorated,but I had no idea where I’d get them in town. I desired it,pictured how lovely it look in a vase on my dresser etc.

So one day I am out buying a few things after work when I walk into a store and spot some random roses in the back.I ask the sales guy how much are they,he proceeds to inform me that they have been there a while and I can have them if I want. I couldn’t believe it,I took about a dozen of them and thanked the guy so much. He had given me what I desired for free,I did not pay a dime.

My second manifestation was my crystal necklace, I saw a insta model with a beautiful crystal necklace and I greatly desired one. That time I had no knowledge of crystals and had no idea where I could get them,I screenshot the photograph and forgot about it.Months later my sister’s, best friends son visits us and is talking about oils,herbs,plants and local jewelry he is making.Just to find out that he makes crystal necklaces, once again I was blown away and I manifested something that I wanted.

I can go on and on about things that I greatly desired and didn’t always pray for but was granted to me. I have thought things into existence and have seen the power of spoken words and heart desires come into fruition. My advice is to be careful what you wish for as I have also gotten bad experiences happen by thinking of things negatively too.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue,words have power.Use it wisely.

Written by

Laurna G

People come,People go

I know I’m not the first person this has happened to,I have lost friends and it happened over something so petty that I’m not even sure what it was. Just about a month ago we were at a bar laughing and having fire ball shots,celebrating my birthday. They all gave me gifts and there was a cake and everyone seemed happy,but today so much has changed. In such a short space of time my so called friends have vanished.

Like a cold wind at Christmas,those friends came and went before I could print out one of our outing pictures to frame up. I am left wondering were they my friends to begin with and where did we go wrong. For sure an incident happened and there was a huge misunderstanding but shouldn’t friends communicate their differences and patch things up?

Instead a silence commenced that gave rise to seeds of gossip that spread faster than any grape vine at the office. Cold shoulders,strong ignore games became sport of the day and no one seemed to care enough to break the code of silence. Silence I know is some sort of abuse,low manipulation and done to hurt the other. This has been going on for weeks and tension keeps building and breeding on negativity,causing a some what mold infestation at a stagnant friendship.

Conversations no longer flow,no greetings or acts of kindness shown,nothing but coldness.

Nothing but bruised egos and repetition of a flimsy story in guise of an excuse to cover up the real intentions as to why we stopped talking in the first place. Everyday I grow tired of the whispers and the sarcastic remarks made to sound funny and non judgemental. But I feel judged by a clan of women,calling me the names by which they act FAKE. I feel pulled in a corner, confronted by hate,envy and emotionally marked for reasons I’m not clear about.

Reasons I’m to clear about,reasons no one chooses to address,because I believe no one really wants this to be fixed. Underneath the hurtful manipulation lies a love for drama and negativity in their otherwise boring life,where nothing interesting happens. And they must talk about you because when they talk of themselves no one listens.

So, I’ve lost friends..what else is new?

Written by

Laurna G


Self confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.

I have oftentimes doubted myself and because of that I sometimes lack confidence. This can be seen in my reluctance to try new things,especially in the field of Sports. Growing up I was often made fun of the way I caught a ball and my sportsmanship suffered because of it,hence after a while I stopped playing sports altogether.

Honestly I am sort of clumsy and I sometimes bounce into things,drop things and have had some embarrassing moments.

The ugly truth is I sometimes lack confidence and on bad days I have to fake it to make it through a normal day. I have to suck in my fear of large crowds and do what I got to do. I know this takes great bravery as I could choose to be a total recluse and not even dare go out to work.

There are some things that I do that helps me make it through a huge crown on really bad days,days when I wish I could melt through the crowd and no one would notice how fair I am,and how I squint my eyes in the sun and how many freckles that cover my face,though my boyfriend likes them,they attract admirers(most times the wrong types).

I have many quirky traits and over the years I have learnt to embrace the awkward,fair,freckled face,wildly wired beautiful soul I am and I have found someone who loves me too but there are days I still feel like crap and I find it hard to make eye contact.

So one of the things I do on really bad days is look down,stare at the streets like they are more interesting than the dozen of faces looking at me.I look at buildings,cars,my reflection in puddles anything to distract me from the attention of people.

On the days that I’m feeling great though I take advantage of this rare occasion and I look up,I notice people,I notice their faces,their freckles, I smile, I greet people,I notice things I love those days.

Today was one of those days,I walked the streets like I owned it, I made small talk and told the vendors keep the change. I looked up so high that I noticed the sky,I noticed people and I noticed that they were not looking at me as much as I thought. Many were just too busy going on their merry way properly trying to avoid the crowd like me on bad days.

My eyes was so stuck on people on the other side of the road,I watched up and down before crossing the streets and I confidently walked over and then I slipped over something. I looked back and saw I stepped on this huge,dead rat..Oh my God I panicked until other pedestrians looked back at me. I felt so disgusted and couldn’t get the image out of my head..I was so high that I didn’t bother looking down,felt so confident that I didn’t slow down to notice the mess before me I was too busy looking kool crossing the road with my confident bounce.

