This one is for the women, who have been hurt, abused at a tender age and keep on hating on men,
Because of what he did. This is for the women who have had their heart broken, trampled upon and as a result keep sleeping around just to feel that gap, but nothing won’t feel that void as you search for love in all the wrong places. No man can make you feel worthwhile if you don’t know your worth. No man can make you feel beautiful if your inside is ugly with scars.
Forgiveness is where your beauty begins, by God first cleansing you from within, and forgiving the proper traitor from the things unseen”
It is loving yourself enough to walk away from the hurts of the past,
forgive them,forgive yourself and give yourself the permission to smile, give yourself the permission to live and be happy and free!

Written by
Laurna Guiste

The Awakening..




Vision being captured behind screens see what they want me to be, taking away my innocence capturing all my attention, shortening my attention span,

LCD’s, PSP’s that’s all I need don’t take them from me, it’s like all I need lately, Take your lessons, extra class, I don’t need that, got my swags on, can’t pretend to be right on, cause I got some, And I’m right on,

Role models get in trouble, everygrl tryna be a model, every player tryna hit a double, and parents seem to be starting trouble,

What do kids do, when no one motivate them to, live right and to be bright,

Take school seriously, work hard and play soft, whatever happened to playing sports?

Lack of grammar, plenty drama, up in the hood wit baby mamas,

Why gaining an education seem so farfetched and giving up is so well catched,

Face booking, tweeting, twerking and drinking, staying up late, No one disciplining,

All that which is happening, what are the parents are doing?

Written by Laurna Guiste