In this Moon

Tonight in this moon,

I recall the earthy scent of his perfume,the taste of leaves beneath his tongue,

In this moon,I recall walks, talks and spontaneous kisses,

Ahh that memory my heart misses,but my mind knows better than to be stuck here in nostalgia.

But tonight I remember that time when we were together,

Smoked weed in the darkness,spoke downright madness,

Trespassed inhibitions and danced in the twilight of the morning,

In that moonlight night

Life enrolled like a movie that I led,a wild book that I read,

In this moonlight these thoughts play in my head


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Friday the 13th, moonlight and the beach

Friday the 13th, moonlight and the beach

So it’s Friday the 13th, full moon and my co-workers and I decided to have this barbecue on the beach, imagine the excitement, I am picturing fun, camp fires and mash mellows and possibly a few scary stories or two. The night came and we were supposed to gather at 7 pm, 7pm turned to minutes to 9 pm, thank heavens I had eaten a light snack before the journey. We eventually made it to the beach site and it didn’t look like much was happening, but my co-workers and I decided we were not going to let that damper our spirits. We decided to stroll along the beach as the rest setted up the barbecue grill; the black sand felt warm between my toes, the breeze was cool in its caress. The walk was filled with giggles, photographs and observing of lovers and teenagers along the way.

In the next couple of hours things got better some of us were sipping cranberry while others were on the heavy drinks. The chicken was on the grill and we were all in our little clans, the moon was coming up and things looked promising.
Before long there were skinny dipping, dance competitions and comical episodes which were prolonged into the evening. The water was beautiful, semi warm the food was mouth-watering, (barbecue chicken and potato salad) and the sky bloomed with the moon’s radiance. It wasn’t what I expected; I greatly observe that my desire for a campfire is closer to coming to fruition, nonetheless it was a fun time, looking forward to my next staff adventure. This time can we roast some mash mellows…

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Laurna Guiste