Moral of the story is no matter how high and confident you are,if you don’t bother looking down you will walk into a lot of garbage..know where you are headed but never forget where you came from.

Humility is the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.

That one night..

It was about midnight and I was on my way home, coming from a night out with some friends in the town. Had a couple of shots and cocktails and I felt not drunk but nice.I was surprised but grateful that I got a bus heading my way at this hour.

There were five passengers on board a young couple,a middle aged man with a baby and a old lady. I sat near the old lady and the bus took off, I found it strange that a baby and an elderly were out this late,but who knows,they could be coming from the hospital I thought.

I shifted my body to the side, closed my eyes and decided to rest for about 10 minutes,I could hear the couple giggling and whispering in the back sit and the old lady seemed to be dozing off. The man was baby talking as he rocked the child in his arms.

I don’t know what happened but I was sound asleep when I heard a lady scream my name, so I startled and answered but by the look of everyone it wasn’t any of them. The couple were kissing now and the man was looking at me strangely before going back to playing with his child,the old lady was asleep.

I looked at the driver but couldn’t see his face because of the darkness,I shrugged and closed back my eyes. A few seconds into my rest I took the scent of something foul like decaying flesh,I covered my nose and realized the scent was getting stronger. I opened my eyes to realize the scent was emitting from the old lady next to me.

Flies came from nowhere and began surrounding her,my eyes widened as I pulled myself away from her and closer to the window. I opened the window to let some breeze in and for some reason outside was foggy,I literally thought we were in the clouds. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming,but the clouds remained.

“All you not seeing that?” I yelled looking unto where the road supposed to be, but I could see no road,no houses,no street lights just fog. No one answered me and carried on like they were not even hearing me.

I reached out to the bus driver for there was no way he could see where he was going,but the driver’s sit was empty . The bus was driving smoothly however there was no one at the wheel. I screamed and panicked and told the others that they was no one driving but they didn’t seem to care.

Then the road became bumpy and shaky and I quickly flew upfront took control of the wheel and pressed on the brakes. The bus came to a halt and the doors automatically opened and I flew out,as soon as I hit the ground I realized I was at my village and the fog had cleared. Have a good night said the driver as he took off.

I was left shaking and confused,and up to this day no one believes me.

Written by

Laurna G

Review of the movie Maleficent Mistress of Evil.

So my niece and I went to see Maleficent..it’s Maleficent not magnificent yes got it,Maleficent II on Saturday October 19th at the Emerald theaters. Forgive me but I can’t recall what the first one was about so I appreciated the little re-cap at the beginning of the movie.

The proposal at the beginning is very touchy and emotional and sets the pace for a cliche fairy tale however when Maleficent shows up,played by Angelina Jolie,who I must say looks good,and I am happy for seeing her in a movie after a good break from the screen) you sense this is no fairy tale.

She brings a seriousness to the character and those high cheek bones,sharp eyes and deep collar bones keeps you looking. I admire her role as the wicked godmother who gets soft for her godchild.

Now the plot gets interesting when Michelle Pfeiffer steps in and plays a role I haven’t seen her in, a wicked Queen.I become tense at the dinner they get invited to and I agree when Maleficent gets angry and she steps back into her revengeful role of humans against creatures and once again her love for Aurora gets tested.

The fact that there are more like Maleficent is unpredictable and the war that happens has every reason to,it is acted out so well that you embrace the fairies and horned creatures and despise the humans for wanting to end their world.

This movie had me hating the villains and longing for their deaths which honestly takes a while.It keeps you longing for the end,because we have become a generation that’s kind of impatient.

The war scene is epic,emotionally exhausting but ends well. Angelina Jolie plays the part of a mother’s unconditional love for her child so perfectly that it causes her death.

I believe that’s the theme of this movie unconditional love and peace. Trust me it exhausts both meanings and brings the point across very accurately.

It keeps you interested and makes you angry but happy in the end.A must see for children but this is No fairy tale.

Written by Laurna G

I rate this movie 8.5 out of 10.

Heart attacks and Canyoning goes hand in hand

August 17th 2019 the day I did the most adventurous,nerve wrecking activity of my life so far, I went canyoning with my hiking group,organized by The Extreme Dominica team. An activity as the team suggest was quite extreme but so worth the fun.

We assembled in the town about 7:30am and after about 20 people gathered we were transported to The Extreme Dominica’s training grounds to prepare for the canyoning experience.

We were greeted by about eight team members who after signing to the terms and conditions had us suited in Wakanda like water suits with matching long sleeves,helmets and life jackets. My God I could hardly breathe and before long I was sweaty and really hot,one team member aka Noodles assured us that once we hit that water we’ll be grateful for the warmth.

A mini training was given in the yard where we were descended via cables around our waist from a height of about 4 feet. One hand behind our back,with the rope that feeds(releases) the cable while the other hand holds unto the metal clip attached to the main rope. As you feed the cable you descend,your feet extended on the edge,drop your bottom and move your feet lower gradually,simple and to the point.

