“Free “

“Free ”
Was Bound To That Thing
Which Enslaved Me
Chained In Pain
Had Me In Captivity
Being Inticed By
Lust Of My Flesh
It Felt Good
All I Desired was Pleasurable
Doing It Over And Over Again
This Thing Called Sin
Deep Down Within
I knew It was Wrong
But Kept On Singing
The Same Old Song
Suddenly I Heard
A Small Still Voice
Saying To Me
Repent Turn Away
From Your Iniquity
So I Confessed
All My Mess
Then He Touched
Me O He Started The Operation
Cleansing And Washing
Me In His Blood
Behold Old Has Become
Brand New
Filled By His Spirit
Forever Will I Be
His Child

Written by

Tessa Titre



Floetry – Flowing In Poetry *

” Blessed” : Am too Blessed to be stressed / In Christ I found my Rest / This Life am living aint no contest of Success / It is not about being better than everyone else / Am not perfect / But was chosen by the Elect / Jesus Himself / Who bled for my sins / He sees a reflection of God in me / Wonderfully and Fearfully made /In His image/Am Blessed / Highly Favored / Am so Honored / To Be part Of His kingdom / His Word is wisdom / It makes me strong / To Him I sing / A new song / Unconditional Love / Comes from above / This is why I Am BLESSED !!!

Written by Unique Angel ( Tessa )