Now you Fly

Lift your wings butterfly,

Flutter them sweetly across the blue skies,

Paint them with your pretty picture,

Yes it may take us a while to catch up with you,

But we’ll get there.

Dance your dance butterfly,

For you’re worth every ounce of happiness.

The world watched as you crawled in the uncertainty of your identity, curved up in malevolence.

But how much you’ve grown!

Today you fly in awareness of who you are!

You are beautiful


A radiance of beauty and hope

Written by
Laurna Guiste

My Blood Stains

Story one

He left his mark on her innocent skin, his sister his own blood; he touched her when it was yet dark when everyone else had fallen deeply in the arms of slumber. Susan rose early in the morning, tears at her cheeks and blood on her night gown she rushed to the village Witch doctor told him of the brutality she encountered and quickly was handed a medicine that would make him mad.
She didn’t hesitate to place it in his coffee and with a smirk she brought it to his lips, clenching her fist he said “tell no one”

“I promise”.

Written by
Laurna Guiste