Episode 1 continues

Nicole clocked out of Randy’s supermarket said her good byes to her favorite coworkers Jocelyn and Mona and her work husband Oscar. They all told her have fun as she crossed the street waving.

They all knew eachother for about two years now and bonded over free coffee in the lunchroom,work gossip and work stress. Oscar was branded the name work husband because he and Nicole bonded over way more,as they often shared similar views on the afterlife,movies and weird shit that others didn’t like discussing with either of them cause they would always whoop up some conspiracy theory.

They were so similar yet vastly different.Nicole was wild and free and believed in trying something atleast once,Oscar was mysterious yet guarded and careful now after he’d gotten his heart broken.Nicole was naive,and somewhat innocent and gullible in love,she had no idea what true love was and hanged on tightly to anything that felt good,Oscar was a good guy,and respected women especially Nicole.

She made long strides towards the Chinese restaurant where Darius said he was waiting on her.The allies were dark and the street lights were dim,but led her pathway just fine.She had worn a red and white floral top,one which Darius said was his favorite along with jeans and wedge heels.

She eventually made it to Lil China restaurant,this was a place Darius often raved about but never took her to.He loved their meals so much that he decided to wait on her there while he met up with his buddies Ken and Drew. Two of Nicole’s least favorite people but she pretended to care for ,for Darius sake.

As she got closer to them she realized to her dismay that they had just eaten,there were leftover Chinese dumplings and beer bottles on the table. They were in laughter and deep conversation when Nicole joined them.

“what’s going on here,I thought we were going out to dinner”

she said trying to control her tone but her expression gave off disappointment . Darius smirked and fought to find the right words and Nicole realized he was tipsy.

“We are,we are ,I was just waiting so long that I decided to buy something to munch on” Andrew laughed and they greeted Nicole and went back into their topic.

Nicole sat with her shoulders dropping as she analyzed what to do and as she overthinked,Ken offered her some leftover dumplings.

That was it, she exhaled .

“I wanna go home” she blurted out

“what?! Ain’t we going to dinner?”asked Darius with a confused look on his face

“No I change my mind,I wanna go home”she felt even more hurt as the words came out her mouth.

Darius expression got serious,

“After I waited on you, that’s what you do? You embarrass me infront of my friends?!” His voice rised above the restaurant music and people started looking their way. Ken and Andrew shook their head as they quickly rose and made an excuse to leave.

“You know what I can’t do this” he muttered as he eyed her with fire in his eyes .

“I’m out here trying to make things work and you just had to spoil it”

Her eyes were watery as she clenched her fist,

“well I’m done too, I’m going home” she said as she stood and left. Darius was furious and confused,he just sat there not knowing what to do.

She nervously dialed into her phone calling Oscar.

“Hello,Nic sup?”

“Come Get me now,please!”she cried

“Are you ok?ok where are you, I’ll be right there!”


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