Episode 1 continues

They had been driving in the rain for what felt like hours and Oscar was trying to wrap his head around this story and why Darius was being now placed on his list of guys he felt was secretly gay.But he Of course kept his thoughts to himself as he tried to be sympathetic to his “work wife”,who had definitely been here before ,in his pickup, crying her eyes out complaining about her insensitive and asshole boyfriend,who also happened to have an 8in penis and was good in bed(,he never forgot her stories ).

Nicole was the type who vented to him alot about both the good and bad of her relationship ,but mostly the bad.

But as much as he wanted to tell her leave this guy alone,a deeper part of him also wanted her to grow the hell up and learn her lessons just like he did. He knew she learning them on her own would cause her not to repeat them,so as usual he encouraged her,offered her tissue and told her Darius would hopefully come around.

“I don’t know,but it feels different this time” she said holding back more tears.

Oscar eyed her sadly, holding back telling her how puffy her face looked and instead held her hand tightly for reassurance.

“wanna go get some drinks?”

She looked at the time reading minutes to 9:00pm

“Maybe we shouldn’t,we got work tomorrow”

“Come on!” He said driving into a parking lot close to a bar.

The bar seemed busy for a Monday night,and as he parked he realized she pulled up her window.

“Are you coming in with me?’

“Nuh,you go ahead,I’ll wait for you here”

He rolled his eyes,”Ok,what do you want then?”

“I’ll just have a beer thanks”she was looking out the windshield as if to spot someone.

Oscar stepped out laughing a little.

After 15 minutes he was back with a pack of beers,before Nicole could protest he stated that he won it for being the most cutest guy in there. She couldn’t stop laughing and she knew that it was also factual,he was cute.Oscar was mixed with Amerindian blood that gave him curly ,long hair that he kept short and a vanilla skin that glowed in sunshine.He was perfect.

As he offered her a beer,she shook her lingering thoughts off.They drove into the night ,old school music blasted on the radio and tears seemed like something of the past.

He hugged her tight as he dropped her off at her apartment.She opened slowly,quietly,removed her shoes and tip toed into the washroom.Exhaled as she wiped off the makeup ,peeled off her clothes and stepped into the shower.

She smiled remembering the time with Oscar she was so grateful for his genuine friendship.She was soon bought back to reality when she felt a hand around her neck,a grip that startled her but soon soothed her as the hand began to massage her tension out.Soft kisses were plastered on her back .He turned her towards his slender, narked body and eyed her so sensually.

“I’m sorry for tonight”

“No,I’m sorry” she mumbled reaching out to kiss him.

He rested his forehead against hers,

He held her thick and curvy body close.

“where did you go?” I was getting worried?”

“I met up with Jocelyn,she was still in town,we hanged out a bit,had some beer”

“Had too much to drink huh?”

“No,I’m good”

“I Kinna wish you were,you know how you get when you’re drunk” he smirked kissing her deeply,she tasted marijuana on his tongue.

She had no more words as she surrendered to his passion and forgot everything but now.

Look out for Episode 2


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