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Ladies, Listen up!

Dear Ladies,

Learn to love yourself enough that men wont feel like they are doing you a favor when they pass you on the streets to say hey,ensure the reason why they stopped to have a talk with you is because of the radiance of your smile and not that skirt that’s exposes all your thighs. Ladies get to know yourself before you allow any man to know you,be wise enough to not let a man seduce you into his bed by the mare smell of his skin,swaying of his tongue and look of his eyes,ladies be strong and like the women of the bible let him work hard to get to know the real you.

Ladies wear your crowns with pride,strive for modesty,honesty,don’t let these players push it to the side and rape the standards that you placed so high, don’t let it fall to pieces just because he knew the right lines.

Ladies you are one to be courted,loved and respected, fearfully and wonderfully made,you’re valuable,precious for on the cross your price was paid,no man can love you more than Christ, for you He gave  His life,and He doesn’t want you to trade  His temple,your body for rice.

You are a queen who deserves  a king who knows how to lead you,a man who cares,loves and protects you, he will be honest and won’t mislead you,he’ll fast and pray and serve with you.A man of God that He  will help find you.

So ladies wait as God prepares you

Written by

Laurna Guiste

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The power of influence

The power of influence
I believe some of us a born with indefinite power of influence, an ability to drive even the strongest of minds to your point of view, trend of thought or ideas. It’s sort of manipulative really how a highly influential person sweetly moves not one but a crowd of persons to follow him. We see it displayed in all arenas, such as in politics,fashion,our work places,religion,courtship and even marriage etc. a husband who is known as the head of the house can influence his entire family to join him in almost anything, and if he is a good man then that is a blessed home. This can either be good or bad; a father who is a bad influence can drive his son to being laid back, controlling and even to drugs making it seem harmless and a normal approach to life.
A person who is a bad influencer can turn all good Morales down the drain with reasoning so profound that you couldn’t tell what was wrong with the idea. However one who is a good influencer can also raise a standard against society ills and convince a whole clan to fight with him against it. But where do influence stem from? We have heard about one being under the influence of drugs,alchohol, heard of charges being dropped because of these, but what about the influencer, who really spans his wings and ignite him with what I consider a sort of power to make a change, alter minds into doing and saying things causing others to see things through their perspective? I would like to conclude that it stems from God, maker of all good things. And we as individuals have a chose whether to utilize this gift for good or bad.
I do admire those with such a gift though, who choose to do good make a positive change and lead!

Written by Laurna Guiste