My loving bed

In my loving bed I am her,I am she,

She who is empowered,who inbetween her legs lies the power,

The power to manifest,bring the birds to my nest and offer me a sweet escape from my rent that’s due,

My bills get paid though,he offers to pay them well before the night is through.

In my loving bed I am loved,lied to and made love to,

My taboos are unleashed and we become free,

But as soon as he leaves his scent makes me nauseated,Im terrified of the dark as they call out my demons,

Im afraid to be alone and its sad that my sweetness,wetness is temporary for Im left dry,unwanted

My plane had landed with no destination..

My sheets are stained and no help to clean it..

Written by


Inspired by Spike Lee’s she’s got to have it.

i regret not loving thee..

I regret not loving thee, fiercely yet bitterly I wish to hold thee, kiss your lips like you taught me,

I regret not confessing my heart content, pouring my love on a parched part of you and maybe just maybe if you had nibbled or at least taste of my sweetness we wouldn’t have part,

And today a rose could have bloomed on the soil we fed just once,

Unwatered love, kindles no fire, passion gone no desire to say hi, hello, ever since we said goodbye,

I regret not loving thee…
Written by Laurna Guiste

i wish..

A lover’s ballad to his desired sweetheart

Upon your hand I wish I were a ring so I could touch your face,

A corset so I could hug your skin, a goblet to taste thy lips,

A song to put your mind at ease,
I wish
Upon this day to be your wildest dream, and deepest desire,

The sweat that chills your spine runs down your body,

Oh I wish you were all mine,

I wish
Written by Laurna Guiste