Magic gone wrong episode 1

The coffee was made just right,providing some much needed warmth from the cold breeze coming from the mountain side. She sat on the balcony,occasionally rubbing her shoulders.

Darius’s laugh was heard in the living room,he seemed lost in his PSP and didn’t care much about the weather being cold as he had on nothing but boxer briefs.One of his favorite things to wear around the apartment. Most times Nicole felt in competition with that thing,as he gave more attention to a game than her.

She had gotten sort of used to it now,after morning sex, they’d talk of their dreams that seemed to never happen.He would make her breakfast when their stomachs started aching and after that he’d get lost in his game.

The routine was one she had adapted to but sometimes she just wanted more.

Meet me after work the Whatsapp message read, it’s on me.

Nicole felt she and Darius hadn’t been out in a while and with working 9-5 they hadn’t spend much time out of the apartment.It was a new year and she wanted them to do more together as a couple. Though many of their pass outings ended in arguments and hurt feelings,she just couldn’t understand why someone who claimed to love her,made sweet love to her usually treated her like her feelings didn’t matter.

On January 8th she planned a night out, they’d meet up after work and go to a new restaurant and just chill,eat talk like a regular couple. Darius agreed and she thought of the event whole day,she couldn’t wait to get off work and look at her man from across the dinner table. He was mainly cynical but those brown eyes and slick hair waves had a way of making her melt as butter. He was no gentleman and no Romeo either,but just something about the way he let his guard down around her and be his goofy self made her feel special.She hadn’t had no serious partners in the past and Darius was the only one she had stayed two years with ,things were not perfect but atleast she had a man to satisfy her physical needs,and that he did daily.


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