The Awakening..




Vision being captured behind screens see what they want me to be, taking away my innocence capturing all my attention, shortening my attention span,

LCD’s, PSP’s that’s all I need don’t take them from me, it’s like all I need lately, Take your lessons, extra class, I don’t need that, got my swags on, can’t pretend to be right on, cause I got some, And I’m right on,

Role models get in trouble, everygrl tryna be a model, every player tryna hit a double, and parents seem to be starting trouble,

What do kids do, when no one motivate them to, live right and to be bright,

Take school seriously, work hard and play soft, whatever happened to playing sports?

Lack of grammar, plenty drama, up in the hood wit baby mamas,

Why gaining an education seem so farfetched and giving up is so well catched,

Face booking, tweeting, twerking and drinking, staying up late, No one disciplining,

All that which is happening, what are the parents are doing?

Written by Laurna Guiste

The pink elephant

The pink elephant
Lost in a forest of enchantment, the pink elephant sleeps, lies solemnly on the feathers of existence it bears no fame, still the mystery of the pink elephant remains,

Of all the animals that are, the pink elephant is the loveliest by far,

Friends may be few, as they wonder why its colour stands askew, but that doesn’t make him less of a friend to everyone
he meets, no attention he seeks the pink elephant just simply exists,

Not merging but sticking out, ripping the edges tearing the box, though he seems at times to be out of sorts,

The pink elephant is wonderfully tamed; he reeks of greatness and charm, for there is simply none like him.

They come in hordes of grey boring and ordinary, but I sir im not lame standing unashamed,

In a forest of enchantment the mystery of the pink elephant remains.

Written by Laurna Guiste on a spur of inspiration by her new friend AnElephantCant