Be the best you can be

Be the best you can be,
Embrace this woman; be yourself, hiding behind self pretense and hypocrisy won’t make you accomplish anything.
Let your flaws show, for by being naked you allow us to see you the real you,
Embrace your form, your uniqueness,
Your resilience bounces at the edge of your bountiful curves,
You are worth more than you’re cracked up to be,
You are precious,
Don’t let anyone tell you different,
You are important

You’ve been hurt and put down for far too long,
Dance, shout, and sing your song,
You deserve to be seen and heard,
Make your mark in this world
You go girl!

Written by
Laurna Guiste

8 thoughts on “Be the best you can be

      1. Hi, Laurna! All is okay with me, could be better in some ways, but almost everyone can say that!

        Thank you for asking about my mom. She is getting by, but her symptoms are getting a bit worse. However, that’s what Alzheimer’s does. There is no cure and symptoms just get worse over time.

        I may have to put her in a “home” in the not too distant future. But I know it will really hurt her emotionally, and that hurts me!

        However, if that’s best for her and for me and my wife, then that is what we have to do. However, we aren’t faced with doing that right this moment.

        How are you doing? Are things moving in the right direction for you? Let me know when you have the time!

        Enjoy your day,

      2. Hi Steve,
        Always a joy hearing from you,my prayers remain with you as you go through this time in your life,may God give both you and your wife the strength and comfort and touch your mother as well.
        I got some good news on Monday,that my company is making me write a newsletter for our company,:) so please keep me in prayers as i learn the ropes i am so excited and feel very blessed.:

        Have a great day as well


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