His Hip-Hop (Life in the Streets)

His Hip-Hop (Life in the Streets)

They don’t know what it feels like to be born in these streets, no meal to eat, no shoes on your feet,

No one to hold you near, and say they understand,

Living in the streets where a boy is forced to walk and act like a man,

I don’t expect you to understand,

Selling drugs to survive this thing called life, instead of a notebook, going school with a knife,

Hustling just to make ends meet, working a job that I hate, seeing nothing but dust and pavements, getting

wasted,underachieving,this can’t be my fate,

Pipes smoked up dreams, pipe lines,rhheasing nursery rhymes,tryna make life fun and funny, sleeping around, but life
in the streets is not for everyone, it sure aint sunny,

The gangs we make, the smiles we fake, it’s all a sad reality, and we can’t wait to wake,

Life in the streets, no love, no home, no one seem able to pop the rims off our closed up dreams, visions seemed
deemed, but we know one who is able,

pops called him the man upstairs,

Regardless I thank God one day I’ll rise from these fears, (the streets)

Written by Laurna Guiste

Dedicated to the youths on the streets who got dreams and talents, don’t give up, keep on dreaming, God is good and I pray one day sooner than you think your answers will come.


8 thoughts on “His Hip-Hop (Life in the Streets)

  1. Born on the journey of life with changing partners they meet. No one can stay, no one can get away from this floating passengers who has journey as destination.They can perhaps recognize one fact, you can be born on the street but you can still steer your life, and finally reach your home in a good time.

  2. Beautiful dedication to those whose path is more difficult than some. Life on the streets surely isn’t easy, but finding their way to dreams isn’t impossible either. (And I imagine the struggle makes success even sweeter.)

    1. Thank you Jannawrites.I have realized that what don’t kill you makes you stronger. Surely the harder the battle the sweeter the victory! Hats off to those who have made it through!

  3. I was blessed to grow up in farm country with wide open spaces to play in and fresh food to eat. My sorrow is that so many never got to know what I do and I pray that there will come a day when they too, will indeed, experience what I experienced because “life in the streets,” ain’t easy.

    Thank you for this!

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