First week in my No-November Challenge.

My No -November Challenge has started and I said I would be blogging about it so here goes…

My No-November/No meat challenge started, actually a little earlier than November, I  started on the 31st of October. Woke up for work that day filled of ambition and excitement,a smile on my face as I marched to the kitchen to prepare my meal for the day. I decided to have a lettuce,cucumber and tomato salad with two boiled eggs for  my protein for lunch and a cup of mint tea for breakfast.. I made a kail and banana smoothie with an apple and a couple peanuts for my snack.


14971995_10209343751704897_725413821_n(Kail and Banana smoothie)

I was at work and my co-workers who knew of the challenge shook their head at my excitement,one told me she is keeping me under close observation as she is monitoring my progress.I reminded her of my determination and how I was going to keep at it and not give up,with naysayers now i had to prove them wrong.So lunch came and my excitement simmered down when i honestly felt like a caterpillar eating bitter leaves,my lunch wasn’t as yummy to my taste buds as i highly anticipated,  i knew it would need some getting used to. When i got home that evening i in cooperated  some intense work outs I searched for on YouTube ,which was so intense that i  burnt out in no time lol I ended the night with some  corn meal for dinner.

On November 1st,  the Tuesday the second day into my challenge , my inner thighs were sore from the previous work out. For lunch I made vegetable rice with boiled egg and whole wheat bread with peanut butter and banana  with green tea for breakfast and I made banana,kail,spinach,oats and flax seed smoothie which was enjoyed very much since I am  a huge lover of banana,it adds creaminess and a sweet taste.


When i came home that evening i enrolled in some more vigorous exercises this time working my abs,arms,butt and thighs.I felt less tired afterwards as my body began getting used to it.

The third day into my challenge i had Raisin bran for breakfast with carrot and cucumber  salad and whole wheat bread which i enjoyed very much with a cup of locally made cocoa tea which I indulged in since it was the creole season in my country.


The Thursday rolled in and my usual fast food cravings kicked in,I took the scent of fried chicken and my body reacted like a vampire taking the scent of blood,i told my co-worker put the chicken away the scent was offending me,raising my meat loving beast,he quickly hid it from me.I pushed off the thoughts of fried chicken that taunted me and tried concentrating on the spinach and cucumber and tomato sandwich ,apple and yogurt  i had for lunch.


When i got home I felt rather tired and my determination honestly felt low,i enrolled in just sit ups and squats that night.

Friday came in (TGIF) and it was a public holiday in my country,however I had to work so  i decided just to have a cucumber and tomato sandwich with an apple and peanuts for my snack. Whole week I had successfully avoided meat and though my weight looked the same with me wanting immediate results I felt better inside. My body was awakening to a better,healthier me that could probably become a lifestyle,a good habit.

However , on my way home from work I took the sweet,aroma of fried chicken,brown at the crust scent clouded my mind,i tried to resist but i rationalized the situation and gave in to my weakness,   i rushed to the the snackette and hoped the passing little girl didn’t notice the battle i was having with myself. I asked for fried chicken and luckily they didn’t have any more ,though my taste buds were mad I thank God He intervened.

When i made it to the town though, Festivities were preparing to flood the town so vendors were lined up by the roadside selling barbecue chicken and hot dogs.With hunger kicking in I decided to buy a hot dog,it tasted good but it felt so wrong. I honestly felt guilty afterwards and like i betrayed myself,to add salt to injury when i got home i was still famished i ended up eating meat from the pot!Yes you may be shaking your head but i did. This just proves how challenging this is for me and for anyone out there who is battling a bad habit or trying to alter a negative lifestyle this is obviously difficult and results are not going to happen over night.My story is not one about perfection ,and how i mastered this so quickly, I failed because I  am human ,still weak and i have a long way to go, and i definitely need to be more disciplined.

So,that was my first week into the No November  -no meat challenge ,triumphs were actually making it four days without meat and actually maintain vigorous exercises every night after work and snacking on only healthy snacks,defeats were eating meat today.

I look forward to better days, me becoming even more intense and disciplined in my eating habits,for the upcoming week I want to eat mainly whole grains and absolutely no meats whatsoever. Keep yourself motivated and let’s continue this journey of a better us together. Look out for my next blog of my  progress  next week Friday God spear, Love you and do have a blessed weekend.

Written by

Laurna Guiste