The human Cage

We were bound by our inhibited passions,connected by an invisible chain that made us indebted to each other. I didn’t love me,he didn’t love me,we didn’t love each other so we became slaves to our own masters called lust.Our love was tarnished by broken promises and we butchered each others trust and we hung limply, hoping for better,hoping for a change that would never come unless we allowed God to intervene.

“We often take demons as friends, playing around the bend,burning torches at night without fright because they wear amicable masks,but if we could only see what’s beneath we’d have a heart attack.”



God is merciful and just and will often seek to set his people free,but to those who’ve gone too far,its with them I plea. For self destruction can be one with no remedy,far worst when you delve in self pity and you become lost in the enemy’s web,my prayer is that you find your way back to where your conscience spoke and you obeyed. I wish you   didn’t ignore the cautions,the warnings before the storms and you took heed. I wish you didn’t serve God based on how it feels. Instead you sought to slay these warlocks on your own when you meddle with their toys! Darkness cannot win darkness,it is a losing battle,a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. This is one to be fought by angels by God and not a mare man. When you lay up late fighting a losing battle,that depress your soul ,you have no warmth,your’e alone and cold, there is one waiting for to reach out to Him to make you whole.

One who can ease your pain and no matter how far you’ve gone,God is able to clean you,deliver you and set you free.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


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