The Dream

The Dream
“Don’t do it, don’t do it!” I shouted to this tall mystifying figure of a man standing on the edge of a towering building. He stood there silent with his back facing me, refusing to identify his self and speak of what he was contemplating. My efforts of trying to get him off the edge proved futile as he did not respond positively to the sounds of my footsteps getting closer to him. I had to discontinue my advancements, I noticed the closer I got to him, the closer he got to the perimeter. Lots of thoughts went through my mind; suddenly I was interrupted from my forecasting state of mind, by the most shocking thing ever, my own voice.

The mystical figure then turned to me saying “Mitchel it’s over.”

I stood there dazed, I couldn’t believe what I just saw, the person was me. Then making a courageous leap to halt his intentions, I slipped and fell over the edge. My screams although louder than a thousand horns could not save me from falling to the afterlife, my heart grew bigger within my chest as my body got closer to the ground.

The fall felt like an eternity, shivering like a wet cat with only one life left, my bemused childhood flashed before my eyes. Approaching my final contact with the ground, I saw a beam of sunshine, my eyes opened up to my lover’s luscious lips upon mine, greeting me good morning and saying “Finally Mitchel you are awake”
It was just a dream.

Written by
Mitchel Davis
Upcoming Writer Friend on his first short story.