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The Dream

The Dream
“Don’t do it, don’t do it!” I shouted to this tall mystifying figure of a man standing on the edge of a towering building. He stood there silent with his back facing me, refusing to identify his self and speak of what he was contemplating. My efforts of trying to get him off the edge proved futile as he did not respond positively to the sounds of my footsteps getting closer to him. I had to discontinue my advancements, I noticed the closer I got to him, the closer he got to the perimeter. Lots of thoughts went through my mind; suddenly I was interrupted from my forecasting state of mind, by the most shocking thing ever, my own voice.

The mystical figure then turned to me saying “Mitchel it’s over.”

I stood there dazed, I couldn’t believe what I just saw, the person was me. Then making a courageous leap to halt his intentions, I slipped and fell over the edge. My screams although louder than a thousand horns could not save me from falling to the afterlife, my heart grew bigger within my chest as my body got closer to the ground.

The fall felt like an eternity, shivering like a wet cat with only one life left, my bemused childhood flashed before my eyes. Approaching my final contact with the ground, I saw a beam of sunshine, my eyes opened up to my lover’s luscious lips upon mine, greeting me good morning and saying “Finally Mitchel you are awake”
It was just a dream.

Written by
Mitchel Davis
Upcoming Writer Friend on his first short story.

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Dream VS Lesson

Dream I had recently
I got the inspiration to write about a dream I had recently due to a blog a sister shared and I found them to be sort of similar, I guess it was a reminder and a need to share this message with you guys.
I dreamed I was getting married and on the wedding day the groom was nowhere to be seen, my family were busy into catering and I got really puzzled as to who he was. After much confusion I decided I was going to call off the wedding, but I was too ashamed/embarrassed to inform my family since they already had prepared everything.

confused bride

In my pursuit of locating the groom at the church I saw my ex sitting at the front row, I rushed up to him and hoped he was the groom, getting closer to him I realized he was dressed shabbily but had his usual big smile on his face, we greeted each other and I sat next to him and I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t my groom. The entire church was waiting and I didn’t know who my husband was.
I was persuaded there was no wedding and had to end this charade, as I was about to make the announcement the setting changed to the reception area, and here comes the groom through the doors surrounded by people, he was smiling and waving everyone and guess what ..he was a Muslim.


He wasn’t what I was expected but he was drop dead gorgeous, I remember thinking that our religion/beliefs were different but he was good looking and that was enough for me. I quickly jumped on his arm and headed at the back of the church. When it was time to walk down the aisle I rushed up to my brother who was the dj and asked him to play my wedding song by Johnny Gill he couldn’t find it on the computer got pissed as I realized I never saved it in my playlist. So I told him to play anything , minutes later we were walking down the aisle dancing to this loud obnoxious, out of place soca music and the weird thing is we were all dancing and moving to it. Lolz
As I survey this dream I realize that I got married for the wrong reason, I fell for this guy’s looks without any regard to his background, beliefs, goals, morals or anything deep or permanent rooted in the core of his being. All I saw was the outside, I became infatuated, lusted and was stirred by mare feelings instead of pondering the life changing decision I was making. Marriage as we know should be forever, and love is not mare looks, it is patient, kind and comes with forming a deep connection, it is acceptance of that persons good and bad, cherishing and caring for them beyond your soul regardless of how they look or what they have done.

I guess this dream proves how shallow we women and men can sometimes be when it comes to choosing a mate for life, I bet looks is on top of that list. Also, love shouldn’t be rushed, or confusing, in the dream I didn’t even know the man I was going to get married to, I was disorganized and seemed lost.

Marriage should be planned, organized and you both should be on the same level, romantically, spiritually, socially, overall you should want the same things, you should take time to know each other and decide if you can handle this for life. Notice I said looks and not attraction, I support that you be attracted to your mate 100% and have of course chemistry, what I am referring to here is beauty and charm, appealing body types, love is more than the physical and it is kept by nothing else than a strong foundation which is God.

Written by
Laurna Guiste