Upcoming story part Three 3

Travis was 5′ 7 weighed about 150 lbs and wasn’t the nicest of children, he was rich and sought to make poor boys like Mattis life a real night mare. Because of his poor background Mattis would often be bullied by all his peers, except his best friend James, who often stood up for him.
James and Mattis met on a sunny afternoon in October; James was coming home from school playing with his favorite ball when it slipped from his hand and into the bushes. Mattis sat from a distance in the village market when he saw James looking sort of worried and in dismay searching madly in the farm opposite the market. Being the curious cat he was, he hurried over and asked what was wrong, James ignored him at first as he peered at him from head to toe, feeling a little disgusted he told Mattis to go away. Mattis stepped back but stood observing as he concluded the boy was in search of something valuable as he scratched his head and rubbed his eyes. Mattis intervened yet again and asked if he needed help this time with tears in his eyes he said yes, the day ended with them retrieving the ball and exchanging names and creating a bond. James though he came from the upper class came to appreciate Mattis for the honest, curious and loyal friend he was. For weeks James would disobey his parent’s rule of avoiding the less fortunate and would make numerous excuses on weekends to visit his grandparent’s horses up in the heights just to meet up with Mattis. They would spend their noon playing hide and seek, police and thieves and other boyish sports. James taught Mattis to ride the horses and Mattis taught James how to create a catapult out of a stick and old rubber. They exchanged ideas, told each other stories and learnt a lot from each other. James also would jolt off many bullies who would want to pick fights with Mattis, he would often reason with Travis and convinced him with his wit to live poor Mattis alone, and luckily he did. Soon enough James encouraged Mattis to come to school as he said he would protect him, but Mattis explained his situation further and how he really couldn’t attend. Saddened James made it his point of duty to bring books from school and taught Mattis Maths and English, he was surprised yet pleased by how quick he learned.
Weeks turned to months and the more they got to know each other the more Mattis admired and coveted James life, he wanted to live within the crystal gates and enjoy dancing and playing music. He wanted to attend school and eat, wear and enjoy whatever he wanted and more than anything he wanted to help his mother. So one day he mastered the courage to ask James for money to start off school, James kindly explained that he didn’t have money but his parents did and they hid it in a locked cabinet. Mattis felt James was lying and became angry, they started to argue and soon a fight began, words went back and forth and feelings and egos were bruised. They ended the quarrel promising never to speak to each other again. Weeks after though they reconciled as they couldn’t stay mad at each other, and that’s when they agreed to be best of friends.
Recently after this episode, James stopped visiting Mattis on the weekends, only waved quickly at him before his father would pick him up and speedily drive off living Mattis worried and confused. He was left alone without any explanation except doubts and the fear of losing his one and only friend. With the absence of James, Mattis was an overripe feast on the buffet of his tormentors.

Written by
Laurna Guiste
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Second Part to Upcoming Story..

Weeks after, Mattis sat in the village market selling the few potatoes his mother had managed to plant. She was moving about as normal, with little mention about the incident which happened. The sun was beaming causing sweat to slither down Mattis face. He wiped the water from his brow then placed the parcels together, waving them at every passing pedestrian.
“Nice, potato! Sweet potato! Three for $4.00, hurry and buy it quick’’ He would say with the widest grin, the rich folks couldn’t resist his charm and zest and would purchase the parcels by two, living customers asking for more. Unfortunately Ruth was unable to produce beyond their demands as many of the plants died in the hot climate. The amount they received would cover their food products for the week and barely meet any other need.

Ruth was a 32 year old widow, who raised Mattis on her own ever since her husband died of a chronic illness weeks after their son’s birth. With half her family and in laws deceased, living too far away or basking in similar meagre conditions Ruth was tied to her husband’s village called Salybia. A community where the rich owed half the village and the remaining portion by a care free, convoluted government. The poor were fortunate enough to get seeds to plant gardens, but the amusements were held behind crystal gates, and music was forbidden in the streets and couldn’t be enjoyed by the less fortunate. The village was depressed, reeked of weariness and was believed to be under the curse of the witch doctor who resided on Morne Diablotin the tallest mountain in the village.
Because of Ruth’s financial condition she couldn’t afford sending Mattis to school, so at an early age he was a devoted potato planter with his mother. She saved a penny from every acquired fund on the dream of sending him to school one day. Mattis was determined to accomplish this dream as he worked extra hard and sometimes late at night. But no matter how hard they both worked the money just never seemed to be accumulating as their nourishment took priority.
About noon he startled as he heard the chatter of children, looking nervously over his shoulder he saw a few of his peers coming from school, he felt uneasy as they drew closer, knowing his tormentor Travis, was close behind.

Written by Laurna Guiste

Continuation of upcoming story,do i still hold your attention?