Stumbling into an area of tropical rain forest, the poet sees the island as a naturally beautiful paradise where almost every herb is a medicine. Thus, this inspiration.

This unharvested vale and pastures untouched
Except few foliage, scattered and almost
Seeming random where they detach. I for once
Nature’s beauty behold. A hidden paradise
Unexplored and unexplorable.
A splendor, silent and bare.
In awe, my athwart eyes survey.

Wild avocados, Carapit
Spreading its white skeletal anchor.
A cradle to the tender lilies.
Obelisk, to the creeping moss,
And the dying sensitive grass, now alive.
Alive enough to have strength to die, and die again
To every nudge of the dandelion, the comfrey,
Holy thistles, and others else flexed by the wind.
Camouflage is the mistletoe
Upon the cedar’s bough. Tall nettles
Itching the restless air, while marigold
Arrayed in fair yellows, and greens,
Now sleeps upon the marshy ground.

And rising still, weeds and ferns and reed;
A profusion of flowers in a spectral charm.
O, unending garden! As if nature
Has gathered all of her medicine
In one single store…
Earth has not utopia to show more fair.
Perhaps, Eden’s fair beauty?… (a far off thing).

But this,
Undistant treasure, now, I see.

Book: ‘The Burning Prelude’
Copyright David Guiste 1999
(At last he gave me a poem of his to publish,the work of my writer/painter/D.J brother Daivid’s work)