Death taken by self


Today he left this world, left his grandmother, left his hand marks stained on the pails whom he used to carry for her after she had a hard day.

He left behind a lamented mother, confused father and saddened sibilings, trying to wonder why he did it

Though they knew he was frustrated, unemployed and sort of demented,

He never gave them a real reason why he wasn’t happy

And why he took his own life.

Today I heard the news of a young man ending his life and I got saddened as I remembered his face, I knew him as a guy who was friendly and would always call me. There were rumours of him being mad and under serious stress, still is that enough to drive someone to take their own life? I guess, not everyone is able to cope with life inevitable challenges and tests, many of us don’t have a resort to turn to.

Even as a young woman at times I become frustrated with life and suicide attempts passes as light flickers before my eyes though quickly brushed off, I know I have had them. But I look at my life and I feel at peace with God and myself knowing when no one cares He does, He loves me when I am  unlovable and don’t deserve it, God is what has kept me sane for so long honestly.

No amount of challenge or situation should drive you to a path of self destruction, my advice is love yourself first or no one else will, be pleased and at peace with yourself and make choices that make you happy and consider your love ones, for they should have your back when no one else does, if not form friendships but I urge you never be alone for in the company of counsellors there is safety, two is better than one. Have someone you can confine in and trust and if there really is no one for the moment trust God, he promise to never fail us even when folks do.

Life is precious and is as beautiful as you would want it, rain will come but it’s up to us to hold up that umbrella till the shower dissipates and a rainbow appears.

Written by

Laurna Guiste