They are not your tragedy


They are not your tragedy

Shield the little girls hide them from your cruelty, they don’t need their innocence being robbed away,

Let children be children allow them to play, run around don’t ruin their fate,

Allow them to play while it is yet day,

Allow them to run and climb, don’t shut out your mistakes into their existence,

They are here now and they are golden, precious diamonds,

Many babes have so much dirt cover them that they lose their true self

Growing up with a false image of who they really are,

Don’t mold your child’s mind with negativity,

Instead speak life, declare the greatness you want your child to become

For God ordain that they be great and leaders of tomorrow,

Allow these babies to grow.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Celebrating my Father

My Father

I have always said that I want to marry a man as my father, wise, handsome, hardworking, kind, a family man a talented man. The story of the way my parents courted is one to admire my dad being the old school type did it the right way and that’s the way I want it to be done for me.

As Father’s Day is around the corner I choose to honor my father, and no number of gifts or archives can prove how grateful I am to have a father like him. From elementary school up to my high school years my father is the one who was present at every school meeting, collected report books and was deeply involved in my proper upbringing. He worked extra-long hours just to ensure that his family’s needs were met and there were extra to share. Being a godly man he brought us up in the church and instilled family values and respect in both his sons and daughters. He is a father that is open,real,humorous, brings across solid morale points by using his life examples, he often tells us stories of his youthful days and of his mistakes and encourage us not to repeat them.

My father was a faithful husband and still is, even after the passing of our mother he remains true to love no one else, no one can take the place of his love. I admired them, as a strong devoted couple who was in it for the long haul. Though they argued had little misunderstandings at the end of the day my dad was the one who would often kiss and make up with mom. They demonstrated what true love is all about, theirs was truly unconditional.

Today my dad’s strictness proved to form the firm plateau on which my siblings and I stand, I do not regret any chastisement, the very one I was mad sick about has molded strong ethics within. He has shown more love than ever since the passing of our mother, he has been both mother and father in one, trying to fill her shoes. He is deeply appreciated and I let him know I love him every day. Cheers to Mr. Arthur Guiste my hero, the world’s greatest dad!

Written by
Laurna Guiste

Mother Preparations (Motherhood)

Mother Preparations (Motherhood)
Today as we celebrate Mother’s Day a nurse who is the mother of four gave us some sound advice and I just felt led to share what I learnt.
She said that being a good mother and a good wife is properly the hardest test in the world as they entail many challenges. So before a young woman decides to become a mother or wife she has to be fully prepared, best advice is to wait until one is fully ready and prepared to handle the responsibility.
She stressed on the pain, struggles during pregnancy and during labour, the morning sickness, contractions and the cutting of the vagina to remove the child. All the details painted a graphic picture, one of pain and torment that made motherhood look scary. However, she quickly mentioned that after the child is born the mid wife places that child on your abdomen, you are given the child to hold and a bond is created, she says she has witnessed every mother cry at that stage.
Having a supportive partner at that time is also encouraging as a woman goes through all sorts of moods and phases so that is why it is important to wait and settle with a good helpful mate. Not one who will cheat or belittle you when you gain a few extra pounds.
In addition she told us of the character one has to display as a good mother and wife, when the children break your valuables and you are stressed and feel like giving up, she said to exercise peace, love, long suffering, meekness etc. She told of the importance of showing equal love to all children as children tend to get jealous of each other and to also train them up well in the Lord. Training starts from birth and one should use the word (bible) as the manual.
As a good wife and mother one should be faithful to their children and husband, and a wife has the responsibility to look good and take care of herself even after she has had a long day.
All in all, a good mother is one who is strong, faithful, hardworking and loving. Motherhood is challenging but the reaped benefits are worth it.
Written by
Laurna Guiste

The Awakening..




Vision being captured behind screens see what they want me to be, taking away my innocence capturing all my attention, shortening my attention span,

LCD’s, PSP’s that’s all I need don’t take them from me, it’s like all I need lately, Take your lessons, extra class, I don’t need that, got my swags on, can’t pretend to be right on, cause I got some, And I’m right on,

Role models get in trouble, everygrl tryna be a model, every player tryna hit a double, and parents seem to be starting trouble,

What do kids do, when no one motivate them to, live right and to be bright,

Take school seriously, work hard and play soft, whatever happened to playing sports?

Lack of grammar, plenty drama, up in the hood wit baby mamas,

Why gaining an education seem so farfetched and giving up is so well catched,

Face booking, tweeting, twerking and drinking, staying up late, No one disciplining,

All that which is happening, what are the parents are doing?

Written by Laurna Guiste

Lost in the house of a friend..


The day my mama left me  in the house was a cold, cold day,

Came through the back door, forcing all entries, his persuasions were beyond funny,

It’s not so funny what kids do for a candy,

My mama left me in the security of a room, walls stretching with pain, and reeking of fear

Hastily, left me in the arms of a friend who wasn’t so friendly,

A promised ring and stuffed cupboards, keeps lips sealed over any observation that I was intruded,

My complaints were muffled and wrapped with threats,

The day my mama left me was a cold, cold day,

Gave me toys he said he just wanted to play,

The game ended where I became lost,

Lost on that cold, cold day

Written by Laurna Guiste

May the perpetrators and traitors of child abuse be exposed,

My daughter Esther

My daughter Esther
I gave birth to a jewel on the eve of August 8th, 2011, honey skin, light brown eyes a jewel that God dropped in me, a bouncing 9 bounds baby. I was terrified all through the pregnancy ,had fears of being a mother, having my first child, delivery wasn’t any merrier, blaming him for cursing me, but now I see the blessing.
The morning sickness was worth it the constant urination, the contractions, uneasiness was all cast aside as I gazed upon her loveliness, skin so soft and eyes so bright. I named her Esther, for she was Gods precious gift to me. I remember every kick she gave from the inside, guess it was sort of a preparation for the late hours I l’d stay up feeding,
Hours spent at the hospital when she had gotten a high fever or fell and bruised her knee the kicks were less painful than seeing my baby sick.
But I thank God that today she is well, healthy, avid reader and lover of arts, sometimes dawdles
at pronouncements of Shakespeare lines, yet still she tries and as I pray, like I prayed over my stomach that she is anointed and a great woman like her mommy one day she’ll be.

Written by Laurna Guiste