God’s Pearls

The people in our life are not just there for good looks, but are really there to help you through the journey of life. I saw a video recently where this son was sort of a disturbance to his father as he only came home when it was very late and would eat ravenously, the father saw very little of him unless it was at the dinner table where he would eat hungrily causing the father to become very upset. Once he came home after one in the morning and his father rose up to find him eating in the kitchen the father started to argue and fight with him about how he behaved dismannerly, the outraged son run away from home.

The next day he went to work on a construction site that was above ground level, an accident occurred which caused this young man to fall off from the building causing him to be paralyzed from his waist down. While being hospitalized the young man lost all hope for existence, he had no appetite for food, the saddened father cried in regret as he felt for his son’s pain.

He mastered up the courage to place  his son on his  back every day in hopes of making him walk again, the father would make steps as his sons feet dragged along, it was tough and difficult,feeled with tears and pain, but they persisted, he assured his son he would walk again.

One day as they sat at the dinner table the son managed to rise from his wheelchair, in excitement he called on his parents as they witnessed him walk towards the dinner table. The family was so pleased to see him walk; they allowed him to eat as much as he could.

Families and friendships are important; we never know when the people in our lives are going to be no more that is why we have to value, love and appreciate them. Family are like precious stones that God has blessed us with, they should be taken care of and looked after, and they are all given to make our lives more beautiful.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


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