After the first group of us were trained we took a bus and head out and so the adventure began.

We walk a little through some bushes and shallow streams and before I can say wow at the view we are told we’re about to descend this tall moss covered rock,must have been about 35-40 feet.

The first woman who goes on,losses her balance and she’s hanging unto the edge and I’m terrified,quickly the crew calms her down and tells her how to get back her footing,she does what they say and she is back on her feet. Now I am afraid of heights,now tell me how on earth or why on earth did i agree to do this??

I’ve paid my money and I can’t back down now, knowing this I step forward and it’s my turn,when I observe the height properly my heart sinks and with all that moss on the edge I almost cried. They adjust the rope unto me and remind me of what to do, I am on the edge and I am being descended slowly. I try not to look at the 35 feet beneath me and the fact that my heart is burning and going wild with fear. The guys are great and cheer me on but I can’t think of anything else but falling. My friend Ovie is being descended next to me and on the other side is a mini waterfall,my feet begins sliding against the mossy rock and I feel like I am turning towards the waterfall. I feel embarrassed and scared that I am losing control and begin second guessing my ability to do this. The guys of Extreme Dominica try calming me down and immediately tell me what to do to gain back my footing. I obey and I am on my knees now and that’s where I remain till I reach the bottom,whew a distance that felt like forever and I wish I could just release the rope and reach below faster.

But that water was amazing ,refreshing and worth basking in, I floated around and rejoiced that I made it down safely. As we continued heading downstream we arrived at a cliff where we were required to jump,a height of about 9 feet. Arrgh the adventure never ends i thought as I hate jumping, I remember the last time i jumped into a river it took me about 45 minutes to do so. But unlike that last time I had no other option but to jump,either I jump or sleep there,and I wasn’t about to sleep out here in the woods.So after a couple of minutes and the cheering on of Oviee I jumped even though I was scared as hell. The adrenaline rush was insane and my heart kept bursting in my chest as I jumped, i couldn’t wait to hit that water.

The water was crystal clear, chilling,refreshing and deep as I floated,quickly sucking in my breath,trying to calm my heart as I looked up at the blue sky and the green trees canopying above us. The journey continued downstream and the canyons wined into arty rock formations,many dark caves and amazing pools that engulfed us. The second rock to descend via cable was about 20 feet and this time I didn’t want to be so afraid and lose my footing, so like the lady who fell from the beginning she screamed and cheered herself on. I decided to follow suit and tried eliminating fear out of my mind. I cheered and motivated myself as I descended reminding myself that I could do this,after all I am a life path 5 aka adventurous babe.

I realized that I was more calm and did a much better job this time, Self talk is so important I thought. The second jump was about 17feet and I decided to descend via cable instead which I was getting better at. We proceeded to lower jumps and easier descending and more natural pools. My country Dominica is super blessed I thought,so much nature,fresh air,crystal clear waters free of parasites and great terrain and great flora and fauna.

The climax of this event was to zip line across a mini waterfall and unto the other side,while persons were being zip lined across i noticed this strange formation in one of the rocks near by. It looked like a new born baby suckling on its mother, the head and arms so defined,I pointed it out to my friend who also saw it.Weird and that was the moment I wished I had my phone the most to take this amazing photo.

It was eventually my turn to be zip lined across and it definitely looked easier to do while watching,I screamed with my eyes closed the entire way down lol. The canyoning was over and we passed through a trail to return to where we started.A wet and tedious trail that proved my lack of stamina and need for a better diet.

Overall the experience wrecked my expectations on adventure,it exceeded what I thought was possible as a tour and as a person.I never would descend a 40 feet rock if given the choice or jump off into a 8 feet cliff unless I was being chased for my life. The built up adrenaline rush was insane,that feeling like you’re going to fall or slip but being in total control was nerve wrecking. Having to jump because you have no other options or if there are it is not any easier or less scary. You were forced to face your fears,do it afraid,no looking back but pressing forward no matter how scary or how terrifying it looked. You jumped and faced your fear and realized that you did OK,you made it without hurting as much as you thought. You embarked on a scary journey but guess what you were not alone,you had people,friends,family strangers cheering you on unto the end,assisting you and helping you get back your footing.

Today’s canyoning experience had many life lessons and I hope you too reader can get some encouragement from it too. Be encouraged to know that life can most times be a scary and lonely journey where it’s only you and God against the rocks with a slippery fall.But know that if you trust and believe in yourself you are most definitely going to make it.You may get some bruise and scratches,pee on yourself,lose your footing,get near life heart attacks and feel you are going to capsize with fear but you do not stand still. You keep going,keep pushing,climbing and if you look up you notice God,His angels who are reaching out to assist you,you notice the water as it cleanses you,the trees as they protect you,. You realize you are never alone and you are going to make it to the end.

Hand written Never Give Up brush calligraphy lettering on watercolor spot background, vector illustration. Hipster hand drawn Never Give Up lettering on watercolor spot, unique typographic element

Written by

Laurna G