Hey,How you doing?

Hey guys,

How yall doing? hope you guys are doing great? I hope this post meets you in good health and I’m hoping that amidst the chaos you find some peace and a place to lay down your worries.

Because worrying solves nothing,well maybe except raise your blood pressure. This post is to encourage you to inhale,exhale,close your eyes for a minute,stretch,drop those shoulders.

Drink your water, eat your fruits,take a walk, do some gardening, cook a warm meal. A small love gesture towards self means so much especially in a day like today,when nothing seems certain.

Working from home has made me miss the outdoors,wearing a mask makes me miss breathing freely,comfortably. I get heightened anxiety whenever I spot a crowd, and every cough makes me nervous. Our fears have no doubt increased due to this pandemic and we indeed have fear of the unknown.

But as I said this post serves to encourage you to take time out for yourself, to do something that you enjoy. Do something that will heal you physically,spiritually,emotionally. Read a book,write a book,make some tea,listen to good music,the type that makes you forget about those who are watching and sing like no one is listening. Go to the beach,have a swim,float,embrace this moment that we’re getting to experience.

You are worthy and you are,we are going to make it!

Hang in there.

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Thoughts of a home stayer


What if?

What if this is a scare stimulus? A test to see how well we conform to changes,what if this is a stimuli to see how much we adapt to the new norm.Hypothetically speaking what if this becomes our reality? Where they control where we go,when we go out,how long we can stay out,where our money is spent.

I never imagined the entire world would be on the same page,facing the same situation and having to adapt to the same things. I rode the bus today and sat quietly in my thoughts as I observed everyone obey the rules and wore their masks,a lady in front of me coughed and I was glad that I had my protective gear on. But it just made me realize how robotic we had become and how one virus had us so easily pinned down and had alter our entire lives. If the virus had gone we wouldn’t know for sure,unless they told us so and until then our lives seemed at their mercies.

The entire situation seemed mind controlling and where the virus came from seemed all so fishy and calculated. We were cornered and exactly where they wanted us..home. Although being home restored some lost moments and seemed to reunite old family bonds and traditions that was much needed. On the other hand, social media and online marketing couldn’t help but look unto something.Our ears and eyes were glued to the loud noises of bad news and reports and our attention couldn’t be on anything else. What exactly were they taking our attention away from and what were they preparing us for?

Written by a kind observer


Twitter thoughts

He sits at his desk, legs crossed, jaws clenched,

Stares at his family portrait sees his reflection not the people in it,

Fixes his hair especially the front part,

Pulls out his phone, puts it back,

He did not like the way the meeting went,or was it his breakfast that left a bad taste in his mouth?

Either ways he’s upset and he needs to let the world know

Picks up his phone

Types out Twitter


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