Lover’s Quarrel

She Walks in, sits on the bed, sits up and starts pacing the room,
He walks in; silent as a grave yard never looked at her, removes shoes,
“bae,we should talk” rolls eyes
“I just came from work. Woman please!
“I don’t care, heard you were with her?”
He never looks up,
Hands on waste “What’s her name?”
Silence, removes socks,
“Did you hear what I just said?, and I heard.. She starts crying,
He looks up at her, sighs,
“What? “He grumbles
“I heard she’s pregnant and it’s your child! “She continues crying,
He shakes his head, stands and puts his arms around her, she pushes him away, second advancement she resists,
“So! It is true? “She cried pushing him so hard he knocks the wall,
Passes his hands furiously through his hair, looks up at her, she was concerted, her baby face didn’t look angelic at the moment,
“Can’t you trust me, for once in your life? “He said sadly,
“Trust you?” she choked pointing her finger at him”You lied to me”
“Every time it’s you judging me and calling up some argument..?”
“I heard…”
“Who cares what you heard, I’m here aint i?
“But they said”
“They? “Bae if you love me, you would trust me and not them”
She lifts her hands in protest,”You are lying!”
“I did do some things..”he nodded
“I knew you were lying, you two-timer! Get out! “She screams picking up his shoes and handing them to him.
“Wait, Bae it was before us, before I, I got serious “he said as she motioned him to the door,
“Yea right, Get out!” she opened the door
“Believe what you want, but I think you know I love you, and I’m not perfect, I gave up those things for you, because you have dwelt in my heart and you’re the only woman who has touched my heart but if you want to believe them go ahead, but if you love me you would take me as I am”

Written by
Laurna Guiste

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This one is for the women, who have been hurt, abused at a tender age and keep on hating on men,
Because of what he did. This is for the women who have had their heart broken, trampled upon and as a result keep sleeping around just to feel that gap, but nothing won’t feel that void as you search for love in all the wrong places. No man can make you feel worthwhile if you don’t know your worth. No man can make you feel beautiful if your inside is ugly with scars.
Forgiveness is where your beauty begins, by God first cleansing you from within, and forgiving the proper traitor from the things unseen”
It is loving yourself enough to walk away from the hurts of the past,
forgive them,forgive yourself and give yourself the permission to smile, give yourself the permission to live and be happy and free!

Written by
Laurna Guiste